Friday, December 31, 2010

My Favorite New Perennial Plants of 2010


Where did this year go to? Time sure flies
when you are having fun in the garden and then
the Holidays just are flying by.
It is hard to believe that I have been blogging since
October 2007.
I want you all to know I have enjoyed so much your
visits, giving hearts, well of knowledge and friendship.
I am looking forward to a new year of reading your
wonderful postings and enjoying your fabulous pictures
of your gardens and plants.
As I looked back on this year in the flower garden some
plants old and new were favorites in my garden.
This will be  a recap of my favorites of the  “New”
perennial flowers and plants that were grown or had
their first blooms in 2010.


Achillea comes in so many wonderful colors now
that there is one that will complement any garden.
This new ‘Apricot Delight’ preformed so well for its
first year and I loved its pastel color against the
green leaves.

Achillea_Cerise Achillea_Summerwine_July17

  Achillea ‘Cerise’ a shocking pink was grown from
seed the year before but it had its first blooms this summer
and it goes well beside the new ‘Summer Wine’  Achillea.

AnemoneSnakeroot_Bouquet Anemone_JPye2

This Fall the ‘Chocolate’ Snakeroot Eupatorium  rugosum and ‘Margarette’ Anemone combination was such a stand out. They both bloomed over a very long period and the
dark foliage of the Eupatorium was lovely even before
it bloomed. They became my Fall favorites.


Bleeding Heart Dicentra spectabilis pink and Alba were
new blooms last Spring and I loved their long blooming
time and heart shaped blooms.

BleedingHeart_Alba Dicentra Alba


Coreopsis  ‘Limerock Ruby’ bloomed over a long period
with some deadheading and I loved the deep red blooms.
I am not sure whether it will make it over the winter after
finding out that the advertised for zone 5 plant that I had bought was later upgraded to zone 6, so it is iffy for a return
this Summer. I did mulch it in good so we will see.


Campanula poscharskyana ‘Blue Waterfall’ was a new
groundcover and it spread so well its first year. Some of its
seeds were sent to some gardening friends so I hope they
will enjoy its tiny blue spreading blooms as much as I did.


Columbine aquilegia ‘Alpina’ had beautiful blue blooms
in early summer. I do have a thing for blue blooms.
Several gardening friends received seeds from this one also.

Gaillardia grandiflora ‘Mesa Yellow’ was just such
a great flower for its first year. With deadheading it was
in constant bloom until the frosts took it.
This was an attempt to add more yellow to the garden
which is not one of my favorite colors but this yellow
was such a cheery one in the garden.


Hibiscus ‘ April’s Pink’ was named for  the wonderful
lady (Bilbo’s Momma) who gave me the seeds since I did not know what its real name was.
I got four bushes from the seeds to grow last Summer and I am hopeful they will come back even better this Summer.


Coral Bells, Heuchera ‘Amethyst Mist’  far out preformed
  its rival ‘ Purple Palace’ for growth and blooms in their
first year in the shade bed.


New Irises to the woodland bed were the ‘Oreo’ above…


and ‘Out of the Blue’ were a lovely addition with their
new blooms. Out of the Blue is suppose to be a reblooming
iris but it never bloomed again in the Fall, but maybe next year. Many more irises joined them this fall for new blooms
in the woodland bed next Summer. I can hardly wait!


Hydrangea ‘Harlequin’ had its first blooms in the Summer
and its colors did tend to grow on me over the summer.


Hydrangea ‘Blueberry Parfait’ was a winner with its
white blossoms that turned blue as the blossoms aged.


Since I rave about Phlox all summer long for
their fragrance and attracting all those small critters,
this tall ‘Bright Eyes’ was just lovely and another
reason to love it was that when most of my tall phlox
plants were mildewing Bright Eyes did not.


Blue Mist caryopteris shrub ‘First Choice’  bloomed
so beautifully for its first year and I loved its blue blooms
and so did the bees.


