Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sunshine at Last!!!

I do not think I can stand the excitement with the forecast for three or four days without rain. LOL!
The sun is shining and Grumpy Gardener has fled the premises. I know you all are glad since you have heard me complaining so much.
Got a hike in today with the daughter and feel much better.

Astilbe_ColorFlash The new “Color Flash” Astilbe is getting buds. I love the leaves on this new astilbe.

Clusterd_PurpleBellflower The Purple Clustered Bellflowers are finishing up now. I wished they lasted longer.

Shasta_Becky  But the Becky Shasta Daisy’s are taking their place in the beds.

CrazyShastaDaisy This is “Crazy Shasta” daisies that I grew from seed last year. They are getting their first blooms this summer and I really like the frilly petals on them.

SwanRiverDaisies_Blue This is the first year that I have grown Brachycome or Swan River Daisies from seed. I am not impressed with the how tiny the blooms are. They  came in a  assortment of colors and they are not the prettiest colors all but for the blue ones. They are a pretty powder blue so I may save some seeds from the blue to use for container fillers next year.

“Mesa Yellow” Gaillardia

Missouri_Primrose Missouri Primrose with a hitch hiker on board.

Monarda_PetiteWonder Monarda “Petite Wonder” Beebalm is only about 10 to 12 inches tall and likes the front of the beds.

Echinacea “ Summer Sky” is lovely now. I have it tucked into the Pole Bed with Hot Papaya Echinacea and  Apricot Delight Achillea. Maybe I should call it my “ Seventies” Bed instead. LOL!  Visions of brown, orange and olive green. Yuck!


The two year old Lily Bed along the Woodland garden is looking fair now although all of the rain has them falling over. In a few years this should be a very pretty bed.

The window box got hung back up Monday and I even got to get the window frame painted before hanging it.
I did have one little mishap when I went to the garage to get the drill……
I stepped on this monster below which I did not see until I started to step down and stepped right into its middle.
The brain registered snake! copperhead! as I stepped on it.
Needless to say this old fat lady can  jump pretty high and move fast when the need arises. LOL!
I grabbed the hoe and killed it so this is one that did not get away. No shotgun required this time since the how was closer.
Not a copperhead but I am clueless as to what it kind it is. Milk snake?
I could care less just as long as it is a dead snake.
Did I ever tell you that I HATED SNAKES!!!!!!!
So the misadventures and mishaps of the lady who hates snakes continues. If you missed my posting you can catch up here.

Copy (1) of IMG_0002 
Everyone Watch out for the Snakes
And Happy Gardening,



Anonymous said...

Hi Lona, Oh you have some of the prettiest flowers. When we had a larger yard, I grew many of these same flowers. You must have lots of butterflies and hummers to visit! Ugh - the snake - I can jump pretty high too! Have a great evening.

FlowerLady said...

Here you are glad for a few days of no rain, and we are glad for a few days of rain.

You really have some lovely blooms.

I don't like snakes either, and would certainly not like coming in contact with the one you pictured.

Happy Gardening ~ FlowerLady

Debby said...

It was beautiful the last couple of days. Dread the heat coming. Your flowers are always beautiful. I hate snakes as well. This one was a biggie. I would still be running and screaming.

Bernie said...

Boy, those snakes sure seem to pick on you! Got your own back with thise one though. I'm like you. I don't like them one little bit and we get them here all the time. I always take off. I've never taken a stand and killed one yet ... bit of a coward!

I'm so glad to hear that the liquid sunshine has taken a break for a while and you're getting the real thing. Your flowers are loving it ... love the 'Summer Sky' Echinacea and the Missouri Primrose.

Now I'm a fan of the Swan River Daisies ... of course, as they're natives here ... and I grow them as fill in for lots of my potted plants. I rather like their little faces and I don't mind the white ones.

Gatsbys Gardens said...


I can't believe you actually met up with a snake after you had just blogged about it. Thanks God you were able to put it down!

I did not have good luck with Gaillardia, none of mine came back this year. I had both Mesa and Arizona Sun. That new astilbe sounds interesting.


keewee said...

Isn't it wonderful to feel the warmth of the sun? The only snakes we have around here are garter snakes, and not many of those.

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

I would be startled if I stepped on a snake...big time!! Your garden has exploded with color! I like the little blue Swan Daisy.

