Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday In The Garden


Another week has whizzed right by and we here in Ohio are glad to see such a wet week behind us.
Our hearts and prayers go out to those states and families where devastating tornadoes have wrecked havoc on homes and have taken so many lives.
I pray all our gardening friends are safe.


This week the Ajuga reptans  ‘Burgundy Glow’  a Carpet Bugleweed started blooming. This is the first year that it has bloomed for me so I am still trying to decided whether I like this tint of  blue flowers against its burgundy variegated foliage.

Ajuga_BG_Blooms It is good to use in shadier beds and is hardy in zones  3 to 10.  In some areas I am told it may be invasive but it is a groundcover so should be considered as such when you plant it in your garden.


Some of the Alliums ‘Purple Sensation’ or Flowering Onion are also starting to open some of their blooms. They are some of the earliest blooming alliums so they opening just in time as the tulips petals are blowing off in the wind. When the blooms are open all the way the blooms run from 4 to 5 inches across and the stems are about 30 inches tall.

BleedingH_Dicentra_Alba Dicentra spectabilis  Alba Bleeding Hearts are blooming in the Shade Garden now.


Since there is no bleeding of colors on these white hearts it is sometimes called “White Pantaloons”. I am not certain I like this name for them at all but like to see them as just hearts. LOL!

The Iberis white Candytuft continues to spread and fill in with those pretty white blooms along a section of the front walkway. It is an evergreen spreading shrub that ranges from 9 to 12 inches tall and is used as a border plant. It is hardy to zones 3 to 9 and can be grown in full sun to part shade.
It is partly shaded here along the Shade Garden walkway and is doing well but I am certain it would do better in more sun.
I like it for its early spring blooms which brightens the shady area  and its evergreen foliage.


Clematis_S_M Clematis ‘Silver Moon’ is getting buds and is one of my earliest blooming of the clematis vines in my garden. It has very large 6 to 7 inch lavender-silver blooms. It is a type 2 clematis and grows in zones 4 to 10.

SilvermoonClematis For those of you who have been looking for this one it can be found at Bluestone Perennials.

PumpBed_Spring Some of the earlier blooming tulips have lost their blooms now but a few later blooming tulips are now opening.

One the one sunny day we had this week the “Queen of the Night’ tulips did get to open up.

The deep burgundy blooms look almost black when they are closed.


Is everyone tired of seeing tulips already? I hope not because I am enjoying every little bloom after the long winter we had and just refuses to get the hint and leave already.

 Tiarella_SrpingSymphony_Apr27  Tiarella  ‘Spring Symphony” Foamflower is just gorgeous now in the Shade Garden. I love its pink feathery blooms.

ShadeGarden_Spring Tiarella is an early bloomer and is a bright spot in any shade garden. The plant grows from 12 to 18 inches tall and is hardy in zones 4 to 9. The foliage is a great addition to the shade garden until freezin’ season.


The high winds and rains have now knocked off most of the petals from the Magnolia  ‘Jane’ now. Her blooms gone too soon this spring.


But the Pulmonaria blooms are still going strong and the leaves of ‘Diana Clare’ are losing their spots and are growing longer and getting  their solid silver-green look that lasts throughout the growing season. Even without the blooms this plant lights up a shade garden with  just its foliage alone.



The vinca minor, or Periwinkle, or Creeping Myrtle, which has as many names as it has plaques, is blooming prettily.
This is the one of the most invasive groundcovers next to Crownvetch so never, ever plant it anywhere else but a problem area in your yard. I have it on the slope behind the garage that wanted to wash away . As a new gardener I planted some in a bed between the house and the garage and now I pull it up by the handfuls all summer and still cannot get rid of it because of its spreading root system. It will take over your flower bed and choke out your flowers . I have noticed in the parks around here that the wild periwinkle is  even threatening to take over other native plants and flowers that grow near it. It is an evergreen groundcover.


Vinca minor variegata has bigger leaves and does died back after a freeze but it comes back again in the spring. It is a little invasive but can be more manageable. I dig some out and use it in hanging baskets and containers for the summer.
Be aware that if it touches the ground it will root in and start growing.

Mustard2 I think this is wild mustard plants that are growing along the Woodland Garden.??? I know someone will know what its true name is.


The Sorbet peony is getting its buds also but I have not seen any ants yet. LOL!


