Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Sweet Fragrance of Phlox

I love tall phlox in my garden and have several in different beds here and there. I love getting those big spikes of blooms in the summer after the bellflowers and lilies have finished their blooming. Many are just so fragrant and the breezes spread their fragrance across the yard on a hot summers day. When I am walking around the garden or watering I cannot help but grab a bloom and smell the fragrances of them.
This has been a hard summer for some of the tall phlox that grows in my garden. Especially for the old ‘Adonis’  pink.
Powdery mildew has hit it especially hard this year.


Even continuing sprayings of fungicides have no helped.
It has been too wet, humid and hot.
As a result ‘Adonis’ looks very naked of leaves on the lower part of its stems. It is in three different locations in my garden where the air circulation  is good but even that has not kept it from getting mildewed.  So I would not recommend this phlox for your garden. I baby it along because of  its deep pink blooms and its wonderful fragrance.

‘Blue Boy’ has been getting mildew also and it is in a bed where it gets a lot of air flow so I would steer clear of it too if I were you or be prepared to babying it too.

BrightEyes_July29 Other phlox are not as acceptable to powdery mildew such as ‘Bright Eyes’ or ‘Polka Dot’. The names are different according to where you buy them.

‘Nicky’ tall phlox has been free of mildew so far.

Some of the other mildew free phlox in my gardens are:

‘Starfire” with its dark magenta blooms (not red).

'Laura’ has such a strong fragrance.

Phlox_FrantzSchubert2 ‘Frantz Schubert’  smell so divine.

‘David’s White’  has been mildew free this year.

Davids_Lavender2 The new ‘ David’s Lavender’ has a lighter fragrance.

Orange_Perfection2_Phlox ‘Orange Perfection’ smells wonderful.

‘Miss Ellie’  has the prettiest petals but it has really been struggling to get going in my garden border.

Of the variegated phlox ‘Nora Leigh’ is one of the best in vigorous growth, hardiness and fragrance.

‘Becky Towe’ has a wild pink bloom but as you can see from the browned leaves is struggling.

Another new variegated phlox this year was the new
‘ Shockwave’. It has been taking its sweet time in growth, where the ‘David's Lavender’ planted at the same time is going strong and blooming.







The beds with phlox and its many  colors grab your eye and their wonderful fragrances has become a flower that this gardener loves and I well always be  adding new ones.

Picture Courtesy of Breck’s

I am  wondering about this ‘Jade’ phlox but it could look good in the right location and may be beautiful since I have not saw one in bloom before.
Do you have a Jade phlox in your garden?

 Happy Gardening,

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bakingbarb said...

Oh my word those are beautiful. When we lived in MI our driveway was quite long and lined with lilac on one side and phlox with peonies on the other side - the person that planted that yard did an amazing job. Your phlox has just taken me back to that. I love the way they smell, all thick and heady. Beautiful. Do you get hummingbird moths on them?

Anonymous said...

My goodness you have a great selection of Phlox Lona! They are gorgeous. I planted two last year 'David' and one I don't remember right off. I have two bloom stalks on 'David' and one measly stalk on the pink. Nothing like your garden! Maybe they'll get better with time??

Jean Tuthill said...

Your phlox are gorgeous...The pictures are gorgeous, too. They look so professional. Anyway, I love phlox, too and I will be taking some pics of mine this week. I don't have as many varieties as you, but I do love them and the fragrance is so wonderful.

FlowerLady said...

WOW Lona ~ What a wonderful, delightful collection of phlox. I wish I could grown them down here, but alas, I'll just enjoy them through your gardens.


Becca's Dirt said...

You have so many different ones. I do not have any as of yet but it is on my list of must haves next year. (Just 'cause it's on my list doesn't mean I'll get it though). I didn't know about the powdery mildew though on some of the phlox. Since I haven't grown them I don't know much about them.

Sunray Gardens said...

