Friday, August 19, 2011

Fertilizer Friday Blooms


I am joining in with our hostess Glenda at “Tootsie Time” for Fertilizer Friday with a few blooms.

New blooms today is the opening up of the ‘Queen Charlotte’ anemones or windflowers.
I have had this anemone for several years and it has spread by roots into a very large patch.
In fact i have had to pull some of it up that is trying to take over a nearby hydrangea bush.


I have also transplanted several of its shoots into the Woodland bed. This anemone is the first to bloom of the several anemones in my garden. I added  several varieties over the years to give me some late summer and fall blooms when other flowers are waning.

Crinodonna_Lily Also one of the Crinodonna lilies has started to bloom that I have tried for the first time this year.

The subtle pink blooms are very pretty unfolding in the evening shadows.

CrapeMyrtle2_2011 Many have asked about my Crape or Crepe Myrtle growing in Ohio. This one is hardy to zone 6. It is planted at the corner of my garage where it is sheltered from harsh winds and may get a touch of warmth from the garage to survive in my zone 5 garden. The bush was a gift from a cousin in Cleveland Tennessee where they grow everywhere. The first year I had it it died back to the ground and then started sprouting just a little the next spring. Since then it has grown huge and is now scraping against the garage so it will need a good trimming. As you can see it is not coming from just one or a few trunks where it can be trimmed up into a tree shape but from many braches coming from the ground. CrapeMyrtle_Blooms

It will be full of seeds for those of you who would want some.

Also in the garden some of the old faithful flowers blooming includes this ‘Almost Black’ rose. This rose bush is very slow in growing for me even with all of the attention my roses get.
The bloom is actually a darker red than this picture depicts it and the buds are so dark red that they are almost black, so hence the name.

BellaRoma_Aug Bell a’ Roma is still throwing on a bloom or two and I am still fighting a few Japanese Beetles for the blooms on all of my roses.

BellaRoma2_Aug Its yellow and pink tinged edges open with a yellow center.

Blue Ice veronica is such a lovely colored blue that I had to show it one more time up close.

Bright Eyes or Polka Dot phlox is still blooming in
the middle bed.

VictoriaFalls2_ViningSnapdragons Victoria Falls Snapdragons vines are blooming in one of the hanging baskets. This is the first year to try this plant from seeds. It has a lot of  vines coming from the plant but it is not loaded with blooms like I wanted to see from it. The little  trumpet blooms are pretty though with a pink-lavender cups with deep pink veining coming from the center. I am not sure I would try it again though unless it was cascading over a ledge somewhere.


Echinacea Raspberry Truffle’s blooms are starting to fade out now but this new Echinacea has been a favorite in my garden this summer.

Helenium_Yellow The yellow Heleniums are still blooming.This one is in the Hippy bed where color is  definitely needed now.Its little blooms are growing on me.

This is the last of the Brachycome Swan River daisies that is still blooming. The others have given up. I did cut them back to see if they would start another flush but since I have never grown them before I do not know whether this works or not on them.

This Ostesopermum is getting a lot of growth now in the planter.

Pelargonium_RedHorizon As is this pelargonium Red Horizon.

So there are a few new and some old blooms in the garden but many are waning now in the late summer heat. Watering from the rain barrel is ongoing now with the lack of rains here. We did get one little shower early this morning but the dog days of summer are here and summer is flying by way to fast.
Many of the children have gone back or are starting back to school now. I am certain summer vacation went too soon for them.

Everyone have a safe and wonderful weekend.

Happy Gardening,



Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

I'm smitten with your lily, what a fancy & delicate shape! Great assortment of blooms and colours. :)

Sunray Gardens said...

Very pretty Lona. I love the Crepe Myrtle. Your sheltered area is making that a whole zone warmer during the winter. I don't have a location like that so I will enjoy yours.
Cher Sunray Gardens

Anonymous said...

Wow, you've got a lot of beautiful blooms. I really love your crape myrtle. They're one of my favorite plants. I've already started next year's garden planning, since I'm running out of my budget for this year. ha!

elaine rickett said...

Wonderful that you so much still in bloom. Have a good gardening weekend.

Darla said...

Beautiful as always Lona. We have Crapes everywhere here in North Florida. I'll be glad when my phlox are old enough to have longer lasting blooms!

