Friday, November 19, 2010

A Very Frosty Fertilizer Friday


This is what I saw this morning on my walk around in
the yard looking for anything that was blooming.
I wanted to just turn around and go back into the
house and cuddle under my throw. LOL!


But what the heck this may will be my last chance to see
anything in bloom outdoors for the year so with a
defrosted camera in hand I went ventured on out.
The fog was coming up from the hollow and the field across
from the house where my daughter lives looked like
it was covered with snow instead of frost.

Frosty_Crimson The first flower I wanted check on  was the lone
bloom that had just opened the first of the week
on the Crimson Bouquet rose bush.
Poor lovely was all glistening and will probably be
mush by tonight …..


and her remaining leaves with icy crystals
on them would fall away now.

The frosty seed heads on the Mesa Yellow
Gaillardia looked like tiny dirty snowballs.


The Cerithe Major that had grown so slow this
summer will never get its blooms now. Sorry Robin
but they grew as fast as our Stock plants last year. LOL!


And all of the remaining chrysanthemums blooms
were sparkly with frost.












The Fragaria Ornamental Strawberry leaves
were edged and speckled with frost.


And even this little Horizon Geranium that had been
left to its own demise did not escape the frost . Even the  touch of sunlight shadowing across
its leaves did not give any hope that it may survive.


The only remaining green leaves in the woods behind
the house had a sparkling sheen on them.


I am quite certain that those old Oak leaves
will not be fazed at all and will still be around
all winter to glide into the flower beds at every
change in the direction of the wind.




These leaves that were frozen in the bird baths…


were just a reminder that it is time to put the
heaters in them to keep them from freezing up
so the birds will have water these cold days ahead.


Today is Fertilizer Friday so it is a frosty “Flaunting”.
Join us with our hostess Tootsie over at
Tootsie Time” and Flaunt Your Flowers!


 Everyone have a wonderful weekend
and Happy Gardening!


Darla said...

Lona, I may just have got under that throw you mentioned if I had ventured out to that cold. The icy/frosty crystals are so pretty on the flowers and leaves..

FlowerLady said...

Lona ~ What beautiful frosted pictures. Glittering diamonds sparkling in the morning air.

Have a great weekend and a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Carol said...

Lovely blooms that seem to wear the frost well. Your first photo is a stunner. Happy Weekend. ;>)

Liz said...

Hi Lona,

Lovely photos, it's been foggy here today too... No frost though thankfully.

Karen said...

Lona, I think this is the most beautiful post I have ever seen! The frost patterns are amazing, and the misty morning...everything is just perfect. You have such talent with a camera!

Bonnie said...

Magical photos. I just love them.

Shirley said...

My favourites are the first photo and those of the leaves with frost. I think it was worth it to venture out for the photos. Have a great weekend!

Gardening in a Sandbox said...

Oh isn't it a shame that your lovely flowers were dipped in frost but they did provide spectacular photos. The first photo did look like snow.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Lona, your frosty photos are great.
I haven't seen much frost yet, but it sure felt cold this morning when I was trying to work outside.


Anonymous said...

Some of the best pictures I have seen on your blog so far (and there have been lots of nice ones). I love the picture of the field in the fog, the brown leaves covered in frost and the galardia shot is priceless too. Enjoy your Saturday!

Suzy said...

It is sad to see the flowers be bit, but I do LOVE the first frost of the season. Makes for beautiful pictures. The oak leaves are great.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lona girl that was a gorgeous view of the icy fog ! and wow with the gorgeous flowers you still have left !! .. Hey is it Happy Thanksgiving for you guys now or next week ? I'll cover it all by saying it now to you ?
I have changed my blog name and thus the address .. it is now Just in case yo are looking for me and think I am a really good hider ?? LOL
Joy : )

Anonymous said...

What a great photo of the bluejay! They certainly don't mind the frost do they?


Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Breathtaking shots, I love the oak leaves, those are stunning, well everything is beautiful, but those capture my heart.

We seem to have not gotten any frost at all, just went from warmish, to SNOW!

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Meredehuit ♥ said...

Love the frosting!