Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesday Gardening News


We had a terrible windy night last night but nothing like what Missouri had. Just some cleanup to do in the yard today to get a lot of limbs and branches picked up. The weather has been all of the talk so far this year and so devastating in so many areas this Spring.  Here the rain keeps coming and I would have gotten my little garden plot dug up if we would have had just one more day of dry weather.
I did get tomato plants planted in some containers and some cucumber seeds planted which I plant in containers and let them grow up vertically.
Flower containers were filled with only a few more to get done so the weekend was not a total lose.

PinstripePetunia_PinkArgyranthmum_frutescens Pinstripe Black and Pink Petunias and Pink Argyranthmum


Blue Lobelia and Light Purple Osteospermum

Cleamtis_SilverMoon2_May22 In the garden now the ‘Silver Moon’ clematis is blooming … 


along with clematis ‘Fantasia’ .
Whoops! I misnamed this clematis previously as Josephine.
Sorry everyone.

A couple of other clematis vines are starting to form buds on them.

Double Delight

So many of the roses now are setting on buds that the Rose Garden should be spectacular soon.


Rose ‘Morden Blush’ is a little wet and droopy this morning but lovely.

Sunny_Knockouts Sunny Knockout withstood the storm well.

The “Vintage Rose’ dianthus is filling out.


and the  Sweet William growing behind it is starting to bloom.

Some new perennial plants that were planted this weekend were..

Garura lindheimeria ‘Passionate Rainbow’ Indian Feather

Silene uniflora  ‘Druett’s Variegated’

and Lysimachia punctata ‘Alexander’ Variegated Yellow Loosestrife

The Rhododendron Bushes came into full bloom this weekend.




I also got the garden beds fertilized with a natural organic fertilizer from “John & Bob’s Grow Green” that I am testing. I am anxious to see how it will work in the rose garden and other flower beds. I also added some to the containers.
Using environmentally safe fertilizers is the way I would like to garden here. Already this year Lake St. Mary’s here in Ohio has the poisonous Blue algae showing up in it from fertilizer and rain runoff and is closed and will have to be treated so it is time for some of our farmers to think about other alternatives when fertilizing their fields.


Finally, I like to buy from the local nurseries here to help them out but lets face it they do not always have what we are looking for so I do go online to get what I need.
After waiting on  a large grower, we all know,  to send me some plants which never came I canceled my order to them and went looking online for another supplier and found this nursery which had some great annuals and perennials. They had what I was looking for so I thought to give them a try.
When my order came in just three days I was pleased, but even more wonderful was the size of the plants for the prices which I had paid for them. They were having a big sale which always helps. LOL!  And what we gardeners always appreciate is the way they are packed and mailed out to us. They had these plants wrapped and packaged to the nines.
Also to my surprise they even included a free perennial and plant tags to go with the order. They went beyond the expectations of this gardener.
I do not usually recommend Nurseries or Plant Growers but I am making the exception today and recommend …
New Garden Plants    for you to take a look at for your perennials or maybe you still need a few annuals yet.
No, they are not paying me to advertise them, I am just that pleased with the order I received from them and wanted to pass it on to my gardening friends.

 Happy Gardening,




Darla said...

Beautiful container combos! Your flowers are looking so beautiful. The weather has been a bit unstable and scary. Don't know about the lake issues...sounds like a mess though.

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

So beautiful Lona, I am quite taken with your Double Delight Rose. What a beauty!

T Opdycke said...

So much is blooming in your garden and it's oh so lovely. The would-be vegetable garden is so wet that we've not been able to get a rototiller in it. Rain, rain stay away, at least for just a few more days.

Patsy said...

Our flowers are loveing all of the rain and sunshine. It is just to scary the way the storms come at night.
I love your Double Delight and sure hope some day our rhododendron gets tall like yours.

We got our tomato's in containers and I put some bell pepper in containers have not tried that before hope they make.
The Bennie didn't know I took that picture of him.

Jezibels ~ sproutbabysprout.blogspot.com said...

Where did you find that guara Indian Flower? Is it full sun? I have so much sun here. Would love it for some color!

Beautiful container plantings, lovin the black pinstripe petunia, do you go to specialty nurseries?

Grace said...

My 'Josephine' is just starting to bloom too. Yours is farther along and just stunning! And your Double Delight is just mouthwatering. I love all your plants and I'm glad that the weather wasn't too severe. I'll check out your recommendation. Cheers.

Kathleen said...

Your Rhododendrons are AMAZING Lona! Just gorgeous. I bought two teeny plants this spring but I highly doubt they ever get as large and beautiful as yours.
The weather sure has been something this year. We all wait for spring but I'm wondering if we should just be hoping it's over soon? We have gotten off lucky (just a lot of wind, rain and cold days) but so many people have experienced devastation. Scary.
My Josephine clematis is beginning to bloom too. Not as many blooms as yours but it's planted in a pot ~ which I'm not sure it's extremely happy about that? It's only been producing a handful of blooms each year and that's it. I may have to find a spot in the ground to move it. Hopefully the rain will let up soon and the weather pattern will settle down for everyone.