So the gardens are really growing and blooming right now and my gardeners little heart could not be happier.
I am joining with Tootsie at “Tootsie Time” for Fertilizer Friday. Why not join with us and “Flaunt Your Flowers”.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend in the garden and
Happy Gardening,



NellJean said...

Oh, so many pretties! Queen of Night tulip, my fav!

The wild mustard has to go. Invasive, invasive, invasive.

Sunray Gardening said...

You have a lot of really nice blooming going on there. Love that Tiarella, really beautiful.

My Bloomerang Lilac you asked about does smell wonderful. It's still a baby and the bloom really small, but standing above it I could smell it. Wonderful! The Bloomerang has purple blooms but there is also the Josie Lilac which gets maybe a foot bigger and has pink blooms. Both are rebloomers.

Wish this rain was through for us but doesn't look like it.
Goldenray Yorkies

Darla said...

So, so beautiful this week Lona. I actually have some candytuft in full sun..

Becca's Dirt said...

Your blooms are so pretty. I know you are enjoying them after the long winter that wouldn't go away. I think Pulmonaria would be a good addition to my shade garden. I'll look for it. You have so many beautiful tulips. Your clematis is stunning.

The death toll is now at 210 in Alabama alone. There has been a report that over 1700 people were injured. I've lived here all my life and the only thing to compare it too is the hurricanes. It will be a long time for these people to recover when entire small towns are wiped away.

Liz said...

Hi Lona,

Wonderful photos, it's amazing how many flowers we share... I even bought some foam flower yesterday!

HolleyGarden said...

Everything looks so neat and tidy! You have some very pretty blooms - love the Queen of the Night tulips! Your tiarella is so pretty - I may have to try that one. I hope you like your ajuga - I love those blue blooms and am glad it grows so fast!

FlowerLady said...

Your flowers are just wonderful. I would take one of each if they grew down here in our heat and humidity. My favorites of this post are Ajuga reptans 'Burgundy Glow' with those luscious blue flowers and Tiarella 'Spring Symphony' Foamflower. You are blessed to have so much beauty there in your gardens.


Cynthia said...

Love the "queen" tulips. Those do not work in my garden, so I enjoy them vicariously!

Jan@Thanks for today. said...

Hi Lona, everything looks so lovely;) I don't know what that wildflower you have is, hopefully someone can help you with it. I don't think I've ever seen it before. I have that variegated Ajuga and while the bloom is pretty, I am not as fond of the leaves as they don't seem quite as crisp/fresh as other variegated types of plants. I've found the chocolate chip Ajuga variety to be my favorite, I think. None of my Ajuga has become invasive so I don't worry about it but I can see how it could. Now I wish the Iberis WOULD become a little more hardy in my garden! I have 2 clumps but there isn't enough of it if you ask me;-) Over time I will probably be able to divide it and place it around the garden in more areas. I DO have the Vinca minor, Periwinkle...and while it can be a pain, I love the little purple flower and don't mind it too much. I have other vines that are much worse (ivy, and euonymous) so I can't complain about the Periwinkle and it's been there for years. It's even in a small section of my back woodland garden and never seems to leave that area...which is fine by me! Anyway, your garden is so pretty...everything is growing and thriving. Have a nice weekend;-)

Patsi said...

Great garden Friday !
So many colors and different plants. You're giving me some more ideas to add to my garden.
Also now I'm wondering what happened to my foamflower.

Dragonfly Treasure said...

So many beautiful flowers! That dark tulip is gorgeous!

Patsy said...

It has been a wild week, looks like your May flowers are in bloom.

Bernie said...

Lona, what beauties you have in your garden right now. Such flowers are not seen here so it was an absolute treat to visit. Love, love those tulips! The Tiarella is just so dainty and pretty and I adore those white Bleeding Hearts. Your garden is a picture.

The Redneck Rosarian said...

What an awesome assortment of flowers. I never tire of seeing your tulips in bloom. I have no luck with them.... The stripes are lovely. Remind me of "scentimental" rose. Happy Friday.

Ferdi Nel said...

Your garden is looking stunning. I love your tulips. Your "Queen of the night" is my favorite

Olga said...

You have so many beauties in your garden. I especially like your white bleeding hearts, such delicate flowers.

Sandra said...

