Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday Blooms & A Bouquet

Oh, Yuck! Phooey!  For Pity Sake! Bummer Man!
 {Do these explanative  date me. LOL!}
What a dreary two days this has been.
Granted we needed the rain that came in but the
cool temperatures in the upper fifties is a reality
check that I did not want to face.
That being the dreaded four letter  word…. FALL !
Yes, I know that here in the northern states
everything comes alive in brilliant colors but  it all
just depresses me because all I can think about
is what comes next. My mind just skips over Fall
and automatically to Winter’s cold and snow, and
short days with long dark hours of no sunshine
where I  freeze my t-hinder off, so that I do not
even enjoy all the splendor of the Fall colors.
I need sunshine and warm temperatures.
I fear there has been some mistake made sixty
some odd years ago and I should have been born
in a warmer climate  or on some island somewhere
and not in cold Ohio.
I know, stop you belly aching Lona and get over it
already and just enjoy each day and the flowers
while you may. Soooo….


The Sweet Autumn clematis is lovely with its
white flowers looking like so much fluff
but my other pretties will be going away until
next summer.


but it does not compare to my ‘Silvermoon” clematis.
She was so beautiful this summer.


The new astilbe Delft Lace is getting pretty
Fall foliage, all coppery and fuzzy….


but I will miss my white astilbe blooms and
how they made the blues in the Blue Hill
saliva look even bluer that bloomed this Summer.


The Apricot Delight achillea is a lovely Fall color ….


but Richard Nelson achillea with its neon pinks just
perked me up in June.


Sure Queen Charlotte anemone is still loaded with
a mass of blooms…..


but I will miss the Limerock Ruby coreopsis with
its dark red blooms that were new to the garden this summer.
And will they make it through this winter?


Burgundy Glow ajuga has grown and still has its lovely
leaves in the shade garden ….


but the little blue blooms of Blue Waterfall campanula
will be gone. Since it has cooled it has given me a couple
more blooms and has really grown since May.


The spindly blue Asters are in bloom and
always seem laying flat to the ground in Fall ….


but do they do not even compare to the Bluebird delphiniums
that bloomed in July.


The coneflowers are dried and only good now for the
birds to enjoy……


but one has to admit they look prettier like this
dressed in pink and glowing in the morning sunlight.



The Cosmos Picotee are still blooming since
they got a very late start.


The pink Forever dwarf hydrangea has a pretty
shade of copper for some Fall color in the garden bed…



and some of the blooms have came indoors for
a Fall bouquet for a Monthly Garden Bouquet
with Noelle …..

Hydrangea_Forever_June15 but to me she looked cheerier in her shade of
light pinks that dressed it in June.

All kidding aside they do have a certain beauty
in the Fall but I will miss them in their bright
Hopefully they and I will be able to see one another
next Summer and enjoy one another company
on a warm days as I stroll through the garden.


I am  combining today’s posting for two of our
Blogging friends:
Blooming Tuesday with Jean @ Ms Green Thumb and
Noelle @ Ramblings From A Desert Garden for the
September Monthly Garden Bouquet.

Everyone have a wonderful week and enjoy
the garden and flowers while they are here and
still blooming here in the north.

Happy Gardening !!
Lona  fall_acorns


Kate said...

Oh, Lona;
You have nothing to whine about. (kidding) Your gardens are filled with luscious color. Perhaps we'll have a long and leisurely autumn before the truly dreaded word 'winter' enters the vocab. Bummer, man. :D

Anonymous said...

That Silvermoon Clematis is pretty spectacular, but I also loved the Cosmos Picotee as well. I can't believe some of the stuff you have blooming now (like the Astilbe). Mine bloom pretty early in the spring (around April). :)

Becca's Dirt said...

Very nice Lona. I like the pinks in the hydrangea best too but for some fall color they look nice too.
You have so many blues here today. So pretty.

I guess if I had to deal with the kind of cold you guys have I'd hate it too. Being here on the coast in Alabama winter is not such a bad time. We are finally having more seasonable temps.
Have a good day.

Darla said...

