Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ten Things I Like

Kimberly the manager of Garden in Paradise
invited bloggers to participate in ‘ 10 Things I Like”.
I am a little slow in joining in but better late than
never. I will attempt to list ten things without referring
to my flower gardening but it will be very hard.
This may entail adding in my dislikes with my likes
though and way too much information about things
you have never wanted to know about me or my
deeds and bad habits, but I aim to be real.

1. I like dogs, all kinds,and all sizes and have my eye
out for getting a little Terrier since my little Pomeranian
passed on at the age of fourteen. I have never been fond
of cats but after having so many little kittens growing
in my garden beds I have learned to like them or have
pity on them. Its the little  kittens that get to me. Who
can resist those little eyes looking at you?


2. I like or rather love Genealogy and the challenge of finding
lost information about people. I do local research in Ohio
and run a Genealogy website called “Dust in the Attic”
with county information and family ties for those who
are looking for their long lost relatives and roots.


3. I was a tomboy in my younger days and I liked to
go fishing and hunting with my Grandparents.
I loved the trips to Lake Erie and Marblehead
fishing and started young.


Hey, they were some very heavy fish!


Dad always caught more fish though.
My Grandpa, Dad, a cousin, my uncle and I
would go out on the boat fishing and no one could
swim but Grandpa and myself. If the rest would have
fallen in then they would have been depending on my
Grandpa and Ito fish them out since they never wore
life preservers either.

I like hunting and hunted until I it was no longer
a necessity to feed our families. It was for the food
and not just the sport of it.

4. I love crafting. Which includes almost all kinds of
crafting except knitting which I never got proficient
at to my Home Economics teachers regret. She was
a knitting machine. I like crocheting and have went
through miles of yard and thread, but I  get bored
with cross stitching.


My mother, daughter and I even sold crafts at a
local Artisans Mall nearby for years.
Yes, that hefty lady in the back with glasses is me with
shorter hair then. Now its long and fuzzy or puffy. LOL!

5. I like to sing and like music (not rap). I sung with
a gospel group for years and we were even on the radio.
You do remember radios don’t you? 

6. I like hiking or walking and no I have not lost weight
from it but I am one healthy fat lady. LOL!
Do those two go together?

My daughter and I walk together and I like going to
all of the local State Parks and Nature Preserves
with a camera always around my neck because you
just never know when a chance for a beautiful
picture may land right in front of you.


7. Maybe it is because I like to eat. I just have to have
chocolate at times or I get really cranky.
I am a picky eater though  because I cannot stand
spicy foods. To my families disappointment
I do not like  Mexican or Chinese cooking and they do.


8. I like to read. I love snuggling up with a good
book in the evening or out in my favorite chair in
the back garden and read and relax.


9. I like spending time with my family. We are a small
family now after all of these years.
grandma_2010  My mother, Martha who is now
78 and has slow progressing Alzheimers has been a rock
all of my life.I am short like Mom but hefty like my fathers
SnowRemoval_Shane My son, Shane, of whom I am
so proud of is my computer technician, yard mower and
snow removal go to guy.
FPC_Shelly_March2010 And Shelly, my daughter, who,
I am also so proud of is my buddy, at times chauffeur, and
my hiking buddy. I can truly say I have been blessed with
two marvelous children.

10. I like photography and am still a beginner in so many ways.


But it is great fun to try and sometimes I get lucky
and a picture will turn out that even surprises me.
Needless to say I do an awful lot of snapping and deleting.
Digitals cameras is the best invention.


Now it's my turn to pass it on and I have embarrassed
  myself enough.  I am going to list ten people to join in
on the ‘Ten Things I Like” meme, but it is strictly
voluntary  and if you have already done this meme or
do not want to that is fine with me. It would be nice to
get to know more about some of our gardening friends
though and have some fun with it.

Tootsie  @ Tootsie Time
Balisha @ Never Enough Time
Patsy @ The Smith’s Bennie & Patsy
Becca @ A Southern Gardener
Robin @ Life In Robin’s Nest
Grace @ Gardening With Grace
Catherine @  A Garden In Progress
Eileen @ Gatsby’s Garden
Rebecca @ In The Garden
Valerie @ Gardening In A Sandbox

The rules to this little game are easy:
1) Post who invites you
2) List the 10 things you like to do
3) Invite another 10 bloggers

Happy Gardening and

I am Off to the Local Festivals!!



Christine B. said...

I, too enjoy hiking and doing outdoorsy things with the camera. One problem I have: the thing is so darn big and heavy just dangling from it's giant strap, one of these days it'll put an eye out. I really should have a designated hiking camera that can fit in a pocket....

I would have captured any cute kitties in my yard and taken them to animal control. I have enough problems with cats getting the birds at my place! Of course, my children probably would have smuggled one into the house for a pet;)

Christine in Alaska, cat-less

Bonnie said...

That was so much fun to read about you and the things you like. Thanks!

Jeanne said...

What a nice way to get to know one another! I think I will do this tomorrow and share some link love. Thanks for a great post.

MILLIE said...

Loved your ten things. What an inspirational person you are! Now I'm off to check out some of the others.

Kimberly said...

Lona, I am so glad you decided to play along! Great info about you!! I didn't know your son's name is is mine!!! And your daughter is Shelly...mine is Sophia (keeping with the "S" theme). :D I agree that digital cameras are the best things that ever happened...allows an amateur like myself to produce some really great stuff. I feel for the professionals...makes their job harder, I suppose. We have a couple other things in common...crocheting and fishing! I like them too. My grandmother taught me to crochet and knit when I was 4 years's like riding a bike! However, I've never mastered cross looks nice from the front but like a train wreck on the back.

