Wednesday, October 27, 2010

After The Storm, A Little Sunlight

Uncle! after yesterday’s winds, tornadoes and rain
my  afternoon was filled with picking up limbs
and raking all the wet leaves up that found their way
into my flowerbeds and front yard. There were 5
tornadoes that touched down in Ohio yesterday
one about 27 miles from here which is plenty
close enough thank you very much.
No injuries though so we are all thankful to have
Wednesday over with here. The good thing was
that we really needed the rain so I could not complain
about raking wet leaves.I usually mow them up but
they were too wet and I wanted to get the front yard
raked at least before the little Trick or Treater’s  come
Thursday evening.


The sun was shining brightly today after a night of 
storms and what few blooms that were left looked
pretty in the morning sun.


The yellow mums looked bright with a bit
of sun reflected on them to dry them out.


Some of the anemones like Margarete are still
getting a few blooms and the Chocolate Eupatorium’s
tiny white blooms are lasting such a long time.


Even the yellowing leaves of the Blue hosta looked
pretty in the morning sunlight.


The Picotee cosmos were cut down today
because they were laying flat this morning
and I could not get them staked up to look 
right because they were so tall so they are
in the compost pile but two white ones are
still in bloom and standing tall.


The Dahlias bulbs were lifted and put in the
basement to dry out.


Some of the containers on the front porch that
are being left to their own demise because of
lack of room in the basement had blown over
and had to be straightened up. Mostly all that is
left is extra geraniums.
They well continue to give me some blooms until
a freeze comes in.


Maybe I should try to find room for this
little pink beauty. It is called Apple Blossom
but does not have the double petals like the
Apple Blossom Rosebud one I have.
I love the shades of pink in it with the deeper
pinks clustered in the middle of the bloom.



The Lantana on the porch was also tipped over.
It has gotten a couple just yellow blooms on it where
most of the blooms had pink with the yellow.


The  Purple Heart bit the dust from frosts.
I forgot about it hanging on the pole out back.
Hey so what if I go out this door several times a day
and still forgot it.
Maybe if I had tripped over it ???


This Blue Ice petunia is the only blue one that
I left and it is in the washtub. All the rest were pulled up.
It is still blooming despite all the frost and dry weather.


All of the Nicotiana have been pulled up from
their pots and tossed away.
I am missing the bright colors of my flowers
already and now even the leaves are almost gone.


The Coneflowers are all gone now and
some of the seed pods left standing for the
Goldfinches have a warm brown look in
the sunshine.
I got all of my bulbs planted this week and
have planted 116 daffodils. I had this grand
idea of a sea of daffodils out on the bank under
the maple trees but after about burning up the
drill and not even being able to dig for so many
roots my grand idea went down the tubes.
Best laid plans and all of that…. so the 100 yellow
trumpets went in to the woodland bed and the
assortment of pinks were stuck all around.
After my plan blew up I did not much care where
I planted them just that they got planted. LOL!

I hope you all are having a wonderful week.

Happy Gardening Everyone!


Shirley said...

At least they are in the ground and resting for winter. We have had a few frosts here and now snow so nothing is blooming. I'll have to live vicariously through catalogues and others' blogs now.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful blog and wonderful pictures. Found you through Twitter,
thanks Lona :-)

A Garden of Threads said...

It is too bad I live so far away and we cannot main plants, I would overwinter Apple Bloom. I am in love with the colors. Glad everything was Ok with the house and garden. Take care.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Hi Lona, All your flowers are so pretty.

Karen said...

Hi Lona, I'm so glad you didn't sustain any damage..yikes that's a lot of tornado activity and so close to your area! Your flowers are so beautiful despite being blown around for two straight days. I have the same problem with having things I 'should' bring in for the winter but probably won't get to it. And thanks for the reminder about the bulbs, I have a whole bushel of them to plant yet and forgot all about them.

Here's to brighter days ahead. Karen

Darla said...

So glad no one was hurt in the storms. With the wedding and all I haven't planted any bulbs, yet! After a while it really doesn't matter where they get planted, just as long as they get planted, I understand that completely! You should try to save that delish geranium.

FlowerLady said...

I'm so glad you were spared the worst of those storms. You still have lovely blooms that make me feel thankful this morning, for all the beauty that surrounds us.

Enjoy ~ FlowerLady

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Lona, we had the same weather and lost power yesterday. Thankfully, it was only for a few hours. You flowers still look great.

It is very difficult putting bulbs under trees even with the drill. It jammed several times, so this may be the last year that bulbs are put under the pear tree with the lirope underneath.


Carol said...

Lona, I am sure you will enjoy your Daffs no mater where they are planted. You planted them and that is what is important! Good for you! It is very hard to plant beneath Maples for they have all those surface roots. Snowdrops and other tiny bulbs do well though. Lovely photos! ;>)

Balisha said...

I can envision a drift of daffodils here too, but when I get to working...whew! We had the wind here...what a couple of days. Balisha

Janet said...