I don't think I could take snow and cold like ya'll do. I love seeing the snow photos though. We were in the 60's this morning and so enjoyed it! Lovely photos Lona.

The Garden Bell said...

Just look at all I missed while away. What a wonderful time it looks like you have been having. Reading on and hope to be caught back up soon.


Stunning last peek at the summer colors.

Jean said...

Lona, So sorry you can't get past the winter worry to enjoy fall! I love the colors of fall, especially the astilbe leaf and the pink hydrangea. Jean

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Your pictures are all pretty, the current and the summer bloomers. My cosmos just decided to bloom too. Our weather has been awful. Rain or humid with gray skies. They are predicting lots of snow for us this winter, guess to make up for last year and our mild winter.

Paula said...

YOu still have alot of great stuff blooming! WOO HOO I used to dread fall and winter, then I started doing special things during those times and it helped. Good luck with all of this - look forward toyour garden again next spring! paula from Idaho

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Lona, I have got to find that Silvermoon Clematis. I probably will have to order it as I have not seen it in the nurseries.


Jim Groble said...

Since you mentioned the F word, I will too. OK it is Fall. I said it. it's fun watching the birds feast on all the flower seeds. It's the reason we don't deadhead our perennials. Your flowers look great and the asters reminded me to put on our needs list. jim

A Garden of Threads said...

Most of my garden has gone to bed for the winter. Just the leaves on the shrubs and trees for color. The cosmos has a couple of flowers left. The birds have been very busy cleaning up all the seedheads and soon they will also be gone. Oh well, I will have to find something else to photography and to fill my time. Enjoy your flowers that are left.

Anonymous said...

Like minds my dear, like minds. These two days of gloomy chill has put me on edge! I want my summer back, wahhhhh!

Bernie said...

Gosh you have so, so many beautiful blooms still. Loved your Cosmos photo ... and the shots of that beautiful Anemone and stunning Coreopsis! The white Astilbe and blue Salvia combination is such a pretty sight ... can't wait to see it return next Summer bigger and brighter! Hopefully the coming Winter won't be too horrid for you. I would love to see the colours of your Fall ... such sights never happen here.

The Redneck Rosarian said...

The silvermoon clematis is very nice. Great photos.

Bonnie said...

Your photos are gorgeous!

bennie and patsy said...

I think in your climate the flowers are more brilliant in fall color. I know what you show in your garden are beautiful.

Gardening in a Sandbox said...

I commiserate with you on fall. I love the colours of the leaves but I miss the new blooms in the summer and feeling warm. I start now whining about the beauty of spring.

Christine B. said...

I say "phui" and if that dates me, so be it. As for "yuck," doesn't everyone say that when they discover a bunch of slugs?

The garden looks great, Lona. We've already had a couple of hard freezes here and there are green leaves on the trees still. So the cold weather is a bit early. What ever happened to "global warming"? Oh yeah, it's "climate change"...drat! We could use a few degrees warming right now.

Christine in Alaska

Karen said...

Hi Lona, oh, I second that thought, I'm not ready for winter yet, either. We're supposed to have a hard frost this weekend and I'm trying to figure out if I want to cover every blasted flower or just let them freeze.

You have such amazing flowers blooming and yet I feel the same way--the summer blooms seem so far away already as I walk through the gardens. I have to switch gears for fall and get to work on the stained glass again. Thank you for sharing all of your beautiful photos!

Stella said...

You certainly have more color in your garden than I do. I have always love Autumn clematis. I had one at my last home but haven't planted one here. I have tried Limerock Ruby for two years and it never makes it through the winter.

Bonnie said...

Lona, my sentiments exactly. Here in New York, the rain hasn't hit yet. Today was a nice day but tomorrow I think we'll all need to know how to swim! I do love the colors of fall but like you, I know and dread what is coming. Last year I kept my back enclosed porch open to the rest of the house during the winter. Sure, I may have had to pay a little extra to heat it, but I moved all my houseplants out there and created a little oasis for myself. It helped a little.

Carol said...

Lovely Lona! I love your hydrangeas in the blue and whit vase! Beautiful! ;>)