Friday, July 22, 2011

Dripping and the Rushing of Water


Dripping, that was me  this morning while I was out checking the garden. I got a few weeds pulled and some dead heading done but I was not wasting any time about it so I could get back into the house.
You can water your plants this week from the sweat dripping off of you.
I know I am still mad at Winter but gang I am just about to cry ‘uncle’ I think. When it is 90 F. at eleven p.m. that is extra hot for here for Ohio. It is all about the humidity here.
Texans I feel so for you with your triple digits.


I do not want to bore you about the weather but this posting is going to be a reminder to myself of the hot summer we had in July of 2011.
I love Echinacea because it does not mind this hot stuff or the heat index of 107 degrees.

GrussAnAachen_Antique Gruss An Aachen Antique Rose

The roses are dropping some leaves now because of the heat. Poor things. And since it is so hot I am not out drowning Japanese Beetles in soapy water so the blooms are getting shredded.

Mesa Yellow Gaillardia

We did get another down pour of rain again Tuesday afternoon after the four inches we received Monday evening.


The Hocking Hills area that I live in is noted for its parks filled with waterfalls, caves, rock formations and trails.
OMC_Tourists  In fact as many tourist come here every year as visit Yellowstone so it is busy here in the Summer.
After the four inches of rain Monday evening in an hour the water running off resulted in flash flooding going over the fall’s  into streams which caused some of the trails and foot bridges to got washed out. So sections of Ash Cave and Cedar Falls are now prohibited to the public until repairs can be made. It is going to be a disappointment to many at the height of vacation season but they are working on repairing them as fast as possible in this heat.


The couple of rains did give us little cool downs until the sun came back out then it was sauna time all over again.

In the garden the Agastache ‘Rosita’ is taking it all in stride.

Scentimental_Rose_July And the ‘Scentimental’ rose which is part shade gave me a few new blooms.

I am still waiting on the Gaura ‘Passionate Rainbow’ to get a bloom going. I may have to wait until next year on that happening.
I guess we all have to take this summer as best we can to get through this heat wave that is spreading over the states and try to laugh about it. Sooner than we know it July will be gone for this year.


Everyone have a wonderful weekend and stay safe.

Happy Gardening,


Sunray Gardens said...

I am so envious of all this rain. Still nothing for me. It's always North or South of us. So far it's North and South at the same time, but I'm left out. It's awful. Your blooms are looking good though.
Cher Sunray Gardens

Gardening in a Sandbox said...

Poor roses. Not only that they are stressed and loosing their leaves to conserve but being eaten alive by rose shafers is no picnic. We may get a little rain on Sunday but I am not holding my breath. V

Miss Merry said...

Thank you for posting such lovely pictures, especially the waterfall at Hocking Hills. Our heat index is over 100 for the second day up by Lake Erie. I,too, wonder how those folks in Texas can stand it. Here's to a tolerable August!

Egretta Wells blog said...

So hot everywhere! I am really ready for Fall, but here in Florida, that is hot, too, and if it cools off, we have 2 weeks of Fall, then winter, which is warm too! Oh, my!

Darla said...

Too hot for me to garden that's for sure...your photos are beautiful.

Julia@PolkaDotGaloshes said...

Wow, what a beautiful part of the world you live in! The waterfall is amazing. Loving the blooms too, even though hot they are doing well and looking beautiful. It is certainly a summer of crazy weather to remember!

Jester said...

Your pictures are beautiful. We're melting away here in Jersey to. I really love the pictures of the waterfall and caves, they look so cool.

Anonymous said...

Really beautiful scenery Lona. You would know that I would appreciate this tour. The falls are beautiful, but those caves? We don't have caves like that around here. Where I am originally from in PA, there were wonderful caves.

Bernie said...

These conditions are just so familiar to many of us who live in the tropics. I had to chuckle over your comment that you could water the garden with your sweat ... I can so relate to that one! Still, you do have some beauties out in the garden despite the heat and humidity. Agastache 'Rosits' looks unfazed, as does your gorgeous 'Scentimental' rose. Hopefully the heat wave will be a long distant memory very soon.

HolleyGarden said...

I agree. July will soon be a memory, and then we will have to face fall and then winter - oh! as much as I wish the heat would go away I'm not ready for time to march on just yet. How wonderful to live so close to such a beautiful area!

Karen said...

Lona, I feel the same way, ENOUGH with the hot weather! I figure we earned the right to have nice summers with low humidity after putting up with winter for seven months of the year. I mean, c'mon, we deserve something other than 90-something degrees and mosquitoes the size of helicopters. lol

The Hocking Hills area was the most pleasant surprise for us when we were in Ohio a few years back, the scenery rivals Yellowstone and in my opinion, surpasses it. Up here in Wisconsin, they're always hyping the Dells, but the Dells is a tourist trap. We were so amazed that the parks in Ohio were free! I hope they can be repaired soon, they were awesome. I forget the name of the huge cave, but there were two ladies who just refused to walk under the overhanging stone when we were there, I remember it so well, they were terrified it would fall on them. I guess I didn't help the cause much when I said, "Oh, well, you'd never know what hit you."

Love the area, Lona, and I love it so much more now knowing a friend gardens and adds to all that beauty.

Pearl@serenitycove said...

We got very little rain up here in Holmes County:( One little shower last night. I wouldn't mind the hot weather as much if we would get some rain with it! I will still take this over winter!!!
I love your photo with the Amish. I really need to go to Hocking Hills sometime. I love waterfalls and hiking. Is that where Old Mans Cave is?

Anonymous said...

I know Lona, you and I are summer people, but even I'm getting a little too warm! Steamy weather and hot flashes do not go together. LOL This morning we took a power walk, then did a little bit of gardening, and I could barely see from the sweat running down my face. Whew! You'll enjoy the Dizzy Lily, it's fragrant too.

Giga said...

Pogoda nikomu nie dogodzi. U Was gorący i prawie bezdeszczowy lipiec, a u nas za zimno i mokro jak na ten miesiąc :-). Życzę Ci jednak ochłodzenia i deszczu ile potrzeba. Pozdrawiam

Masha said...

I am sorry about the heat and hope it ends soon. I am glad you don't have to go out and water... Your garden looks wonderful and not at all affected by the heat.

Rose said...

I agree--this heat has been terrible, and it's hard to get motivated to do much in the garden. We finally got about an inch of rain this morning, our first in over two weeks, so it has cooled off a little. Another reason I love coneflowers--they withstand about anything, don't they?

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I'm sorry it's so hot there. We are having the opposite thing going on here, Cool, gray and wet. Agastache is an amazing plant - loving your hot weather and it's doing really well here where it's been cool and damp. Hoping it cools down soon. I know the humidity is what seems to make it so bad.

Dirt Princess said...

I know where i'd be! Out there is those creeks and streams relaxing!!! Your garden is beautiful as always. Stay will be winter soon