Kathleen said...

ps Glad I could inspire the Allium purchases! ;-)

Lona said...

Darla: I am glad we are not as hot as you are getting already.102 is a little warm for anyone.

Rebecca:Thank you. I was loving looking over your spring flowers this spring.

T: I know girl it has been the pits. I may have to plant everything in containers. LOL!

Patsy: Such a sneaking girl. LOL!

Jezibels: It will take full sun. I got it from a local Amish grower for $4. Quite the buy. I will be going back. LOL! The Black & Pink Petunia came from New Garden Plants. They were already so big.!!

Kathleen: You did inspire me and My pocket book may not be pleased this fall. LOL!

Grace: I hope you find some goodies. You can then blame me. LOL!

Becca's Dirt said...

I am drooling over so many beauties. Each photo became prettier than the one before. Clematis Josephine is beautiful. I could kick myself for passing up this earlier in the season. I will check out this nursery. I had a problem with one of the nursery's telling me they would send the plants and kept extended the time they were sending them. They arrived after the time for them in my gardens and they all died except one. I had ordered 12 plants and only one lived. Live and learn.

.............................. said...

Hi Lona, I was reading through and admiring all the flowers in bloom and then the rhododendrons scrolled into view. Let me just say: Wow!! They are spectacular! How old must they be?

Masha said...

Wow, lots of flowers! Your rhododendrons are gorgeous, I will not post a picture of my wimpy plant after seeing yours... I grow Double Delight too, the fragrance is really amazing. You have some beautiful clematis plants, i really envy your Josephine, mine declined - type II don't do well here :(.

Netty said...

Your photo's are gorgeous, and very inspiring! I've just spotted a few things that I need to add to my wish list :)

The Redneck Rosarian said...

Lona, The Morden Blush is beautiful as are the clematis and so many of the others! Spring is popping it seems! Great to see your roses!

Dirt Princess said...

I see some a few rays of sunshine in those photos. I know you are enjoying that.

I haven't seen a black petunia like that...it is stunning.

I hope to see more sunshine in your photos soon

pogonip said...

It's so much fun to see a garden that is farther along in springtime than mine. Loving the roses and clematis and rhodies and...just everything! I have lots to look forward to and can hardly wait for my little beauties to start :)

Lona said...

Becca: I misnamed that clematis it is Fantasia not Josephine. They look so much alike only Fantasia keeps unfurling in the middle. Sorry!

Jennifer: They are over 30 years old now. Gee, how time flies. LOL!

Masha: I have had fairly good luck with them. This year two of the little ones are turning yellow because of the constant wet feet from all of the rain. We need some drier weather for a little while.

Netty: I do the same thing girl. I see flowers on these blogs and add them to the "Never ending list". LOL!

Chris: I can hardly wait until some of the new roses bloom to see what they really look like.

DP: We had one beautiful sunny weekend and I am hoping for more without the storms.

Roxie: Seems like everything is blooming at once here now and I am a happy gardener. Yours will be soon too.

Balisha said...

Lona...I love that petunia...so pretty mixed with the pink flowes.
As usual...wonderful photos of your amazing garden.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lona girl what can I say ? Your garden is fantastic and those rhodos are so HUGE ! I am so happy to see you have a little piece of Canadian breeding with Morden Blush : ) now that is nice ! All of your roses are gorgeous and your container plants are perfect together girl !
I only potted up some herbs and cat nip for the girls .. I can't keep up with what i used to do any more.
I worked all day in the garden today so I will be crashing for the next few days (which is good timing since it is going to rain for a few days too !) .. I went to that site and I so wish they were in Canada! They are amazing ! You luck duck: )

Lona said...

Balisha: It was such a different petunia with the pink running through it that is why I wanted it. Storms coming in take care.

Joy: Girl I hear you. We work like crazy one day and then this old Fibro lays us up for two. All we can do is do what we can and enjoy it. Take care !

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Love your container groupings, I just bought Pinstripe and Phantom to put together with some other purple/black and yellow plants.
That Rhododendron is amazing!!!! I am green with envy on that one.

Darla said...

Re:Gayfeather...the bulbs that I planted have done well, but not near as well as the ones I started from seed. Fingers are crossed you get blooms on yours.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Hi Lona,
Wow, spring blooms are in full swing your way! They are all beautiful! I hope you get a break from all that rain. We have had a lot of rain the last week, too, but had some OK days for planting before the last batch started. Still, I wasn't finished.

I chuckled when I read you correcting the name of a clematis. I usually have to say right out that I can't remember the name.