Friday, June 24, 2011

Every Day This Year


Every day this year has been an adventure. The only constant has been the rain and it has me shaking in my shoes to see what will happen next weather wise.

Geranium2_AristoPetticoat Aristo Petticoat Pelargonium

Yet another round of storms went through yesterday.
My  routine here lately has consisted of the dumping of excess water from every container and pot daily.

Mandevilla3_Red Mandevilla Red Parasols

Only I forgot to check the window boxes to dump out their excess rainwater. After the storms yesterday I ventured out to dump water and one of the window boxes had pulled loose from the weight and was laying on the ground just missing the Nikko hydrangea growing below it.

Calla Lily & Ipomea Vine

And just to add insult to injury today it is 62 degrees.
It is Summer isn’t it? My memory is very lacking on any given day. As many of you can glean from my mistakes and apologies so far this year.

Roma Petunias

Now the talk is no longer about Global Warming but now its turned to not enough sun flares this year and returning to the Ice Ages.

Sunpatiens Is that why this Sunpatiens has not bloomed yet? Lack of sun and too much rain????

Silhouette Red Star Double Impatiens

And just when I thought the Grouchy Gardener was gone for the year she has slinked back with a vengeance.

Hydrangea_MacrophyllaMariesliVariegata  Hydrangea Macrophylla Mariesli Variegata

Maybe its because she has ran out of plant stakes…

Yellow Asiatic Lilies

and the lilies are sagging.


Maybe its not just the ruined window box and plantings…

Blue Clips Campanula

but  it is because she had to toss away the little wooden plant ladder because of rot.

Pink Astilbe

It could be she returned because of all of the Irises she planted last Fall only one bloomed..

Brindle Beauty

Or may it is something simpler like the last of the Foxglove blooms.


But just give her one full day of sunshine and maybe a rainbow 

or two and Grouchy Gardener will fade away again.


Or maybe some cute, fluffy, little swan signets will do the trick.


Ahhh, I feel much better now but you all may be depressed. LOL!

Since it is Friday already
( time flies while your dump rainwater) 
I will be joining in on “Fertilizer Friday” over at “Tootsie Time”. So join us in ‘Flaunting Your Flowers’.



And I mean it when I say….

Everyone Have a Wonderful Weekend &
Happy Gardening!



Alison said...

Hope you have a wonderful weekend too! Love that Brindle Beauty iris. Glad the window box missed your hydrangea.

Shirley said...

Lona, chin up! It is summer, though we wouldn't know it here in Edmonton either. We had more than our average rainfall for June by the 20th of this month and it's still forecasted to continue off and on over the next week! Thank goodness for sump pumps!

Your photos are magnificent! Love the yellow lily and the campanula! Terrific colour! I can't wait to see the blooms on the variegated hydrangea! Take care!

The Gardening Life

Liz said...

Hi Lona,

So sorry to hear you're having such miserable weather... Rain really does begin to get you down after just a day or two and if you've been having it every single day I think I too would be getting depressed; I'm not so bad as long as it's mixed with sun, quick showers are ok.

I hope you have a lovely weekend and the sun comes out for you!

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Sweet little swans. Your blooms will pop open in the blink of an eye.

Bernie said...

Oh dear, Lona. The feelings you've expressed today are very familiar. That's exactly how I felt during our rather long and nasty wet season earlier this year.

It is depressing when the plants suffer and it's almost impossible to get out and enjoy the garden. Hopefully things will turn around for you soon.

In the meantime though, you do have a gorgeous Iris in that Brindle Beauty and your yellow Asiatics are bright and cheery. My Impatiens only started blooming about a month ago ... you're right, too much rain and too little sunshine doesn't bring out their beauty.

Sunray Gardening said...

Lovely blooms and the swan are too cute. I keep thinking at some point this rain has to go away but I'm kind of worried about the alternative.
Cher Sunray Gardens
Goldenray Yorkies

Balisha said...

Hey grouchy gardener...We are having cool weather here too. What's up? Everything in the woods is so overgrown...I may need a machete to cut through it all. The only thing nice about this weather is that the birds seem to like it. I can watch all their antics at the feeder and in the birdbath. Well, cheer up...the 90's are due back again next week. Windows will be shut and the AC will drone on. Have a nice weekend...Balisha

Gatsbys Gardens said...