Your flowers are just wonderful. My favorites of this post are the “Queen of the Night’ tulips and clematis.
Thank you for these beautiful views of spring.

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

No, there is no way to tire of looking at your beautiful tulips! I hadn't heard of 'white pantaloons' before, they are most definitely hearts. I recognize so many familiar faces, um, I mean flowers here. It has be chomping at the bit with anticipation! Beautiful post.

sweetbay said...

Silver Moon is beautiful. I love the pictures of your tulips and Foamflower. How could anyone tire of seing tulips? :)

Jenni@ RainyDayGardener said...

Hi Lona,
I have been feeling bad about my complaining of our incessant rain her in the PNW as we don't get hurricanes or tornadoes. My thoughts have been with those in our southern states affected.

Seeing 'Queen of the Night' tulip is very impressive. Besides on the packaging or bulb farm brochures, I've never seen them anywhere else. They are striking!

Carla said...

What beautiful photos!! I didn't know Periwinkle came in such a dark purple bloom, my mom has it on a steep hill, and her's is so much lighter. Pretty, very pretty.

Karen said...

Lona, I am so jealous of all your spring beauty in your garden. Ok, I'm not jealous really, I'm happy for you! We just can't seem to get above 45 degrees today and it's so wet and mucky and gooey and ok, I'll quit whining, I think you get the picture. I'm in from transplanting perennials and the water literally drips from the mucky rootballs, it is not much fun.

I love the clematis and all of the flowers you have blooming, everything is so pretty.

Tootsie said...

oh is all just so beautiful! love that deep burgundy tulip...and I do like that blue against the burgundy leaves!!! it's just so unique and very pretty
thanks for linking in this week...always such a joy to visit you!

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Hi Lona,

You have a ton of things blooming! I saw the Silver Moon Clematis today at the nursery $22.00. I may have to get it, but I am used to Home Depot prices.


Anonymous said...

I really like the white Dicentra. It is a pretty and different variety tan is usually seen. I had Queen of the Night, but after about four years they went off quietly into the night to not be heard from again.

Jeri Landers said...

Lona, I planted my ajuga 3 years ago and still have never seen a flower on it.
As for the Dark green Periwinkle, ( I just love that name) I have tried and tried to get it to INVADE a problem slope I have, but no such luck. My neighbor hates her invasive English Ivy, and I WISH I had it! Just goes to show, one womans weed is another womans flower>>>

Lori at Jarvis House said...

I never realized that Ohio would be so far ahead of us here on Long Ialnd, but all of you plants are blooming and mine are just starting to bud! My allium are tight little heads on their long stems. My tulips are fading, but my Candy Tuff is just tiny, as is the Peony plants, just stems and red leaves so far. I guess that I will have to wait a bit longer to catch up with your garden. Nice psot!

catmint said...

Hi Lona, what a pretty and cheerful post. Out of all the plants, for me the dark tulip is to die for - I agree with Sandra above. cheers, catmint

Anonymous said...

We are a bit behind you Lona ~ my alliums are not opening yet like yours. They are one bulb I could never imagine not having in the garden now that I've discovered them.
I have one peony I noticed some ants on but the rest are too small yet. 'Sorbet' is such a beautiful one. I remember seeing it on your blog last year. Maybe some year I can find a space for one in my garden.
The weather has not been the most cooperative anywhere, has it? I would love the wind to go away completely. It's been relentless this year.
ps regarding your comment on my recent post about the grackles taking the robin eggs ~ I have never been a violent person but I would love to take out some of them. If there were a bb gun around my house, I would use it too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lona~~ Your shot of the Tiarella is outstanding. Your garden is looking fabulous.

Zoey said...

I am not tired of tulips. We have had a single tulip bloom yet.

Your foam flower is gorgeous!

Swimray said...

This is the first year for my ajuga too (although not variegates), and like you, am nervous about the spreading reputation. Isn't he blue is incredible?

Lynn said...

The clematis is gorgeous and I loved the allium shot. I finally planted a few this year and am excited to see them bloom. Your comments about the vinca are dead on. I might add that bugs are particularly found of hiding in it too. Ugh.

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Your spring blooms are wonderful! Your dogwood photos are beautiful, just when I think dogwoods are better in the fall-- spring rolls around and shows us the beauty of those glorious white bracted blooms!