Monday, December 13, 2010

Anthuriums , Prayer Request and a Win

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.
We had a mixture of rain and snow and today
it is windy with flurries and it feels like a
deep freeze outdoors. It did not take me long
to sweep the walks this morning.
I was notified by Kylee over at “ Our Little Acre
that I had won a TroyBilt Snow Thrower from
the giveaway she held. Talk about being gob
smacked. I was thrilled to pieces.

MTD; Marcus Thomas
It will get a work out here in the hills for
certain. Well maybe my son will give it a
workout. LOL!
Thank you Kylee!

Now to warmer topics….
The Franklin Park Conservatory has many
Anthuriums growing in the tropical garden
and other sections of the conservatory.


On my visits to the conservatory this is the
one plant that was showing constant color in
and amongst the green foliage plants there.


Even though Anthuriums are relatively easy
to grow even in adverse conditions I am guilty
of killing even these poor plants.
I have such terrible luck with growing plants
indoors because of the lack of sunlight
and the dry air. That’s my story and I am
sticking with it. LOL!


Anthurium  is a large genus of about 600- 800
(possibly 1,000) species, belonging to the arum
family (Araceae). Anthurium can also be called
"Flamingo Flower" or "Boy Flower", both
referring to the structure of the spathe and spadix.


Under the proper environment they produce long
lasting flowers year round.


Anthuriums prefer a growing media that is coarse and
well drained. This may be one of the reasons why mine
failed I should have had more perlite in the potting


While Anthuriums are able to handle dryness around
the root ball, they need to be watered thoroughly and allowed to dry slightly before watering again. Allowing
the plant to dry out will greatly slow down the growth
cycle. Drying out can also cause the tip to burn and
root damage, while over watering can also cause root
damage and sudden yellowing of leaves.
On mine the leaves got a black spot that continued
to go outwards until the leaves died.
Maybe the problem was overwatering causing a
root disease ?? I am at a loss really.

I think the white ones with the shape of the blooms
remind me of the Peace Lilies and look so delicate.
I may have to try another one some day.


In the Tropical section the resident squawker was
making quite the ruckus on the day of our visit.
Maybe it was just time for breakfast or lunch.


In the hanging baskets which held other colorful
flowers last Spring the baskets were decked out
with Poinsettias to add a Holiday flair.

Lastly and foremost I am requesting prayer for my
daughter, Shelly, who has to get a mole removed
We are praying it is benign.
Thank you all so much!

Happy Gardening,


Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Oh what a great thing to win. Congrats.

Loving your warm and cosy photos today.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Becca's Dirt said...

Pleasant to look at pretty flowers when everyone is so cold. It is cold everywhere this week. Stay warm.

Christine B. said...

Seems like I need to check out more blog contests. That was a kingly score, at least here in the frozen north! We call them snow blowers here, but tomato, tomahto, right? My hubby just bought a used one for our long driveway. I'll be sure to mention your win to him;)

Christine in Alaska

~Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Wow! What a prize.
Anthuriums are beautiful. You captured a lot of great photos. Thanks for sharing.

Shirley said...

Lona, congratulations on your win!! The anthuriums are pretty but I am still admiring your header! So colourful! Hope you are having a great day, sheltered from the weather.

madcobug said...

Sending up prayers for your daughter. I pray that everything works out right.
I had one of those flowers once. I kept mine for about 10 years and it only bloomed about two blooms. I was used to growing African violets and they did good. No so luck with that kind of flower. I finally trashed it.

madcobug said...

PS Good for you winning that snow blower. Helen

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Hi Lona,

I just love seeing all the beauty of the plants. How great that you won the snow blower, you will certainly use it if our start of winter is any indication.

I will think good thoughts for your daughter!


Patsy said...

You sure did win wow!
I have enjoyed the Franklin Park Conervatory photo's very much.

Kate said...

Hi, Lona;
Wow, congrats! That's a fine thing to win. I thought Anthuriums were Peace Lilies so there you have it. Indoor plant novice be me. Hope you're having a great holiday week.

Jeri Landers said...

Did you seriously win that machine??? For real??!! Geeez, I want one too!

Karen said...

Lona, sending best wishes for your daughter and she is in my prayers. Congratulations on the snow blower, wow, that is wonderful! And, you know what? I have never had great luck with houseplants either, seems I just make them sick! The anthuriums are gorgeous.

Bonnie said...

Anthuriums are gorgeous!

The Redneck Rosarian said...

Prayers for your daughter today.

T Opdycke said...

Congratulations on winning a snowblower! What a wonderful gift. I'm guilty of giving indoor plants the kiss of death the moment I place them in my home. Anthuriums are so exotic and colorful. Love the pink ones.

Hope you're keeping cozy warm!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Jen. Thank you. I usually never win anything so I was dumb struck. LOL!Have a great week.

Becca: The Conservatory is a warm place to visit on a cold snowy day. I enjoyed it.I hope the cold does not reach your area.

Christine: Oh, it probably is called a snow blower. I have more duh days than I would like. LOL! Have a wonderful week.

GardenOnSherlockStreet: I love their colors in amongst the green foliage. Thanks for dropping by.

Shirley: Thanks. I just made a collage of pictures taken at the Conservatory. Thanks for dropping by.

Helen: I appreciate the prayers so much! Thank you.

Eileen: Thank you. I am hoping the doctor report is good news.

Kate: Oh, the Peace Lilies are probably anthuriums. There are so many in that class. I am not up on all these plants. My brain just holds tidbits anymore. LOL!

Jerri: Yes, for real. I am so excited about it!

Karen: I so appreciate the prayer more than you know. Thank you so much!

Bonnie: I love all the colors. Have a great week!

Chris: Thank you so much for the prayers for my daughter. I so appreciate it.

T: I am froze up girl. Hasn't this been a cold week? Definitely should have been born on a warm island somewhere instead of Ohio. LOL!

Bonnie said...

Congrats on the win. Wish we had a conservatory here to visit - I'd just about move in for the winter.

leavesnbloom said...

wow that sure is some incredible prize Lona. We have to be careful with anthuriums here as they hate draughts and their leaves turn a black/brown colour in dispute. I really like the purple variety.

I'm remember your daughter in prayer too - I've had quite a few removed.

Andrea said...

Congratulations for the win, and condolences for the plants which died in your "uncare", hehehe! For the latter, maybe you just dont know them very well, that is the secret, maybe not really on patience.

Jan@Thanks for today. said...

Lona, your photos are stunning as usual. The anthuriums sure are lovely are right, they look very much like a Peace Lily. Hoping things work out well for your daughter. My daughter had a mole removed from her cheek when she was about 12 or 13 and it was 'pre-cancerous', so it was good we got it taken care of. You can never be too careful about those things! Happy holidays to you and yours;-)
And, I almost forgot: congratulations on winning the snow thrower. What a fantastic gift!!!

Autumn Belle said...

Congratulations on your win! The anthuriums you feature here are lovel, my favourite is the first pink one. I am growing a pink, red anthurium and also peace lily.

Balisha said...

Hi Lona...I hope that your daughter has a good outcome from her procedure today. I'm keeping her in my prayers.

What a win!!! Balisha

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I forgot to congratulate you on winning the snow blower.

How's your daughter? Did she get any results from the mole removal yet? I just said a prayer for her.