Monday, August 29, 2011

As August Comes to a Close


Well August is just about gone and I do not know where it went.  Fall is closing in fast on us and the cooler nights and mornings here now are a hint. We will get our one more hot spell and then summer heat will be hopefully gone for the year.
In the garden early Fall blooming flowers are opening and I for one have been rethinking on what to add to the garden next Spring that will make the garden have more in bloom at this time next year. I have lists stuck in the garden journal to remind me. Not that I am forgetful mind you. LOL!
Just efficient. I know your not buying that one and neither am I. LOL!


Autumn Joy clematis is full of buds and will soon be blooming with a riot of small white blooms.

And the Toad Lilies are starting to bloom in the Shade bed.
I have never grown them before this year so I am surprised at all the buds running up and down the stems.

Toadlily2They are cute and unusual little blooms.


Double Delight

More of the roses are blooming with the cooler weather and I love seeing the roses.


This Bright Eyes or Polka Dot phlox has been a real trooper in the garden for holding onto its blooms. Some of the other phlox are getting smaller blooms where they have been deadheaded. I have declared defeat on the issue with getting rid of the powdery mildew from some of the phlox this summer.


The Bronze Potato vine is blooming but the poor thing is really getting chewed up now.


In the Woodland bed the Centaurea  or Knapweed is blooming in the sunny area.

And the Pokeberries along the woods are starting to get ripe.
As soon as the berries ripen they are eaten.

SUmmer2_Weary  My Fantasia clematis had died out to the ground  this summer and I was so sad about it because it had bloomed so well this late spring. I thought the brown leaved vine  was a goner but all at once it started growing from the ground over again and has now gotten a new bloom. So I am glad it was not lost.
BlackSw_ImpatiensI think everything is being chewed on at this time of the year.
This has been a trying year in the garden and I have been wanting to through my hands up and forget this year.
Even my beloved impatiens have done poorly. This has been the worst year for container plantings that I can remember.
Most of my window boxes and planters have geraniums and petunias included in them and even these old standbys have just not grown well this summer. I am going to pull everything out and get on with putting fall flowers in the window boxes.
The Bluebirds fledglings have left the box and they all will be leaving. They never hang around here for the winter.

A war is waging here with me against the Squirrels. The little varmints are digging up the new Irises that were planted.
I replant them and they dig them up again. Grrr!
I keep telling them that Squirrel hunting season starts in September so they had better watch it. LOL!
I do not think they are taking my advice or warnings.

I hope everyone along the eastern coastline and gardening bloggers came through hurricane Irene and the tropical storm without any losses.

Happy Gardening,


Kay said...

I really love that little white flower with the tiny white speckles. It is so pretty.


Becca's Dirt said...

Hey there Lona. Now I know I'm not the only one feeling like throwing up the hands on gardening this year. Well the truth is it happens every year for me this time of year. I agree though I'm ready to pull everything out and put down some fall stuff. Too early here for that though. I am getting ready to put in my seed order for fall next spring and summer and prepare my gardens. I'm trying to plan better for more blooms and longer bloom time. I'll have to see how that goes.

Karen said...

Oh, Lona, I had a good belly laugh over this post. You are an excellent planner and not forgetful in the least, lol. (I do the same thing)

Everything here is getting chewed on, too, in fact some things are completely missing. That's kinda scary, ha.

I love your phlox and the roses and the clematis, well, all of your garden. The toad lilies are so beautiful, too, what a different flower. And those squirrels better watch their furry hinders, naughty little varmints.

You're right, where did August go? But I'm ready to start cleaning this garden up, too. Next year will be different, right? Well, we can always hope.

Egretta Wells blog said...

I envy your cooler nights and is still sooooo hot here in S. Florida. How I long for Fall weather!

Patsi said...

I given up on mildew also. Love that bluebird ...never seen one here. The Toad Lilies are so sweet, we have some but they might be covered by the debris of the hurricane.
Haven't done an inspection of the garden yet....good news only flooding on roads that always flood and we never lost power.

Susan said...

