Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Rock At The Garden Show


My daughter and I took in the Central Ohio Garden Show
Tuesday and it was filled with the blooms of Spring.
With the theme of “Gardens That Rock” I was expecting to see the chance for some fabulous displays from the Rock n’ Roll years and hoping against all hope that there would be less rock and more glitter.


There were a few items displayed amongst the garden venues that had some touches of the theme represented,
like this guitar water fountain with water pouring from the end.


There was even a fountain made from old brass horns
and trombones.


There were plant markers made from old 45’s for the Rock theme.

HGS_KissGnome  HGS_KissGnome2

The Gnomes were into the theme displaying their ”Kiss” face makeup.
Remember the revue on the  book  “When Gnomes Attack?” LOL! But they look so innocent.


Upon walking into the Garden Show room and the first item we saw was this florescent octopus made of rocks I turned to my daughter and said,
“ I hope this is not the portent of things to come or we
are in for a troubling show”.


I know this display took some work and a lot of paint and some may find it even fun but I was never into pink Flamingoes or never will be into a pink octopus.
Was this the beginning of things to come of the rock theme?


There were fun touches of  guitar plant markers telling
us the names of some plants we were not familiar with
such as this Buxus M “Green Velvet”.


And the Champagne glass fountain was beautiful amongst all of that hard rock.
I saw pictures of Elvis  and Kiss members from afar….


and road signs directing the way, but that was the extent of the Rock n’ Roll theme and as I feared there was a whole lot of rock on displayed.
ClearBrook Landscaping & Garden Center always goes all out for the show every year and we are always glad to get to their display and check it out.
They went another direction on the “Gardens That Rock” theme.


They made their display on the Flintstones of Bedrock or Cedar-Rock for the day. Fred had his crane making a waterfalls. And the Flint-mobile was also there but I did not get a picture. The kids were having fun sticking their heads through the Flintstone cut outs and getting their pictures taken in the Flint-mobile

The Flintstones cave was on display with rock columns
or plant stakes. The snake in the window was made from bottle caps which was a fun junk gardening idea.


and a few prehistoric mice roaming about the cave.

HGS_Crow HGS_Prehistoric_Fountain

and even the prehistoric birds are ever present in Cedar- Rock.

Do not get me wrong and not with standing the lack of Rock n’ Roll glitter there were some beautiful flowers and displays throughout the show which I will share in later postings.


After touring the displays then the real fun begins when I
can make my way into the plant, seeds and garden decor displays to get some goodies to bring home to my own
garden to make it Rock.


Another fairy is always welcome in my garden.
Bulbs of Crocosmia and Glory Lilies will have their chance to grow in the flower bed of yellows, apricot and orange. Or this may be just one clashing mess in that bed which holds “Papaya coneflowers, orange phlox, peach lilies and Apricot achillea. But as you all know I am good at moving plants. LOL!
A few more Caladiums will go into the Shady front bed and some unusual colored Calla lilies for a container.
I will try some  Tithonia seed in the Butterfly garden end of the woodland bed.
So you all can see I am trying hard to get some orange into my beds despite my nightmare years of olive green and orange from the 70’s.

To Be Continued And Happy Gardening,


texasdaisey said...

I'm with you on that girl. More garden and much less of that rock. I love natural rocks in the garden, however. What were they thinking?
I hate that they spent so much time and probably money coming up with some of those displays. Don't they know that gardeners love gardens. Rock music isn't even good for our gardens. Experiments proved it causes plants to die. My garden likes Praise music though. I am having a giveaway over at my Gloryfeathers blog if you are interested. Hope that show gets better for you.

FlowerLady said...

What a fun show. My favorite would be the Flintstones, as that was really special to me as a kid.


Bonnie said...

It looks like a fun show. I am attending the CNY flower show on Saturday. Can't wait.

T Opdycke said...

What a fascinating theme, but when I first read it my immediate thought was rock gardens. I'm glad there was some diversity. Your photos are great.