I love the lighting in your photos. Your blooms just seem to glow. I really need to add a Nicotiana in my garden, yours is gorgeous.

Stephanie said...

Blue ice petunia and nicotiana looks like sisters. Only the veins have colour. Hope you are ok today after all the hard work in the garden ;-)

Anonymous said...

Dear Lona, I am pleased to read that you were safe after the tornadoes. It must have been very frightening though.

The sepia photograph of your coneflower seedheads is so beautiful. A perfect farewell to autumn.

Liz said...

Hi Lona,

Sorry to hear about the storms you've had, but I'm glad the Tornados didn't hit in your area!

It's a shame you've had a pull out so many of your plants, but at least you will appreciate them all the more next year!

Meredehuit ♥ said...

Lovely post and so amazing anything can survive such winds. Isn't mother nature wonderful?

Shirley said...

Lona, did you write trick-or-treaters are coming Thursday evening?

Becca's Dirt said...

Often my garden plans change like that. I hate it when I plan and buy and then I procrastinate and they go into the ground late and wherever. Beautiful blue petunia and Nicotiana is gorgeous too. have a blessed day Lona.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I watched it on the news and saw the results and thought "Good grief! I know people from there, you being one of them!" I am delighted to hear you are alright and that they missed you completely.
Your flowers are lovely...even though they be few...Spring is not far off...well..ok..maybe but it is still coming.
:) For me time is SPEEDING by..
Have a wonderful day..
(We had winds also we have been doing a bit of clean up also but certainly nothing like what happened to you.)

Patsy said...

So glad the tornadoes didn't come any closer to you. I wish autumn would not leave us yet. We are to get down in the 30's tonight.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Shirley: They are in the ground and I am glad.Though not where I had planned them they will be enjoyed anyway by Spring LOL! Yes, the Trick or Treaters came last night (Thursday) so they would not be on the highways on a weekend.

Flavor Designs: Glad you dropped by. I always enjoy hearing from new visitors.

GardenofThreads: We have had a couple of close calls this year. I hope the cold weather means no more storms. LOL!

MalayGirl: Thank you so much. Have a wonderful weekend!

Karen: A BUSHEL!! You have to fill up those beautiful new beds I am sure.

Darla: I think that geranium may just have to come indoors the more I think about it. LOL!

FlowerLady: I am glad the tornadoes spared us but I feel so sorry for those whom it they hit. Luckily no one was hurt and that is a lot to be thankful for.

Eileen:I hate it when my plans go array. Maybe I should go with smaller bulbs as some have suggested. Glad the storms did not get you either.

Carol: Thanks for the suggestion now you have my mind plotting again. LOL!

Balisha: Glad to hear you weathered the storms in your area too. I hate getting older girl! My mind says yes and my body says no all the time. LOL!

Janet: Hey, let me know if you want some Nicotiana seeds!

Stephanie: I am fine after all of the work but my old back screams at me after the twisting and raking.I get it done though.Old and creaky you know LOL!

Edith: The picture is not in sepia but the actual shot. With the brown oak leaves behind the shot it does look like sepia doesn't it? I love to play with colors behind the flowers for background colors.Sometimes it just surprises me too. LOL!

Liz: I hated pulling all the plants out too but it was just a matter of time before they got frozen. I will have to start planning for some more for next Spring now. Season to season is what we gardeners live for. LOL!

Meredehuit: Mother nature can be very mean sometimes. LOL!

Becca: I really thought it would work with the drill but not so. Oh well maybe I will go with a sea of smaller bulbs.LOL!

Mona: I guess winter just gives us time to plan bigger and better projects but I am ready for Spring to be here already. I will be a blathering idiot by then. LOL!Not a winter person at all.

Patsy: I hear you. I am so not ready for winter to get hear and I hate cold weather. Lets move to an island somewhere girl. Will the Benny be for it? LOL!

Nezzy said...

Oh sweetie, you still have lovely color that surrounds you. After our 25 degree morning my beautiful gardens are sad...soooo sad baby! I think we can call summer a done deal for the Ozarks!

You pictures a simply wonderful!!!

God bless ya and enjoy your weekend!!! :o)

Jeannie B. said...

I just love your Apple Blossem. Everything looks so pretty after the rain. Apparently even a rain storm. What you showed us anyway!

Jim Groble said...

I hope all is well after the storm. Your flower pics look wonderful. And you know Im partial to the hosta. jim

Phoenix C. said...

Your storms are much more severe than ours! We had strong winds here for the last couple of days, but nothing tornado-ish!

Beautiful photos as always, Lona. I'm enjoying being back in bloggyland and visiting.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Nezzy: I expect it is colder in your mountains than ours. I hate to see the cold weather come.

Jeannie: Most of my blooms left were on the porch in pots and just blew over so it helped. LOL!

Jim: You partial to hosta's. Go figure. LOL!

Phoenix: So good to hear from you again. Glad to see you back in the blogging world.