Grace said...

Well, as I always say, the only GOOD snake is a DEAD snake. Or are you the one that always says that? :) Congrats on getting this guy. I hope the weather people are right and you're in for a dry, sunny spell. Your plants look happy regardless.

pogonip said...

Just as I was admiring your lovely lily garden, you tossed in another snake! What is it with those rascals this year? I came home yesterday and my husband told me, Your snake is back. Yeah, I'm on the lookout too!

Cathy and Steve said...

Lona, I'm with you. The only good snake is a dead snake. I'm totally phobic about snakes and I will never be cured of it. I send my dogs into the beds to chase any snakes before I go weeding LOL. If I had seen that snake, this disabled gardener would have sprouted wings and flown LOL. GOOD JOB!

Cathy and Steve said...

Lona, this is strange... I posted a comment already, but it isn't showing! Anyway, I share your love of snakes. If I had been the fat lady stepping down by that snake I would have sprouted wings and lifted off. I am TOTALLY phobic!

Anonymous said...

You have some amazing success starting seeds Lona! I'm impressed. I like those frilly white daisies too and the foliage on that astilbe is fabulous.
Glad you are seeing the sun too. It's been the strangest spring/summer for sure. We are finally get hot here. I can't believe it's July on Friday ~ doesn't feel like it should be yet.

ps that red edged JM in the previous post is BEAUTIFUL. I wish I were more confident they would survive in my garden!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lona girl aka "Snake-Woman" LOL
I can't get over how you do THAT !
Your heart must have been halfway up your throat after realizing what you stepped on. Some snakes are good .. but I know you have a phobia about them all .. poor thing .. hey, if it was me I would be half way on our roof (I also move fast for a fat old broad when need be !!) haha
Colour Flash astilbe is going ot be your favorite for a long time .. the foliage is beautiful all season and the flower is very nice too .. I have a couple and one is Lime Colour Flash which is an eye full as well !
I also have Summer Sky echinacea and it is beautiful : )
I have "Petite Delight" bee balm and I so love bee balm fragrance .. it just puts me in such a relaxed good mood .. I should be wearing it permanently around my neck eh ? LOL
Pretty post for a sunny day over here finally : )

sweetbay said...

So glad for you that you finally got some sunshine! I had to laugh about your '70's bed. I don't think I've seen clustered bellflowers before. They are lovely!

Karen said...

Oh, Lona, you never fail to amaze and amuse me with your gardening talents, photography and writing skills and your ability to take on the snakes of the world with whatever tool at hand! I laughed out loud reading this post, especially at the part about using the hoe since it was closer than the shotgun! LOL, still drying the tears of laughter here. I can just see you whaling the tarnation out of that serpent. At least there are no holes in the siding this time. Why, oh why do the snakes keep picking on you??

I also loved the post about the Japanese garden, so beautiful. Here's hoping the rest of your life is snake-free. Take care, dear lady!

The Sage Butterfly said...

Very glad you got some sunshine ...the plants seem to enjoy it as well. I don't have that variety, 'Summer Sky', of echinacea...very beautiful!

Masha said...

You are such a talented photographer. I enjoy looking at your pictures so much. Funny, I am making a post how wonderful it was to have some rain this week :)

Giga said...

A mnie się niebieskie kwiatuszki podobają , bo są niebieskie. Lubię ten kolor w ogrodzie. Z wężem też się ostatnio spotkałam, ale już na moje szczęście nieżywym (jest w ostatnim moim poście).Pozdrawiam ciepło

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Where do you live again? Snakes? Oh my, I am so glad that you are OK.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Anonymous said...

Eeee! Thanks for giving warning that the snake photo was on the way!!!

Your lily bed is lovely...I don't normally love lilies so much, but I very much like yours!

Anonymous said...

Here in the low parts of Ohio, I haven't seen any snakes. They must love those Hocking Hills! I'm not sure about that astilbe, the leaves just look scorched to me! Are they prettier in person?

Darla said...

Your flowers look beautiful Lona...Oh heck no about stepping on a snake, I'd have to change my pants if that happened to me!

Asha Ram said...

It's been raining here today (almost through the week). Good - I don't have to water the plants. Not so good - dull weather. I would like the Sun to shine nicely, tomorrow. Welcome sunshine!