Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Planning This Summers Garden

I think they all found my address and this is not all of the catalogs I have received thus far for Spring planting.
They have all filled up some cold winter days and had me
drooling over future flowers.

Now is the time of year when all of the gardening catalogs begin rolling in, and our eyes get big as we dream of all of the things we plan to grow or would like to try.
It seemed it took me longer to make up my mind this year
upon what I wanted to grow. With all of these catalogs I cannot guess why it took so long. LOL! I poured and poured
over them comparing seed costs, compared to seed amounts per packet and what was really practical and reasonable in what little room I had with which to grow them.
A few perennials may yet be purchased from a few of this mound of catalogs but when it all came down to placing my seed order I found I went with none of these but with two
online seed companies.


One order was placed with Summer Hill Seeds and another
from  Swallowtail Garden Seeds. They both gave me more seeds per packet for less money. Plus Summer Hill Seeds
give you free seeds with your order and the seeds they give you are from the same flowers you order but a different
color so it is not some free seed that you may never use.I liked that they never sent me celery or some other flower seed that they just had so many of on hand.
Some of the seeds I selected to try this year from
Summer Hill Seeds are …….

Asarina_purpusii_VictoriaFalls Dahlia_RedSkin

Asaina purpusii Victoria Falls trailing snapdragons which I wanted to try in some hanging baskets or the window boxes and since the dahlia seeds I germinated last year did well I wanted to try the Red Skin Dahlias with the burgundy foliage. I saw these in pots at the Franklin Park Conservatory last Fall and I loved them.


With the petunias I really went out of my comfort level and went  with two of the Dolcissima petunias,Limoncello a yellow and white and Roma which is a pink and white variegated. Can you tell that I am hungry for colors this winter? LOL!

VIOLA _FUJI DAWN' MorningGlory_Blue Picotee

Also in the order I wanted to try this Viola Fuji Dawn with the variegated pink, green and cream leaves and this Morning Glory Blue Picotee is another one that caught
my eye. The blooms may be smaller in size but just look at the shape of the petals.

Incarvillea_RoseDeli  Also I wanted to try this Incarvillea Hardy Gloxinia Rose Deli (to Zone 5) for some part shade border planting.  Platycodon Shell Pink  Bellflowers are also going to be seeded. I had the blue and white Platycodon’s but none of the pink ones.

anemone_rose_beauty_2 brachycome_bravo_mix_2

Anemone “Rose Beauty” perennial and Brachycome Bravo Swan River Daisy mix will be coming from Swallowtail Garden Seeds.

chinese_foxglove_2 coleus_wizard_scarlet_3x4

Chinese Foxgloves and “Wizard Scarlet” Coleus.

petunia_primetime_burgundy_star_2 petunia_ramblin_nu_blue_2
Petunia’s ’Burgundy Star’ and Rambling ‘Nu Blue’.

geranium_maverick_light_salmon_2 heliotrope_marine_

Since I always love Pelargoniums this year ‘Maverick Light Salmon’ will be grown and ‘Marine’ Heliotrope which I never grew last year and missed.
These are a few of the new seeds I will be attempting to
grow for this Summer. I say attempting because some years
my seed germination rate is not always great.
With these and seeds given  to me by blogging friends and seeds I saved from last years favorites I will have plenty of plants to fill containers and window boxes.
I always have those reliable plants that I  seed every year such as petunias, geraniums,verbena and impatiens but I always  like to try new varieties or colors  of plants each year to change things up or to see if I can even get them to germinate and grow for me. Some of the new ones may
well become one of those reliable plants or new favorites.

Are you trying any new plants or flowers this year?

Happy Gardening,


* Seed Pictures are Courtesy of Summer Hill Seeds and Swallowtail Garden Seeds.



T Opdycke said...

I'm not ordering any seeds or catalogs this year. A possible move looms on the horizon so this will probably be a year of no garden. Your selections are varied and colorful. Although, I'm not a fan of petunias, I do find Dolcissima petunias enchanting.

I hope you have great success starting your seeds!

Anonymous said...

That is one huge boat-load of seed catalogs. I love your selections and wish you much success in growing them. I love your pink-themed blog.

Darla said...

Okay, you germinated Dahlias last year? Did they bloom? Have you read up on planting the Phlox seeds you saved? Have you grown them from seed before...I read about the warm and then the cold environment, so I guess it's best to directly sow them in the ground in fall, for me. BUT they are already in containers and have been in the greenhouse, just moved them onto the back porch for some cooler temps at night...fingers crossed this works. Now, I have a very hard time germinating petunias, please tell me what you do? Love all of your choices here and I adore the black and white seed packets..you can send the bill for your gardening tips too...........lol

Anonymous said...

Oh my, that's a lot of exciting plant potential! I'm especially drawn to the picotee morning glory - very cool!

Patsy said...

Looks like you have it all undercontrol.I want lots of color and love blues.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Lona, you really got a lot of catalogs! I thought I was done until I saw some of your new seeds. Now, I have to go in and look again, don't know if I have room in that new plant stand.


Hocking Hills Gardener said...

T: Thanks. I hope your new move is for the better. I can understand why you are putting off seeding. Have a wonderful week.

Grace: Thanks. Some times seeds work for me and sometimes they don't but no matter what the new zodiac signs are this bull has to keep trying. LOL!

Darla: Yes the dahlia seeds did very well for me and I had small bulbs form on them but did not save them.
For petunias I scatter them on top of the seed starting soil and just press them firm to the top of the soil. Cover them with a clear lid or plastic until they germinate. I have not tried the phlox seeds but I am keep them refrigerated for a while before I start them.

gardenassylum: That Picotee morning glory really grabbed my attention. Now we will see if it runs true blue. LOL!