Rohrerbot said...

Really nice shots. Your crepe myrtle looks fantastic!

Gatsbys Gardens said...

You are right Lona, summer is almost gone and the children are back to school in many areas.

I love that red/black rose and the anemones are beautiful. I have only one now Sylvestris which does not bloom in the summer or fall.


Balisha said...

Oh, those Japanese Anemones! I have two that are in first ones here in this garden. I ordered 3 more this morning...I just love them...don't know why.

Anonymous said...

A fabulous Friday of fotos.

Rose said...

What a lovely collection of blooms you have! I'm so envious of your anemone; I planted one Japanese anemone in mid-summer, and it doesn't seem very happy here, though I know they normally do well in Illinois. And your crape myrtle is gorgeous--there is supposed to be a smaller variety that is hardy to zone 5, but I haven't checked it out yet. Your roses are beautiful, too; I'm always happy when the Japanese beetles have moved on.

Kim and Victoria said...

Great post! Your pics are really, really, nice. We have some anemones and I love the way they appear at the end of the season. I would welcome some crape myrtle seeds, I'm surprised it survives for you, we're zone 6 also so I'd love to give it a try; nice shrub.

pogonip said...

I love seeing what you grow, Lona, because I get so many ideas from your willingness to experiment!

And I actually have one tall phlox that's blooming. In the front maybe that's where the others are destined to go. Either there or the trash heap, lol!

Asha Ram said...

It's always nice to visit your blog to see photos of some exotic flowers!

Heather said...

Beautiful shots - love the echinacea. I just bought an echinacea "irresistible" - the blooms start off yellowy but deepen into a coral/red. Can't wait to see it next year in the garden.

Liz said...

Hi Lona,

Wonderful blooms; I'm jealous of your Anemones - mine have been poor, two pink ones I bought last year seem to have died and the white ones have been so drowned out by the massive Asters that I'll have to ensure I move it for next year.
I went on the hunt for Anemone earlier in the week but could only find short varieties! Not having much luck with them at all.

Have a great weekend!

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

I did some research for my sister who lives in zone 5 in reference to crape myrtles. The research said to cut the plant to the ground to overwinter. Yours looks quite happy.
Beautiful blooms!

TheGardeningBlog said...

Oh wow how I love the ‘Queen Charlotte’ anemone! Beautiful!! All your blooms are lovely!

Giga said...

Krzew mirtu, czarna róża i niebieskie stokrotki mnie zauroczyły. Pozdrawiam

~Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

So many great blooms!
I'm starting to see more blooms since it cooled down a bit.
Thanks for sharing yours.

Kerri said...

Lona, aren't the Japanese Anemones photogenic? So graceful with their sweet buds that compliment the lovely flowers so well. Mine are blooming now too.
The Crinodonna Lily is rewarding you with gorgeous blooms!
How lucky you are to have such a beautiful Crepe Myrtle.
You're right about the blue of that Veronica. It's such a lovely shade.
Wonderful roses too. I love all your blooms. Those little blue daisies are so sweet, and Pelargoniums are a great favorite of mine. Beautiful photos!

Grace said...

Your pink Crape Myrtle look stunning. How nice that it's completely hardy for you. Love that sweet snapdragon too. You've got gorgeous flowers Lona.

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Lona, you always have pretty flowers! My plox is just getting ready to bloom. Windflowers are in my list... I really should buy seeds! Yours are so lovely!

Karen said...

Lona, I have an anemone (not sure of which one) and the poor thing must hate living here because it does all it can to just die and go the Happy Planting Ground in the Sky. I keep applying life-saving measures and it keeps straggling along, but never have I seen one as gorgeous as yours. And to think your anemone wants to grow and spread out? Oh, my. Mine just wants a Do Not Resuscitate bracelet, lol.

Your roses are so lovely, if my roses saw your roses, they would be packing their thorns up and heading to Hocking Hills, so I won't show them any of your blog posts.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend, Lona!

Kathy said...

I love those lilies - they are so translucent when they bloom - they bring such beauty to the garden this time of year. We lived in Ohio several years back then moved South - miss some of the 4 season weather we got there, but do love the long growing season here! Thoroughly enjoyed my visit,