Some years are tough gardening years. Hopefully, things will go more smoothly for you. It will be a long time before it feels like fall down here. Enjoy your cooler temps!

Anonymous said...

I went through your squirrel digging problem last year when I split iris so you have my deepest sympathy.

A Garden of Threads said...

It was not a good year here, very cool and wet spring followed by a hot, dry summer and I have lost quite a few perennials. You have squirrels, I have grasshoppers, they are eating the iris leaves. The joys of gardening!!!

HolleyGarden said...

Yes, autumn is on its way - even I can feel a slight difference. Isn't Iceberg wonderful? My bush is full of blooms. I've not seen the bronze type of potato vine. Will have to look for it. Love that color.

pogonip said...

What would gardeners do without their lists? I know I'd forget most everything over the winter otherwise.

Your toad lilies are so cute! Is it just me or do autumn blossoms seem sweeter because we know winter will soon follow?

Grace said...

Hi Lona. Your first photo is so pretty, all of the clemmy buds just waiting to pop. How nice that your roses are blooming again. 'Bright Eyes' really is a wonderful Phlox, isn't it? I hope the squirrels get the message and find someone else to torment. :)

Amy said...

Hi Lona, As I am writing this comment a squirrel is hanging upside down on the bird feeder. I would be mad if they got my bulbs. I love that little toad lily. I am starting to make my list, too. Your garden looks wonderful and you are lucky you are already getting those cooler nights.

Lona said...

Kay: Thanks. I am enjoying those new little blooms.

Becca: Everyone has been disappointed in this year of gardening I think. It makes you feel better to start planning for next year after this one. LOL!

Karen: I for one hope next year will be better.I am ready to move on and I hate seeing summer go.

Egretta: I feel for you my friend. You have many hot days ahead yet.

Patsi: I hope your garden came through okay. Glad the brunt of the storm got weaker.

Susan: I hope you will have some cooler days soon too.

GWGT: That little furry tail better beware. LOL!

Jen: Thank goodness we do not have the grasshoppers anymore but the Japanese beetles were bad. Those grasshoppers will eat everything.

HolleyGarden: I first saw the Bronze Potato vine at Eileen's blog. I loved it so much I had to hunt one down this year. LOL!

Pogonip: You are so right and I am enjoying every bloom now before they are gone.

Grace: Hopefully the nuts will ripen fast and those little varmints will leave the bulbs alone. LOL!

Patsy said...

We can hope 2012 will be a better year!
Your gardens have been lovely to look at this year and I have enjoyed them.

Lona said...

Amy: Keep your eye on that little varmint. My heart goes out to all of you who have had the droughts this summer. Wish I could have given you some of our rainy weather to even things out.

Patsy: Amen Girl!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lona girl what are you doing to yourself "tearing up the garden" and pushing yourself too hard .. I should talk eh ? I do the same thing .. once we get going we can't help ourselves!
My monster Sweet Autumn clematis is HUGE on both arbors .. I have to post pictures soon .. my toadlilies haven't set flower buds yet .. I think my cutting them back has stalled ? them a little .. I can't get over a BLUE bird girl ;-) but then when we see a red cardinal I am in shock too ?
I'm glad for Autumn to arrive soon .. this summer has been a bit wicked .. I'm tired and would rather "plan" than "do" gardening for now until I get sick of the snow and cabin crazy? LOL

nhgarden said...

Toad Lilies are interesting... great photos! We are planning to put up some bird houses - can't wait!

.............................. said...

Hi Lona,
Here, the squirrels have been harvesting black walnuts. Our tree is 30 ft high and they sit on the upper branches and pelt the ground with the outer rind of the walnuts. It can be like a shower! Well, at least they aren't digging up my irises. LOL! Great pics in this post BTW. Love the butterfly.

The Sage Butterfly said...

Thanks for your wishes for those of us who endured Hurricane Irene. It was not as bad as it could have been. I hope the squirrels stay our of your garden. They have not bothered much until this year. There is a juvenile who has 'found' my garden and eats all the berries on the trees. I was hoping he would save some for the birds...