Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Giveaway Time!

It is that time again to host a  giveaway. I love to win giveaways but I also love to be able to giveaway things to my blogging  friends.  Who does not want to get free stuff?
I was contacted by Tezz Hagelin the marketing assistant for RAMSIGNS. It is a small Danish company that specializes in manufacturing and selling of classic enamel number and house signs. After looking over their beautiful enamel signs I was honored and excited to be able to pass along  a sign as giveaway prize of one their products to one of you.


To promote their products they are giving me the opportunity to give to one household one of their enamel numbered house signs.


They have several styles and colors to choose from so this is the perfect time for one of you to  upgrade your house numbers.We often remodel our homes with new paint or new siding over the years or even get that new home we have always wanted and now you can get a new set of numbers to enhance your home.

Sign_ highlander

Or maybe you would like to add the year to dedicate that garden shed or new greenhouse. Maybe you could get a house number to add to that mailbox post.


With the trendy thing  in crafts and home decor now being all about  numbers  you may have wanted  a enamel number for that special craft project you have been working on or have been wanting to do.


RAMSIGN is giving away a numbered sign from up to one to five digit numbers in your choice of the style and the color they have to offer.  They ship world wide and enamel ware is all the rage here in the states.  Go to their website and look at their enamel house and number signs. See if there is one you would like to have for your home, front door, a gift idea or project.   

To win leave a comment telling me you want into the drawing and one could be yours for free. A winner will be drawn Friday, April 22. I would love to give out a free gift to honor my birthday.
If you do not have your contact information on your blog site please leave your email address with your comment.

Good Luck Everyone!

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Debby said...

No one can find our house. Maybe some new numbers would help. Thanks.

~~Rhonda said...

Happy birthday, and thanks for hosting a great giveaway! The signs are beautiful! Count me in the drawing. :) ~~Rhonda

Becca's Dirt said...

When's your birthday Lona? Email me if you like.

What a nice give-away. Please enter me.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

What a great giveaway! I hate the house numbers we have on our house and would love to change them. I love the style of their signs. Please enter me :)

Katie said...

I would LOVE to be in the drawing for these gorgeous letters! Thanks for the giveaway and Happy Birthday!

Dirt Princess said...

Nice giveaway......even though I don't have a house. But I could always give it to the Dirt Queen

Margy said...

Ahhhh - I'd love to win! The city I live in put a 911 system in force and changed our house number!
WOuld be perfect timing.
Love your blog Lona!

Lona said...

Debby: Hi Lady! Your in. Good Luck!

Rhonda: Thank you & Your in.Good Luck!

Becca: I will enter you. I am so old I should stop counting. LOL! Good Luck!

Catherine: I could see a new Blue one on your house. LOL! Good Luck!

Katie: Hi and thanks for dropping by. I will enter you too.Good Luck!

DP: Sure enough the Queen could always use the numbers. Good Luck!

Margy: I got you in Margy. Hey girl I got new purple columbines growing from your seeds. Yeah!

HolleyGarden said...

Those are beautiful! Definitely sign me up! Whoever wins this will be lucky indeed! Happy birthday!

Gardening in a Sandbox said...

The signs are very colourful and would be seen from the street easily. If someone from Canada is elligible please put my name in the hat. V

One said...

Happy Birthday, Lona!

I really don't think you'll send one to my country but fungus grew on my number plate. It is made from wood. Now, it has sadly become compost. :)

Kimberly said...

Hi, Lona. This is a very exciting giveaway! Thank you so much for hosting! I would LOVE to enter the contest...especially since we've only lived in our new home 4 months and do not have house numbers yet. No one can ever find our house. I checked out the website - very nice! I especially like the Highlander version. Please add me to the entries. I'm crossing my fingers! :D

BTW - my email is

Kitten said...

Those signs are just too cute--I love them. Please enter me into the drawing and an early happy birthday to you! :-D

Balisha said...

I would love one of those signs...Hey, Lona, I went out and checked my J. Anemones and they are up!!! Balisha

pogonip said...

Ramsign has the loveliest numbers on earth! They always remind me of English cottages and European cobblestones. Yum :)

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Happy Birthday Lona! I hope this is my lucky month.

meemsnyc said...

Very cool looking signs.

Jan AKA Wammy said...

How sweet is this. On Monday the 18th we are finally able to put a new roof on this tired old place. Some new numbers to let people know where we are would be just the amount of juzzz we need! We would love to win! Thanks for offering. And Happy early birthday. Our twins were born just two days after you...32 years ago. WOW, how time flies!

T Opdycke said...

Who doesn't love to win something? Count me in. The drops of water on fuzzy stems and buds in your previous are enchanting photos.

Hope it's warming up where you are.

Lona said...

Holley: Thank you and you are entered. Good Luck!

Valerie:They ship Worldwide so Good luck!

One: Your really need an enamel sign. LOL! Good Luck!

Kimberly: Congrats on the new home. New numbers are just the thing, Good Luck!

Kitten, Hi and thanks for dropping by. Good Luck!

pogonip: I thought they had some terrific signs too. Good Luck!

MKG: Hey, Good Luck on the sign.

Meems: I put you in girl! Good Luck!

Jan: Remodeling always makes a need new signs. Good Luck!

T: Girl I have been enjoying the warm spells we have been getting off and on. Good Luck in the contest!

Patsy said...

Happy Birthday!

Joe Todd said...

Lona I would like to be entered in your drawing and happy birthday.So just SIGN me up LOL

Jeri Landers said...

I really love your delightful Spring-time pink print borders! So pretty. Count me in.

siteseer said...

I really like the Ramsign one. How big are the numbers? We're a little off the road and the ones we currently have are too small and not nearly as bright. Thanks for having this contest.

Hartwood Roses said...

We have numbers on our mailbox at the top of our driveway, but we should probably have them on the house, too. It would be a whole lot less confusing for delivery guys.

Lona said...

Patsy: Thank you!

Joe: You got it and Good Luck!

Jerri: You are in girl! Good Luck!

Judi: I think they are about 4 x 6. You are in. Good Luck!

Val said...

Happy Birthday!!! I would love to enter your drawing. Thanks for the opportunity and I LOVE your blog!

Lona said...

Val: Thanks for dropping by. You are in the contest. Good Luck!

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Those are nice number house signs. How nice to have this give away. Happy Birthday to you!

Cherry Lane said...

Thanks for visiting! Taxis always go to my neighbors house instead of mine, even though I have TWO sets of house numbers up. Maybe I need a third, more colorful, set.

Lona said...

Cherry Lane: Thanks for dropping by. Good Luck in the giveaway.

Lona said...

Janet: Thank you.