Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Blooms & A Giveaway Winner!



And the winner of the RAMSIGN is….

 scan0001 IMG_0001

Meadow Sweet Cottage !!!
Please Email me so I can pass it on to Ramsign.

I want to thank Ramsign for donating the sign for the giveaway.


What a soggy week! Flooding creeks in the valley and it looks like it is not going to change anytime soon.
The arrival of new plants in the mail yesterday had me running to get them  planted  in while the sun was out for the day but with all of the rain I do not have to water them. LOL!

Heuchera Snow Angel

Although it does not look like it now with the sun shinning but this is the Shade Garden. Two new heuchera’s and a new pulmonaria were added to it.

Heuchera_GeorgiaPeach Heuchera Georgia Peach

Pulmonaria_Raspberry_Ice Pulmonaria Raspberry Ice

This new Pulmonaria has beautiful deep pink blooms on it and I am going to love it.

Pulmonaria_DC Pulmonaria Diana Clare is full of blooms now.

And the Candytuft has more blooms opening.

Spring_Flowers The tulips were taking advantage of the sunshine and the Brunnera and Japanese Ferns are growing well.



One lonely Angelique tulip appeared after I thought they had all stopped blooming two years ago. I pulled most of them up so now I am thinking that may have been a mistake.

The Color Magic tulips are changing now into a brighter orange.


And thank goodness a new Color Magic tulip opened up and it was white with a purple tinge around the petals.
It will be fun to see what color it will turn.

Tiarellia_SpringSymphony Tiarella Spring Symphony is also starting to bloom and is looking so pretty in the Shade Garden.

PasqueFlower4_PulsatillaVulgaris Pasque Flower


The ground Phlox and Periwinkle are starting to bloom along the banking on the back side of the garage.

There are many Mourning Doves visiting the yard now and the leaves on the trees are growing out. It looks so wonderful to see green leaves appearing again.


I am joining Tootsie at “Tootsie Time”  for Fertilizer Friday. So join us and Flaunt Those Flowers.

Thank you everyone for the Birthday wishes.
Happy Gardening,




Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Congratulation to the winner! I like your tulip bloom very much.

Jeannie B. said...

I love your Mourning Dove!

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

congratulations to the winner!!!
your tulip with the purple tinged edges is really nice.
I really need to start thinking about getting some Pulmonaria in my garden.

One said...

Congratulations to Meadow Sweet Cottage! Your flowers are really beautiful. Did the bird lay some eggs for Easter?

A Garden of Threads said...

Congratulations to the winner. Your spring garden looks is pretty Lona, I am still waiting for tulips and daffodils, they are in bud. Have a wonderful weekend and happy gardening.

Darla said...

Everything is looking great Lona...I am envious of your rainfall though. It's 84 degrees here at 11:24 a.m. not a cloud in the sky.

pogonip said...

Lona, I sure hope my garden looks as lovely as yours when the spring weather finally decides to cooperate!

p.s. The Ramsign is the first thing I've won ever! Am I excited? Yippee!!

Dragonfly Treasure said...

It's so fun to have new plants arrive. Your blooms are beautiful ♥
Love the dones, shoo some this way! ;)
Wishing you and yours a wonderfully Happy Easter!

NellJean said...

That tulip looks good enough to eat. Everything is just beautiful.

If your crocosmia is a named hybrid, it will likely be very well-behaved. I have the species and it is a thug here. You also know how that goes: thugs here may be more well-behaved in different climates and soils.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Everything looks beautiful Lona. I have Georgia Peach and it is a beautiful colorm but I lost one of them this year. It may do better for you in a warmer zone.

Heuchera Snow Angel is lovely, have not seen this one yet.


Pam's English Garden said...

Dear Lona, Lovely photographs -- I love the collage-header. I am just learning to make collages and yours is an inspiration. Enjoy your new plants! P x

A Garden of Threads said...

Stopping by to wish you a Happy Birthday. Love your spring garden. Take care and have a great day.

The Redneck Rosarian said...

Love the tulips. Did I read somewhere that today was your birthday? If so, Happy Birthday!

Kate @ Gardening and Gardens said...

Wow you have so many beautiful things blooming! I love Candytuft and happy for you that it is finally blooming. The phlox looks like a lovely carpet and you have such a variety of tulips! Enjoy the weekend!

Karen said...

Lona, the flowers are amazing and you must have known that I am in need of a 'flower fix' because of all of the snow here. The white tulip with the purple edging is so pretty! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Lori at Jarvis House said...

Wow! Can you be ahead of us on Long Island. My flowers are starting to bloom, but you look like your weather has been warmer. We have been really cold and rainy for April, and the flowers are showing it. This week won't be any different. I am happy to look at your pictures. Cheers Lori

Asha Ram said...

I'm in love with those tulips!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful blossoms. Love that 'Color Magic' tulip. I have 'Georgia Peach' Heuchera and know you're going to love it, Lona.

Lynn said...

The yellow tulip is gorgeous! And I love the photo of the mourning dove. I have several that frequent my garden and find them to be cheerful fellows. Plus, they do free bug duty as they're wandering around the garden beds.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Lucky winner of the sign!
Your garden looks so pretty! My garden is slowly coming along. One day of sun was nice but we're back to cool and rain again.

Becca's Dirt said...

Congratas to the winner. You have some awesome tulips Lona. Heuchera is so pretty too. Everything is looking so good.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Your plants really are enjoying the rain, aren't they? I love that white tulip with the purple on it. I like the color of your pasque flowers, too.

I forgot to say I hope your blue bird couple raises a nice family on your property. I don't have those here in the city, but there are doves in our neighborhood, and in our yard.