Enjoy your festivals!!!

Gardening in a Sandbox said...

Lona I am going to get you for this. I will give it a try. LOL.

FlowerLady said...

Lona ~ That was a great little bit about yourself.

Love all the photos throughout the history and think you are a wonderful photographer.


VW said...

The cover of the garden gnome attack book is hilarious! Chocolate makes me happy, too. And English roses.

Becca's Dirt said...

Hey Lona. So good to know more about you. I agree with you that digital photography has made taking photos something to look forward to. I am using my first and can't wait to get a better camera. I would love to hear you sing. That is such a cute photo of you with your 'catch'. Good to know more about you dear Lona. I'll try to remember to take the challenge tomorrow or Monday. (My day here is nearly over at work - Yeah!)

Kelly said... that photo of you holding up the fish. It's so sweet and reminds me of photos of my mom when she was small. They would go to Cowan Lake. I love chocolate too!

Jeannie B. said...

I have really enjoyed reading the 10 things about you. Thank you for posting them!

Stella said...

I always find it so intersting to learn more about my blogging friends. I enjoyed the photos and history of your family as well. Thanks for sharing.

Floridagirl said...

Love your likes, LonaDawn! I could've written half of them myself, most particularly #6 and #7. ; ) I would have to disagree somewhat with one of your comments though. I do think you've mastered that photography thing. : )

Kate said...

Hi, Lona!
I was tagged with the same meme -- isn't it fun? We get to share so many 'likes' that we'd never guess about one another from talking flowers. Your butterfly photo was quite spectacular. :)

RainGardener said...

Lona, now that was fun. I really enjoyed reading all about you and your likes and dislikes - many the same as mine. I also enjoy fishing, not crazy about cats (love to pet other peoples cats), HAVE to have chocolate, have done crafts for years, love digital cameras and gee we sound like twins. LOL
Great post.

Margy said...

Its so hard to believe we have so much in common! Enjoy the Sauerkraut Festival and leave some things for me to buy there ok!! said...

Lona, I found your blog---glad I did. I'm a novice photographer and like you like to take pictures of flowers. The cats eyes were great!!! I'll be back to you blog. If you want to sneak a look at my garden photos---check the photo gallery.
See you in the garden,

Anonymous said...

Great to know more about you. I am interested in genealogy as well. One of these days I will get round to doing a post on my great grandfather, who was quite colorful character. I went to northern Ontario this summer with my 85 year old Dad and saw his childhood home through his eyes.It was a great experience. I love reading, hiking and it won't come as a surprise that I love taking photographs.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Lona girl I have just read this post now and wow ! it was a wonderful read girl ! .. I would love to live in the same area and you would HAVE to take me along for those walks/hikes in the "park" and I too would be snapping away as well YES !! digital cameras are the BEST aren't they ? LOL
You are so creative and what a valuable and I am very sure, a much loved part of your family .. the three generation picture was wonderful : ) The genealogy interest is amazing isn't it ? It took a friend I made in Scotland (Falkirk) to hook me up with an actual distant relative of mine in Nova Scotia , who was tracking my father's family lines , to tell me our family came to Canada way before it was a country .. mid 1700's from Scotland .. that was a shocker ! : )
You have done an excellent job here girl with this post .. I loved reading about you ! Hey .. we (chubby people) are more fit most times than those poor rail thin people that would fall over with a puff of air .. I just happen to be tall and padded ? and YES to we have to have chocolate once in a while or we would go berserk ? hahaha !!
JOY : )

Balisha said...

Thanks for including me in your #10
It was a lot of fun. Loved seeing the pictures of you and your family. Hope you have a great weekend at the festivals. Show us some pictures. Balisha

Karen said...

What fun to read about your life, we have a lot in common too, I can't live a day with out chocolate either, in some shape or form...and you live in a gorgeous area for hiking. We have only been to Hocking Hills once, but were so impressed with the scenery and your wonderful park system. Your photography is awesome, and I agree, digital photography is the best thing to come along in years. (We have kids who can afford fancy cameras, so I get to use a really nice one since they still live at home, lol) Thanks for a peek into your life, it was fun!

Meems said...

Hi Lona,
Oh, local fesitvals sound fun!!!

It was so interesting to read more about the everyday YOU and the background of YOU. Sounds like you have a diverse life and plenty to keep you busy.

Anonymous said...

It was so nice to get to know you better. Nice 10 things. I too was a tomboy. I loved fishing too.

Barbara said...

Hi Lona, I enjoyed reading about the ten things you like and can relate to all of them (well except maybe crocheting!). A fun idea.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lona, It's good to get to know you a little better. I posted an
"About Me" page on my blog for the curious and since I'm not very good at memes. This one is tempting though.

The Redneck Rosarian said...

What precious memories! Great post.

Anonymous said...

Fun post Lona and so great to get to "know" you more. I like a lot of the same things ~ crafting, cats (except I really do like them!!) photography, walking, etc. Of course I'm a chocoholic too!! What would life be without it?
I've never gotten into genealogy but I'm sure it would consume me if I did.
I agree with you about digital photography. I think of all the money I wasted on rolls and rolls of film that didn't turn out. ugh. So glad not to be doing that anymore. The photo of the butterfly on your finger is just terrific.

pogonip said...

I already feel like I know your garden--how wonderful to learn a bit more about you this time!