Friday, February 4, 2011

Summer Blushes


Today is Fertilizer Friday with our gal Glenda, alias
Tootsie, over at her blog “Tootsie Time” and I have got
nothing in bloom gardeners which can be a little embarrassing or downright infuriating, whichever your
mood is in on any given day.
So it is into the data base of blooms  from  Summers  past
for this Friday’s blushing Summer blooms.

Ahhh, you remember summer don’t you? When the sun
is shining, bee’s are buzzing, butterflies are flitting, or is
that fluttering or maybe both.
  The sound of lawnmowers droning it all out while we mow the green grass for the second time that week?
Have you seen those mowers that mow the grass all by
themselves? Sort of like a Roomba vacuum only on grass.
Oh, clean up your mind. Now back to…
Summer, when sparkling streams look so refreshing you want to slip back to your childhood and go wading.
When the mosquitoes bite, the days are humid and the sweat drips down your…
”You are wandering off here Lona, get it back  together.”
Well I suppose you don’t talk to yourself either ?
Right!  Okay……


Summertime when the aquilegia, ‘Rose Barlow’  blooms with drooping heads of pink….
Have you really tried to ever photograph these things?


or summertime when pink lilies are aglow from the sunlight filtering through the petals as canopies of green leaves paint a backdrop. So magical.


I remember that one summer that the Veronica Speedwell
’Red Fox’  put on its first blooms.
I do not care what they say it is pink, pink, pink and I am sticking to it.


Or maybe in the early beginnings of summer when
the pink ‘Sorbet’ peony puts on its giant blooms.
With a few ants thrown in of course.
Well you see there is this myth about ants and peonies
which many believe….
”Whoa girl, rein it back in.”


Summer, when the Rose of Sharon bushes are full
of beautiful unfurling blooms….
and the #!#*#! Japanese beetles chew them up
”Okay I’m back, I really am” …

Summer filled with pink hues of  tall phlox growing in the beds. Such as strong, hunky pink  ‘Adonis’….

Phlox_NL2_july27 or maybe shy blushing, little  ‘Norah Leigh’ …

and summers which brings on the star filled ‘Bright Eyes’.
Until that toad decides to jump out and surprise you
making your summer day.


Summer, when the pink ‘New Dawn’ roses are  climbing across the shed roof and blooming in mass, it just loves to reach up toward the sparkling sun.
 Just as its giant thorns reach out for the skin on your arms or legs while sniffing a bloom …….

Rose_GertrudeJeckyel and when ‘Gertrude Jekyll’  repeatedly shows
her pink blushing petals.

When the best refreshing drink is from the achillea
’Summer Wine’.

Summer time, when a little girl can set amongst the
pink Foxgloves.
If she watches where she is setting.
Well you see we have these feral cats that set in the
flower beds and……

In the summer is when the Crape Myrtle bush has limbs
that are bowed under the weight of so many blooms.
Do I prop them up or just let them hang leaving that big
gap in the middle?


When ‘Antique Rose’ dianthus bloom in their second summer.
Note to self: Do not pull them up before their time.


Summer is the time for  ‘Lollypop's’……


and Summer has a lot of ‘Razz-a- Matazz’.

I should be so ashamed! This is so corny that I
am thoroughly embarrassed  and blushing. LOL!

Seriously now, join us in “Flaunting Your Flowers,”
present, past, or blushing for Fertilizer Friday!


Happy Gardening,



Janet said...

I love all your pink blooms, truly a color near to my heart. Can't wait for the Nora Barlows to bloom. What a great plant. thanks again!

Beth said...

Hi Lona, I can tell that you are very fond of pink! And indeed your blog template, header, and this post are really lovely in blushing pink! I love the peony. Thanks for memories of spring. They say it's just around the corner. :-)
Blessings, Beth

Floridagirl said...

Gorgeous summer blooms, Lona! I can't grow a single one of them here, except for the crape myrtles, which are shade trees in my garden, not bushes. I do love all of those specimens, especially the peony. I so wish we could grow that here! I miss my old Z7 garden sometimes....

Darla said...

Thank you for my morning laugh. This is a great post!!

Claudia said...

AAAGGHHHHH. Lovely, I may be able to hang in there a little longer!! Thanks. c

FlowerLady said...

Lona ~ Your flowers are beautiful. I always love visiting here for the wonderful inspiration. Just look what you have coming your way, all those lovely blooms.


Joe Todd said...

Stopped by to say Hi. This weather is really getting me down. Did make it down to Clear Creek form a short walk yesterday (thwe sun was out) Yea

T Opdycke said...

Any day is a good day for smiles, chuckles and Lona's beautiful flowers! Charming post that sure brought a smile to this face.

Have a warm and cozy day!

pogonip said...

You made me smile instead of missing my flower friends, Lona! Have a very happy (and pink) weekend, girl.

Tamara Jansen said...

Your floral photography is GORGEOUS! Who needs spring when you can see beautiful photos like these?!

Grace Peterson said...

Ah those luscious pinks!! And I mean pink not pinks although your pinks are nice too! [Pinks=dianthus...did that make sense?] Summer really isn't that far off. Winter is just having her last little fling before it all goes away and green leaves will predominate. Just a few more weeks. Great post, Lona!

Karen said...

Oh, Lona don't be ashamed, I was laughing so loud my dogs came to see if I was ok! How beautiful AND funny! And how true...I long for summer but then I think of the work and the bugs and the humidity and then I don't think winter looks so bad anymore.

And really? It's a myth about ants and peonies?? (Just kidding!)

Nezzy said...

Yep, if I clear away the cobwebs and close out the layers of ice, snow and sub~zero temps I can kinda remember summer.

Thanks to your beautiful pictures the image is much clearer now! :o)

God bless and have a fantastic weekend sweetie!!!

Patsy said...

Be still my heart they are all so lovely. said...

What a treat for the eyes. Beautiful photos and blooms. Cute commentary too, just what I needed for a big smile.

sweetbay said...

Ha, summer does have its drawbacks too. :) But the flowers make up for it. I love pink in the garden too. The Pink Sorbet looks delicious.

Gatsbys Gardens said...


I always say pink is my favorite color in the garden. But, then I look at all of the colors I plant, like a circus of color, but I still love pink!


Sonia said...

We definitely don't have any bloomers here as we are blanketed in snow. Your collection of plants are just beautiful as is your photography! Thanks for the eye candy!

Miss Bloomers

Jim Groble said...

Wow Lona, spring comes early to southern Ohio. Geez,we still have snow and a garden show that starts tomorrow. Guess where Pat and I are going? jim

Donna said...

I just loved your summer garden and could smell the phlox and roses...I especially love the columbine..I have to lay on the ground and contort my body to get a good picture...I love the angle of yours..

Fishtail Cottage said...

Wow - your garden photo's are lovely! I hope you'll come link up to my garden party? Cottage Flora Thursday's...Everything you posted is beautiful!

Stella said...

Ok, I know you didn't mean to make me sob in my pretty hankie. But Spring does seem so far away. And that New Dawn certainly does have hungry thorns. I hate to prune mine for that reason.

Brenda Kula said...

Lona, you mentioned having trouble photographing that drooping head of pink. But OMG, you did a fantastic job of it! Frame that one, girl!

Beyond My Garden said...

That very first photo is my favorite. the flower hangs like tissue paper weighted with dew.

Heather at Dusty Bay said...

Oh so pretty in pink!

Tootsie said...

I talk to myself all the time!!! no wonder I like you! lol
Your photos are absolutely stunning! I love all the pretty blooms and the details of each you captured in the photos is just amazing! thanks for linking in this week!