Pulmonaria ‘Diana Clare’ bloomed for the first time in the
spring. I love this flower period. I would grow it for its large
silvery leaves even without its wonderful blooms of blue
and pink to purple. Diana Clare’s leaves are slender and larger than other pulmonaria plants and it had a long blooming period. I recommend it for any shade garden.


Amongst the new roses that were added to the rose garden
in Summer I fell in love with three of them.
This white ‘Iceberg’ Floribunda bloomed its heart out in its first summer right up until the frosts took it.

Rose_GertrudeJeckyll2_July1 (2)

And ‘Gertrude Jekyll’ a climbing rose did a beautiful
job of blooming and should be even bigger in the coming


but ‘Easy Does It’  had it all. Disease free, continuous blooms
and with a color palette  running from apricot, peach and pinks was my favorite of them all.
The new Rosa Radsunny yellow knockout rose was a
disappointment of all of the knockout roses that are in the
garden because of its lack of blooming power, but maybe next year. Also the Morden ‘Blush’ may do better with some
growing years added to it.
This ends my favorite perennials of 2010.
What were some of the winners in your garden in 2010?


I want to wish everyone a Wonderful and Blessed
New Year to come and I am looking forward to
a new gardening year with everyone.

Happy Gardening Everyone,


Gardening in a Sandbox said...

What lovely choices for your favourites Lona. I just got a thrill just looking at those beautiful blooms. I miss summer. Happy New Year. V

Sweetpea said...

Hi its Sweetpea (Catherine's daughter.) I love those pictures. It seems like we have a lot of the same flowers you do. The roses must smell really good. Have a happy new year.

Liz said...

Hi Lona,

Lovely photos, I hope your garden is as wonderful in 2011 - I'm sure it'll be even more amazing!

Happy New Year! Have a great time.

Patsy said...

Beautiful, beautiful as always.
Happy New Year!
I have enjoyed your blog and all of our visits, looking forward to 2011 and your lovely photo's.

A Garden of Threads said...

Great selection, love them all. Can't wait for spring. Happy New Year.

T Opdycke said...

These are stunning photos of fabulous flowers. It's so hard to choose favorites, but since I only grew sunflowers in our teeny-tiny garden this year...sunflowers win the grand prize. As for your beauties I'd choose pink dicentra first, the lovely Harlequin hydrangea, and a close third the stunning roses...all three.

Happy New Year, Lona!

Darla said...

You had/have some beauties here. I planted the phlox seeds you sent me, Thanks again. I read that some phlox do not come to true to the parent, like David. Have you had any experience with this?

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Thanks Lona for this great list. I have several of the same plants and I agree with your comments. There are others that I am definitely going to look for. Happy New Year!


Jan@Thanks for today. said...

Wow Lona, what a list! Your photos should accompany the company's plant tags! Great info., as well. I have many of those but certainly not all. I loved the new coreopsis "Limerick Ruby". Like you, though, I am not sure if I'll see it again next spring. For the color it added and how sturdy it was all summer, I will probably add it again even if it will be considered an annual in my garden. I didn't need to deadhead it at it was continuously in bloom. I hope your Christmas was wonderful and here's wishing you a very Happy and Health New Year!

shirl said...

Hello Lona, thanks for stopping by my blog :-)

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your recap of favs and great photos of them. I’ve had Apricot delight but it isn’t happy in my Scottish garden. I also bought the climbing rose Iceberg… but it turned out to be apricot in colour!

I love your caryopteris, I had a golden leafed one and like you really enjoyed its blue flowers. I lost it to a cold winter a few years ago and never replaced it.

Wishing you all the best for 2011. BTW I’ve made a note of Diana Clare… I like these leaves a lot. The blue flowers are bonus :-D

Sorry, I forgot… my fav perennial? Hands down… the perennial wallflower Erysimum 'Bowles' Mauve'. It has the longest flowering period in my garden and the bees and butterflies love it too :-D

The Whimsical Gardener said...