Have a grand evening!

Gardening in a Sandbox said...

I am enjoying your photos of the flower show. I planted a crocosmia last fall and I am hoping it survived over the winter. I saw large groups of them in Scotland in 2006. Gorgeous flowers. V

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Debbie: I do not mind stone if it is soften (Or covered) with lots of blooms. Maybe I should sing to my flowers, or maybe not. LOL!

Valerie: I saw a patch of crocsmia at the Lily Fest last summer and thought it was so beautiful. Worth a try to see how they will do here.

T: There was a lot of different takes on the theme. And some whimsy thrown in.

Bonnie: Have fun at the NYC Garden show I imagine it will be fabulous. We want pictures! LOL!

FLowerlady: They just do not make good cartoons anymore. I do not think I would let my kids watch the trash that are called cartoons today.

Jan@Thanks for today. said...

Looks like a wonderful way to spend time waiting for spring to arrive. I like your loot, Lona...and the fairy is cute too. I remember that olive green and orange. Growing up, we had a orange/red shag rug in the family room and olive green appliances in the kitchen! But your garden will never resemble that, as you have so many other colors to blend it all together. I hope your new bulbs will thrive for you;-)

Anonymous said...

Maybe one day we'll make this show. I know my Hubby would love the guitar themes. I just love any sign of flowers after a long Ohio winter!

Gatsbys Gardens said...

What a fun garden show, Lona. I am supposed to go to the Chicago one on the weekend, sports theme. I hope it's a good one!


Andrea said...

hahaha, i hope that strategy worked for the gardeners! I wonder how big is the percentage of gardeners who love rock music, maybe they love rocks, real rocks, but rock music I am not sure. But at least the old discs can still be used there!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry I missed it this year. My friend that I go with was in a bad traffic accident, so we did not get to go. He is doing pretty well but all our buying trips were canceled. It did look like fun, glad I got to go along with you!

Darla said...

My musically inclined daughter loves this show. I just showed her your post she said, when I get my own garden I am so doing that...I almost fell out of my chair when I saw your 'orange' purchases, lol!

Darla said...

BTW, Crocosmia spreads like crazy here.

Joe Todd said...

Great post. Linda and I will miss the show this year we are heading to Charleson S.C. for a week. Hope to see some gardens. I'll be on the lookout for seeds LOL.

Balisha said...

Thanks for the rockin good time. It was an unusual stroll through the show.I hope to see more pictures of beautiful flower gardens.As usual...your pictures were beautiful...YOU ROCK!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Jan: Thanks! I remember before the sixties when the refrigerators were pink and turquoises too. LOL! It was better than drab olive, brown yellow and orange. LOL!

Tammy: We Ohioans are so starved for flowers that just any flower will do. LOL! Thanks for dropping by.

Eileen: Have fun girl at the Chicago Show. We want pictures! LOL!

Andrea: I know I never was a Rock fan maybe because I grew up in the sticks. Thanks for dropping by.

Darla: I am trying girl. I think I even shocked myself. Maybe it is this winter blahs making me go for the bright colors. LOL! If the Crocosmia spread I will move them around. That does explain the large collection they had of them then. Thanks for the heads up. LOL!

Joe: Well I would much rather go to South Carolina too. Have a great trip!

Balisha; Down right strange it was. LOL!

RainGardener said...

Great pictures Lona. I agree with you about the rock (and that Octopus) but some of the 'rock' things were cute like the brass horn display and the road signs. Well, hopefully just getting to go with your daughter and spend time together made it worth the trip.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I'm a gardener that loves Rock music, but have a hard time seeing how it goes with a gardening theme. I do think the KISS gnomes were cute though. I think the theme for the garden show here next year is music and I was wondering how that would work. I would've thought some gardens might have chosen plants with names related to rock music somehow. Anyway, it looks like it was a fun show with lots of pretty flowers. You found some great additions for your garden!