Sunday, July 11, 2010

How To Create A Lily Fest 2010

Lily Fest 2010 was just okay this year.
Some of the blooms were already spent since we
had an early hot spring and summer.
Some of the plants looked like mine, beat up, laying
down, chewed up, spit out and mildewed too.
Also I saw parts of the area that may have been hit
and damaged by spring storms and the 2009 ice storm.
But are excitement level was high and music was in
air throughout the gardens.
It was a very hot day Friday for a visit to Lily Fest
and we made it about through all of the gardens except
for the Viking reenactment area.
Then the skies let loose and my daughter and I got
drenched clear through.
I think the only thing that did not get wet on me was my
socks and that was because it was not dripping down
my pant legs into my shoes yet.
We tried to take shelter
out of the rain under some trees because the umbrellas
were in the car way which was parked out in a field
somewhere, (aren’t they always)
but that was soon proved to be a useless endeavor.
I was just worried about my camera and lenses which
I shoved up under my top which made me look like an
old fat woman with a terrible growth on her stomach.
(No one would have mistaken me for old and pregnant)
We started out of there to get to the car since we could not
get much wetter.
You know it is hard to see where you are trying to walk
with fogged up glasses and rain streaming in your eyes
from your wet ‘do’ which is plastered to your head.
We had to come home and dry out before we went into
town to catch a bite to eat and some shopping.
At Walmart we purchased disposable ponchos to carry
in our purses and backpacks for hiking.
Also from now on a plastic bag will be one of the things
accumulating in my purse and the backpack to stash the
camera in if we are ever caught out in the rain again.
Soooo, I expect sunny and dry for future hikes and tours
since we are now so well prepared. LOL!

But anyway
Here is how a Lily Fest 2010 is created….

Welcome Visitors to the Bishop’s Lily Fest

LilyFest_Welcome LF_Bishops_SM

There just has to be whole lot of lilies planted about
for a Lily Fest, that is a given….

LF_BrightOrange_Lilies LF_Rust_Lily

LF_Yellows LF_Pink_Lilies

LF_BrightYellow_Lilies LF_Lily_Yellow


LF_DoubleOrange_Lily LF_Peach_Lily

LF_Orange3_Lilies LF_Mini_Lilies

LF_OrangeYellow_Lily LilyFest_Lilies

LilyFest_Lilies2 LF_SiloamLily

LF_YellowLily LF_Lilybed5

LF_Lilybed LF_StarGazer2_Lilies

LF_White2_Lilies LF_White_Lilies

Add in some Whimsy for people like me who
have to have it in a garden……



LilyFest_IceCreamCones IMG_0136

You Must have the Tools of the Trade….


Some Butterfly Houses …..

LF_Butterfly_House LF_ButterflyHouse
and Butterfly Bushes


A Statue or two….


{Sorry this is may be X-rated}



Plant Some Greenery and Trees..



with some Bamboo added in…..




Build a Pond and add some Water and Water Lilies
for Beauty….

IMG_0149 IMG_0152

IMG_0155 LF_Pink_Waterlily


Add a Touch of Zen….


Throw in some more Colorful Plantings here and there….





Some Unknowns are also Expected?


(I do not know what they are but they were beautiful)


(Does this fall under vendors, whimsy or the unexpected??)

Invite 79 vendors from all over…..

Logan Glass Works

And then let the Crowds of People trample all over it.


And that is how you create a Lily Fest 2010.

I may have misnamed the Waterlilies and they may be actually
Lotus blossoms of which I do not know the difference
if there is one. Maybe someone can enlighten me on
waterliles and lotus????

Some of you have ask about the location of the Lily Fest
here in Ohio so here is a link which has a map and
information. It is usually held every year in July.

Hope You Enjoyed Lily Fest
and Happy Gardening Everyone !!



Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Wonderful post Lona, it's so great when a type of flower has enough diversity to have it's own festival (lilac festivals & tulip festivals spring to mind), as much as we may love them, blooms that only come in a colour or 2 rarely (if ever?) get their own event. Such a beautiful collection, and the other plants on display look fantastic too. :)

GardenJoy4Me said...

Lona girl I don't know where to start ! ;-)
I laughed so much over the story of getting wet and trying to protect your camera .. that would be SO me too ! .. great idea from the purchases at WalMart .. you never know when you are going to get DRENCHED and feel a bit awkward ? LOL
Those pictures were amazing so job more than well done girl !
I loved all the plants and there are some very gorgeous mysterious ones there to linger over : )
The glass, the "bits of Bobs" ? (giggle snort) .. all very perfect .. even with the rain , I think you had a great time there with your daughter !
Joy : )
PS .. the water lily pictures are stunning !!

Shirley said...

Beautiful photography. Cloudy skies do lend themselves to good photos, don't they. Too bad it rained on you.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Lona, I do love those whimsies! I am really getting Julyitis, thought I could overcome it this year. But, what the insects and rabbits aren't eating is burning up with the heat. I'll be okay, it happens every year, I'll just keep watering, deadheading and fertilizing into fall.


Sabrina said...

Lovely pix! Lona, where is Lily Fest? Somewhere here in Ohio?

bennie and patsy said...

I did enjoy and you captured it so well.

Anonymous said...

Where is this lovely fest held? I miss all the good stuff! This spring I bought a Jack Frost Brunnera on your reccomendation, and do you know it has already given me a little seedling? Now that's my kind of plant!

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Even though I know it wasn't funny being caught in the rain (I've had that happen to me before), it's usually funny after you're home and dry again. Glad your camera was okay!
The lily fest looks like it was a lot of fun. I wondered what types of lilies there would be, but it looks like they had all types. I love the painted shovels in the garden!! Might have to try that one with an old shovel.

Meredith said...

I do hope your camera is okay. I shoved mine under my shirt for the same reason a few weeks back and -- knock on wood -- it seems to have fared well. I had not thought of the possibility of people imagining I had a nasty growth on my stomach, LOL. Now I'll have to carry around that plastic bag in my purse, too, just in case. ;)

Gorgeous photos. I especially loved the shots of the lotuses. Ah! :)

Roses and Lilacs said...

I loved seeing Lily Fest! So many beautiful plants and cute garden art. Loved the little straw woman with the pink hair! What a treat to see all those lilies blooming. You get a big thank you for braving the weather.

Terry said...

What beautiful flowers! Thanks for sharing them all with me! :0)

T Opdycke said...

What a day you had, Lona! Your photos capture the event with panache. The pink-haired, straw lady in a lace skirt sure looks like she's having the time of her life.

keewee said...

Thank you for sharing so many wonderful sights with us.

Becca's Dirt said...

That's a lot of lilies and they are beautiful. Too bad you had to get so wet. It does seem to happen like that in the rain. I left mine at walmart so I gotta buy another one.

VW said...

Oh, look at all those lilies! I think the water lilies are my favorite, probably because I'm too scared of the work involved to ever have a pond. Plus I have little kiddos who might fall in and drown. So I'll just enjoy them on your blog ;-)

JOE TODD said...

Linda and I missed Lily Fest this year. Family stuff going on. Appreciate your post

Bonnie said...

WOW! What an amazing post!

Heather said...

Hello Lona: there's some lovely blooms and some great ideas in your post - thanks for the tour around Lily Fest!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lona, Shoot. No one knows the name of that plant do they? It's pink. I want it!!

Good idea about the plastic bag strategy for next keeping the rain at bay. I should try it. And soon. I just heard on the news lawmakers [with nothing else to do] are looking at passing a bill that would ban them. I won't spoil your day by elaborating with my well honed sarcasm on all things political. LOL

Thanks again for the beetle photo!

Those are definitely lotus. I think the biggest difference is that they grow up out of the water where w. lilies float on the water's surface. I think hardiness is also different.

Nice butt cheeks on David, there! LOL