Friday, May 13, 2011

The Rhododendrons Are Starting to Bloom

All it takes is a few days of summer like temperatures to start the Rhododendrons to bloom.
I love this time of the  year when they start to bloom with their giant orbs of color.

Color starts peeking through to give you just a hint of the color they will be.

Rhododendron_NovaZemblaBuds As the buds swell the green outer coverings of the bud start falling away.

Rhododendrom_NovaZemlbaBloom And then the buds start opening up into round globes of blooms.

I have had this Nova Zembla Rhododendron for many years and I am amazed every year at its beauty.


  This PJM Rhododendron is even older and has gotten so tall now. This one has been trimmed back throughout the years from the corner of the house where it grows to keep it from rubbing against the house when the wind blows .
As a new gardener at the time it was planted I had no idea as to how large it would really get throughout the years.

Rhododendron_PJM PJM’s lavender-pink blooms sparkle when the sunlight peeks through upon the blooms in the Shade bed.


Rhododendrons were one of the first blooming shrubs that I planted when we bought the house.
As a girl when traveling to Tennessee where relatives lived we would always go up into the Smokey Mountains. The streams and hillsides would be just gorgeous with blooming Rhododendrons all along them in the spring. I remembered them and wanted to have them at my own home.
Sadly the yellow Capistrano Rhododendron that is planted in the same area has died back to just one little sprout that is coming out at the base of it.
This beautiful week we have had has kept me busy taking out the seed started plants to harden off for planting. Planting new plants and getting beds cleaned up.
Also I help my daughter build her first flower bed this week which took a toll on both of our backs with the laying of edging stones to bags and bags of  soil. She was really pleased with the end results and of course I am glad to have her join me in the love for flower gardening.

Rose_Breasted_Grossbeak I did catch this Red Breasted Grosbeak visiting the feeder this week for a bite of sunflower seeds.

Everyone have a wonderful week and…..

Happy Gardening,



Balisha said...

Beautiful flowers. My Azalea was in full bloom...then the 90's hit and then all the flowers wilted.

I love that bird. We once had them migrating in our yard. The spruce was full of them. They were gone the next day.
Have a nice weekend. Balisha

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

What pretty rhodies!! I think it'll be awhile still for mine, but I have seen them starting to bloom around the neighborhood. I love when they are just starting to bloom too. Will you share pictures of your daughter's garden?

Amy said...

Beautiful post, Lona! I wish they did well in Austin....don't think so. :)

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I've never grown rhod. before. I don't even know if I've seen them close up. The flowers are beautiful, but so is the foliage. I really like that.

How cool that your daughter is starting a flower garden. My son does a little gardening around his house. My daughter does not like to be outside, but is around flowers because she is a floral designer.

Beyond My Garden said...

This was a lovely essay of the rhododendron bloom. I am impressed you actually know what variety you have. The grosbeaks were here for a couple most of last week. I guess it quickly got warm enough for them to head for the mountains. that would be interesting if they stopped at your house in Hocking Hills then came on over and up here to Waverly before heading up hill into the West Virginia Mountains.

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Beautiful pictures Lona, I didn't realize the opened in such an interesting way. I hope your yellow Capistrano recovers. :)

Lynn said...

That's wonderful that your daughter is following you in your love for gardening. I inherited mine from my grandmother, who has passed away. Nice to have something like gardening to remember her by.

debsgarden said...

Your rhododendrons are gorgeous! I have more success with azaleas than rhodies, but I have planted one in the woodland garden that seems to be doing well. It didn't bloom this first year, but maybe next! I too was inspired by the rhodies of the Smokey Mountains.

Gatsbys Gardens said...


Your rhododendrons are just gorgeous! Mine are done but my azaleas have just started.


Anonymous said...

The photos of the rhodies in bud are beautiful. Thanks so much for posting the sequence. I really enjoyed it.

FlowerLady said...

Oh Lona ~ Your rhodies are absolutely luscious looking. Love them all. Rhodies don't like our heat and humidity, our azaleas are done for the year.

Enjoy that beauty that is surrounding you.


Charlotte said...

Beautiful picks Lona! The rhodies are in full bloom here in England and looking glorious - you'll see quite a few on my recent blog posts.

Enjoy those blooms!


Gardening in a Sandbox said...

Hi Lona: Rhodos are a plant I have to appreciate in someone elses garden. I cannot grow them. I tried a PJM once but it died. We are on very alkaline soil and Rhodos love acidic. Yours are magnificent. V

Galloping Grannie said...

Your flowers are beautiful

One said...

Lona, Your flowers are extremely beautiful.

sweetbay said...

Your rhododendrons are beautiful! I've been to Craggy Gardens once during peak bloom and I'll never forget it. Beautiful shot of the Grosbeak too. We just catch glimpses of those as they pass through heading north.

Diana said...

Lona, our rhodys are not quite there yet, except for the PJM which has done its thing. They are wonderful and add nice structure to the garden. Great photos.

Love your red-breasted Grosbeak which we don't have here, but the black-headed Grosbeak paid us a visit yesterday.

Dirt Princess said...


Anonymous said...

Lona, you are much farther ahead than we are here. Your allium is blooming and here they are still tight. Beautiful selection this month in your garden. Happy GBBD.

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

I saw a Rosebreasted Grosbeak once in Virginia...what a neat bird. I love the colors peaking out of the buds. Just beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I've never seen a red grosbeak. We just have the yellow in our Seattle suburb.