We should have been smart enough to get in the plant stake business. I have never liked using them but this year I could use triple what I had. Between the rain and the storms, tornados, everything is falling on the ground even some of the rose bushes!


NotSoAngryRedHead said...

Precious! I especially love the Foxglove.

Lori at Jarvis House said...

Great post! The pictures of your flowers are lovely and very crisp. I loved the pictures of the Swan family. Sensitive pictures even though it keeps raining. I transplanted huge azalea bushes a few weeks ago and I am so grateful for the constant mositure on their roots. A different perspective.

Anonymous said...

What a unique iris! I will have to be on the lookout for this one. Such a pretty rainbow....really enjoyed all your pics.

Darla said...

62 degrees? I'd have to put on a jacket. We have finally received rain the last two days and it was much appreciated. So sorry your weather has been so wet, your plants look good though. I love the Calla and Sweet Potato Vine combination.

Heather said...

Yes, what a year for weather! It's been milder than usual here and lot's of rain too. Your blooms look like they are holding up ok and what about those ducklings - too cute!

HolleyGarden said...

Cute! I feel the exact same way - only in reverse. No rain! I think we would both feel better if we could see a rainbow! (The end of rain for you, a sign of rain for me!) Love your brindle beauty irises!

Diana said...

Lona, BEAUTIFUL flowers and fotos and those little furry creatures stole my heart. ;) Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

The swan babies are so precious! And your variegated hydrangea has the most beautiful leaves. :)

Grace said...

Weather really can affect our moods. We had such a rainy spring here that there were some days I felt like I was going insane. I hope you get more sunshine and moderate temperatures. I love your iris blossoms. If it's any consolation, all your blooms are lovely. And the Sunpatiens--who needs blossoms with foliage this gorgeous? :)

Egretta Wells blog said...

As always, your photos are gorgeous.

debsgarden said...

The little swans gave me a big smile! And forgive me for saying so, but so does the steady rain outside my window. Our extremely droughty weather has ended, and we now are having our usual summer afternoon thundershowers. I hope your weather will soon return to your normal, too! Meanwhile, your garden looks lovely, despite your cool wet summer.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Oh Lona, I've been feeling the same way. Our weather has been very similar and it's just getting so old. I'm thinking of calling myself the grumpy gardener now. We get a day or two of sun then it's back to rain and cool weather. I hope both of us get some real summer weather soon. Your garden is still looking so pretty. The baby swans are just darling!!

Tootsie said... spite of all that has been against you weather wise...your gardens are glorious!!! I especially love the addition of those fuzzy babies!!!
so..thanks for linking in this week. it is nice to finally get around to say hi and thanks to all the gardeners who patiently grow their flowers and who flaunt with me each week!

Patsy said...

Your flowers are still beautiful. We got all that storm and rain in May now we need the rain.It is never just right. The old grasshoppers are eating my flowers.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

The flowers you do have are quite lovely! I enjoyed your photos. I hope you are feeling better this week.

We've had lots of rain, too, but not every day. It's 66 degrees right now, and I need to go out and do some deadheading. It's too wet to do much else. I've been a bit of a grumpy gardener, too. I keep feeding my yard more plants, but it seems to stay "hungry" for more. I have to stop, though. The budget for plants is more than gone.

It was so humid yesterday, that the upper 70s we had felt much warmer. It is supposed to be in the 90s in a few days. I need to find the motivation to get the rest of my plants in pots that aren't yet.

Splendid Little Stars said...

You have swans?!!
lovely photos of lovely flowers!

I don't live too far from you, so we've had the same crazy weather.

Kim and Victoria said...

Ha! Great post!

Anonymous said...

Well, the weather is perfect now girl, so enjoy! I actually had to water a few pots today, it's been quite awhile since I've done that. Spent 5 hours out there cleaning up the beds, inlaws are coming. Yikes! LOL I can't believe you have all those lilies already, mine aren't quite ready. Enjoy the sun!