Patsy: I picked quite the mixture of colors. Maybe winter is getting to me.LOL! I hope no one thinks I am going to put them all in one pot. LOL!

One said...

Selecting seeds seem almost as fun as taking Macro in a Jar. Over here, we just hop over to the shop to buy seeds. But of course, we don't see that many varieties. I would have drooled over the catalogs if they were sent to me.

Anonymous said...

The Glory Blue picotee is an unusual plant. I too like the leave shape and the brilliant blue. I was taken by the Nu Blue petunia also. I am going to look into them. Thanks for some new finds.

Bernie said...

That's quite a stack of catalogues! Here in the north of Oz poring over catalogues and starting lots of perennials and annuals from seed is not part of the gardening culture at all. I always find it fascinating reading posts from cold weather gardeners about their plans for the spring.

I have to say I love so many of your choices. Of course I recognise the Brachyscome ... beautiful native! ... and I love the Petunias and Coleus. But wow, that Morning Glory is something else ... so are those fabulous Dahlias! Can't wait to see them out in your garden.

Diana (Di) said...

Lona, bless your heart and all those beautiful seeds. You are an optimistic soul, and it shows especially in that LUVly header photo.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Eileen:LOL! I imagine you will find all sorts of ways to cram more plants onto that stand.

One: Same here, the selection at local shops are not the best so I usually buy most of them online.I have looked at those catalogs so many times.

gardenwalkgardentalk: I see you are another gardener who loves blue blooms.I always am hoping they will run true to the color they are listed as.

Bernie: There is so much to be said at living in your climate where something is always growing. I guess it is strange to hear us going on and on about seed growing for spring. LOL!

Di: Maybe not so much optimistic as being just plain stubborn. LOL!

Karen said...

Wow, Lona, I thought I received a lot of catalogs! I can't wait to see how these beauties do in your garden this summer. I have grown the Dolcissima petunias before and they performed well, loved the colors. The picotee morning glory is stunning, I've seen the seed before but never tried them. How soon will you be planting seeds? I won't start until April, that is, if the snow is gone by then.

Adrienne in Ohio said...

Hi, Lona.
I can't wait to see all the blooms that you're going to have! In my garden, I am planning to buy some heliotrope. I didn't plant any last summer, and I really missed it too. And I hope to have some petunias started from the seeds you sent.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I thought I had a lot of seed catalogs, but you're right I think they all found you! You chose some very pretty flowers. I've never tried petunias from seed and am interested to see how you start them. The morning glory has the coolest flowers!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Grace ~ that is a TON of catalogs. I hardly start any seeds anymore so maybe that's why I only receive a few. I've never heard of the two catalogs you decided to place your seed orders with! Looks like you made some awesome choices Lona. I hope you have good luck with germination. It can be hit or miss, can't it? but it's good fun on cold winter days. :-)

I also like your macro photography experiments in the previous post. I love that kind of thing.

Kate (daisygirl_io) said...

Wow that is a lot of catalogs! But you have chosen a few beauties. That morning glory with the white trim - I have never seen that one before. Can't wait to see how it all turns out this summer!

Tootsie said...

wow girl...I thought browsing five seed books was bad!!! lol
Your gardens are going to be gorgeous this year! I can't wait to see...I hope to see you on Friday for FF! if not...happy weekend!

The Redneck Rosarian said...

Lona, Some great info on the seed companies. The Wizard Scarlet Coleous really caught my eye. Blessings!

Darla said...

Thank you!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Karen: I will be starting some of the seeds indoors next month.

Adrienne: I hope your petunia seeds do well for you.

Catherine: I got too many catalogs this winter but i enjoyed looking at all those future blooms.

Kate: Those catalogs just keep rolling in. Most have the same offerings though.

Tootsie: I may have to resurrect some of last summer blooms to join FF.

Chris: The colors of the coleus really caught my eye to and I hope it lives up to its picture.

Darla: Your welcome and a letter is on the way.

Nezzy said...

You sound like me. I begin plannin' my flower gardens before I clean the out for fall!

I loved lookin' at all your plans and pics. Outside my window is a blizzard today. Gray is not my favorite color.

God bless ya and have a beautiful winter's day my friend!!! :o)

Anonymous said...

I haven't received a single catalogue and am feeling very hard done by when I see the pile you have there! LOL! You have a lot of beauties on order and I am sure your garden will be more beautiful than ever come spring.

scottweberpdx said...

I think you are in good company...I seem to spend a lot of chilly nights cuddled up with similar catalgues! That Morning Glory is amazing...I've never seen anything like it, and I MUST find it now! That Anemone is just charming...love it!

Kimberly said...

The blue morning glory IS fantastic! I love it! Can't wait to see them in your garden. I'd be in catagalog heaven...my husban purposely throws everything away before I get home...so I have my catalogs sent to my work address! HAHAHAHA!!!

epaphroditus said...

Love the flowers and the butterflies:


As I sat in the morning sun,
With sweet thoughts of you,
And a butterfly lit on my toe,
As to say my love is near you,
Sent from God so I’d know.

So I began to whistle a tune,
With sounds I didn’t know,
And chills ran up my spine,
As it reminded me of you,
With a loving spirit so divine.

A gentle summer breeze blew,
As though your spirit was here,
And tears welled in my eyes,
For all the love I hold for you,
Then the dew lifted with cries.

When the sweet tune ending,
And sadness swept over me,
The butterfly rose in its flight,
And another one appeared,
Then they flew within my sight.

Circling with perfect motion,
As they played in the wind,
Darting with hits and misses,
With such love for each other,
Displaying “butterfly kisses.”

Epaphroditus© June 18, 2001