Your perennial review is beautiful! I love the pink bleeding hearts. Happy New Year Lona! Looking forward to more beautiful photos in 2011!

Jeri Landers said...

As I look out my window and see shades of grays and browns, it seems like ages since the flowery ladies were covering my grounds. But your photos of the roses almost bring the sweet scents alive again, in my imagination at least. Thanks for consistently bringing us your wonderful photos of garden delights. May 2011 bring you a million new blooms!

joene said...

I'm right there with you regarding the campanula - such an easy unassuming plant with beautiful blue flowers. And I added two caryopteris shrubs this fall - again with my favorite blue blossoms. It's always helpful to take time to look back before we plant forward.

Janet said...

Love your pink collage at the top of the page. You certainly have some beauties that I could drool over for a long time.
Thanks for the seeds you sent, I look forward to the blooms in my garden.
Happy New Year Lona.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lona girl !
Happy New Year !!!!!!
I am so far behind in blogging and reading I feel like I fell off the face of the earth ? wink wink
I love your post with these gorgeous blooms .. you have such a touch with bringing a beautiful post together like this : )
Fingers crossed for a fabulous garden year in 2011 !!
Best Wishes
Joy : )

Anonymous said...

Lona, this was a wonderful selection of plants to highlight. I love the pink collage. Really stunning. happy New year and Happy gardening in 2011. Looking forward to more pretty blooms next year.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Happy New Year Lona!! You sure had a lot of beautiful new flowers in your garden this year. I really love the irises.
Probably my favorite addition this year was an English rose 'Lady Emma Hamilton'. I'm already looking forward to seeing her in bloom.

Anonymous said...

Seeing all your flower favorites has really made me long for my garden again! Such beauties they all were Lona, you have such a green thumb. Now that the holiday rush is behind me, (finally!) it's time to plan next year's garden. I can hardly wait!

sweetbay said...

These flowers are so beautiful it's no wonder they are favorites. I love your header collage with its lovely whites and pinks. Happy New Year to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lona, Beautiful photos. I love the combo of the Eupatorium and anemone. I might have to steal that. :) Unfortunately I've not had success wintering 'Limerock Ruby' in my Zone 8 garden!! I agree that H. 'Amethyst Mist' is better than 'Purple Palace' or 'Palace Purple' depending on the label. 'AM' just shines! May 2011 bring you many more garden successes. Hugs, Grace

Miranda Bell said...

Very Happy New Year to you... what a lovely posting - enough to get the enthusiasm going for another year of hard gardening - have been outside here today starting to tidy things up a little as the bulbs are really starting to show through now... all v. exciting... I'll definately be back again for another visit - Miranda

Meems said...

Hello Lona,
What a treat to see your garden blooms in this review of the year. Some really beautiful flowers and your photos captured them so perfectly. Gaillardia is the only one I have in common down here in the south. It seems to do well everywhere.

Happy gardening and blogging in 2011! All the best to you.

The Garden Ms. S said...

Lovely choices! I think the "Iceberg" called my name. :)

A Happy New Year to you!

Stephanie said...

Wonderful blooms! The white rose is my favourite. Lona, you have great abiblity to name flowers. April's Pink is really apt. Love it :-D

Stella said...

Let me know how you Limerock does with the heavy mulching, I have planted it twice and it has not wintered for me. Love the Easy Does It I will have to try one of them. Thanks for sharing all the photos. I am counting the days until spring. Have a blessed New Year.

Anonymous said...

Such a lovely array of 2010 additions to your garden. I am looking forward to seeing what new beauties you will add in 2011.

Living in Taradise said...

Beautiful photos, beautiful flowers!! I just started gardening and photos like these are SO intimidating and so inspiring at the same time!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Happy New Year to you and yours!

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

Happy New Year to you too Lona. Your photos are simply lovely.~~Dee

Weekend Gardening said...

Ahh I love your plants..especially the hydrangeas. Too bad they're too hot for my climate..Great pictures too!