Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Sauerkraut Festival 2010


This festival was so wonderful. The town of
Waynesville is filled with antique and craft shops
that we can visit anytime and that is what we will
have to do because we did not have the time nor stamina
to visit all of the wonderful 140 vendors that lined the
streets of Waynesville for the festival and visit the shops
too. So we are planning another trip to go and just
look through all of the shops. They are holding a
“Christmas in Waynesville” starting Friday December 3rd
running through Sunday December 5th and we are
excited to make a return visit to see all of the shops
dressed up for Christmas.

Since I have a bear collection these cute large
bears caught my eye. They were bigger than some
of the kids who tried to pick them up. Don’t they
look like they are alive and could get up at any
The Bears were the handy work of Joyce
Conrad of Clinton, Michigan.
Michigan! Anyone heard of the ongoing rivalry
between Ohio Sate and Michigan?
Say id that a Michigan Bear lurking in the
background? LOL!


And of course these bears dressed up to
cheer on the Ohio State Buckeyes were favorites
of even some of the fellows. 


There were so many vendors with Fall and Christmas
items to delight just about everyone.
If you are a person who hates crowds and are in a hurry
then the Sauerkraut Festival is not for you.
It was wall to wall people lining the streets and sidewalks.
You had to kind of just take your time and go with the
flow to visit the vendors tents.
There were food items that were made with sauerkraut
or included sauerkraut and some of it smelled so good as
we were walking by.
I saw booths with: Sauerkraut pizza, Sauerkraut Brownies,
Sauerkraut pies, and breads of rye and wheat made with
sauerkraut. Even Sauerkraut oatmeal cookies. I was not
brave enough to try them but the brats smelled so good.



They even had vendors that made things to dress
your pets up. Can you believe these are dogs clothes?
You can even dress up your dog for Halloween and
take them Trick or Treating with you.
The bibs that looked like dresses were so cute.


We did run into one Prim shop to look around called
Three Oakes and they had some cute stuff.


Just the place for all those bad Witches.



Fall decorations and decor was in abundance.



Looks like this one is right out of a Tim Burton movie.


Of course the gardener in me had to bring home one of
the colorful metal lilies. What can I say but that maybe
this one is safe from my moving plants syndrome. I won’t
have to be afraid of killing it at least.


That is about all of the pictures that I got at the Sauerkraut
Festival. Just too many people to take pictures.


But it was a beautiful sun shiny weekend for the
festivals and the trees are turning colors so fast now.


There were plenty of pumpkins for the little ones to
carve for Halloween and for Fall decorating at this
nearby nursery.

We had a fun day and visited some other sites that
were nearby the Festival. We went to Caesar Creek
park, the Craft Factory Outlet in Franklin, and got
to a Pioneer Village late but I managed to walk around
the perimeter around the outside of the village and
got some pictures. That is another place we want to visit
when we go back for the “Christmas in Waynesville”
weekend. We went to a Cracker Barrel and had a late
lunch and then the long drive back home.
This old girl was beat Sunday after two festivals.
Just don’t have the ‘get up and go’ I use to.
Hope you all are enjoying Fall and all of the trees
and leaves now. They will be at their peck color this
weekend and the traffic a past my home has been
so heavy with visitors taking in the Fall colors in the
Hocking Hills State Parks.

Until Next Time,



Gatsbys Gardens said...

Lona, I am jealous that you were able to go to those great festivals. We have a fourth of July craft fair in our town, but that's about it unless we travel to Wisconsin.

Patsi said...

Love the Autumn rustic antique looking decorations.
Boy, you get around.
You go girl !

Jim Groble said...

A festival to add tonext years list. jim

The Redneck Rosarian said...

This seems like big fun! I love the maxine cartoon!!! A Hoot!

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Thank you for taking me to the festival as well:) Nice interesting picture. Sound so much fun, I wish I have wings so I can join the festival too.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lona, What a Festival! I am not surprised that there is still a need to return another day to see everything that the town has to offer. Such a vast array of items, but, like you, I was taken by the bears!

MILLIE said...

Wonderful festival. Thanks for sharing. It made me want to visit Waynesville. Fall is so busy...we drive through the Berlin area on the way to our hay auctions every week. Traffic has REALLY picked up. My gosh. Your shop front pictures looked like the shops in Millersburg.

Bonnie said...

I would just love to go to a place like this. It looks like a great time. I really love all the orange color! That metal lily is amazing. Glad you got it.

Joe Todd said...

Two festivals I missed Sauerkraut
Festival and Bob Evans. Appreciate you sharing. Maybe Waynesville at Christmas??

Carmen C. said...

Just look at all those goodies to be had!!! Those bears are adorable, they look like big ole' grampas sitting there, LOL!!!! Hope you have a wonderful day:D

Janet said...

Looks like a great festival. I love sauerkraut. yum!
I would have purchased a few of those metal lilies too!

jodi (bloomingwriter) said...

I heard about this festival earlier this week when a friend attended it and ate some really odd things. I love sauerkraut, but I'm not sure about some of those suggestions! Lots of fun, though.

Balisha said...

You must have had a great time. Love those bears...they do look alive. Your area has the neatest events...If you go to the Christmas sure to post some pictures...Balisha

noel said...

aloha lona,

what a very nice tour of this festival...boy fall is alot of fun in your area, i enjoyed the different displays and fall color

thanks for sharing that with us

leavesnbloom said...

Lona - I think I would need to bring an empty suitcase to that event though I don't think I would have enjoyed all the crowds. I love all the american folk art bits and pieces and I have quite a few items decorating my kitchen. I only ever get to see the odd small pumpkin in the supermarket - I think the way you decorate your homes and gardens for fall with scarecrows and pumpkins is lovely.

A Garden of Threads said...

Thanks for the laugh Maxine is so funny. I just love the hugh bears, they would look great sitting in a chair on the porch. Glad you have a great time.