They all are lovely. This year is just not one to judge anything by. I have stuff really burning now. Not been a fun gardening year.
Cher Sunray Gardens

The Sage Butterfly said...

You have so many different varieties, and they are beautiful! I have maybe two or three. Very nice!

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

What an impressive collection! I am also a fan of phlox in the garden, but am still in the lily & bellflower phase of summer. I just noticed some flower buds forming, so it shouldn't be too much longer. I especially like the 2-tone blooms. As for the purple 'vine' on my blog, it is actually a purple leaf sandcherry with a fan trellis behind for contrast - pretty sneaky, isn't it? ;)

Gardening in a Sandbox said...

Hi Lona: It is Phlox blooming time here in the Sandbox too. To tell you the truth I have not really noticed if there is an mildew or now. I will have to check. Today it rained and was rather cool but tomorrow back to the sunshine. V

Aerie-el said...

Wow, I never knew there were so many different kinds of phlox, and all of them in your photos are gorgeous! I can almost smell them, mmmm. Do the deer bother them there? They eat them in one of my friend's gardens, but thankfully haven't bothered mine.

Adrienne in Ohio said...

Hi, Lona.
Your photos make me feel a bit wistful. My garden is just a mess this year. I couldn't get to it this spring because of all the rain. Then we left to go out West for the month of June, and, well, the garden suffered. I have given up for this summer and am hoping next year will be better. I do have one perennial bed that looks okay. A bit overgrown, but at least it isn't full of weeds.
I'll just keep coming here to look at yours.

Grace said...

I don't have 'Jade' Phlox but I sure like the looks of it. I can see you're a real Phlox lover, Lona. Me too! My Phlox are just getting started. I absolutely love them. Your photos are to die for.

Sue Ellen said...

Glad to see pictures of so many different phlox. I added 'David' and 'Bright Eyes' last year. After seeing these I will be looking for more.
Sue Ellen

Anonymous said...

I so love the fragrance of Phlox, but know many that don't. It brings back memories of my grandparents gardens, and I had to have phlox in mine.

Anonymous said...

oh my, such beautiful photos. Phlox seems so easy to grow. I need to try it.

Gatsbys Gardens said...


Your phlox are gorgeous! They seem to hold up in the heat even though they look delicate. I just bought Shockwave, mostly because of the leaves. I have had some weird leaf color this year and curling.


catmint said...

what a rich collection of phlox you have - I have never seen so many different varieties. i love the closeup photos.

sweetbay said...

Your Phlox are beautiful! Mildew-resistant phlox down here are a must and 'David', 'David's Lavender', 'Nicky', 'Bright Eyes', and 'Robert Poore' are all very good. The only time I have seen them mildew is if we have a cool, dry spring. Once the weather heats up and we get rain the mildew vanishes.

Karen said...

Lona, I don't have any phlox in the gardens here, but after looking at this, I know I should! Yours are amazing, and to think they have such a wonderful fragrance makes me kick myself harder for not thinking of them sooner. This is an excellent post highlighting the pros and cons of each one, I'm going to refer to it again and again!

Lona said...

Barb: Hi there.Yes, the hummingbird moths just love phlox and so do the butterflies.Thanks for dropping by.

Kathleen: They do get better with time and spread out. David is a great one to start with.

Jean: Hi and glad you dropped by. I cannot wait to see your phlox!

FLowerlady: That is too bad that they will not grow in your area. I guess they would not like that hot weather. But I would love to be able to grow some of those beauties you grow and I cannot.

Becca: I do not know how they would do in your area. As you can tell I am sold on them. LOL!

Cher: That is so strange that we are in the same state and you have been dry and we have been getting some heavy rains. Have a great week.

Sage Butterfly: Thanks and I am awful about collecting plants I like. LOL! My 'to get' list is never empty. LOL!

Rebecca: You got me on that one I thought it was a pretty burgundy leaved vine. LOL!

Lona said...

Valerie: I hope yours are the mildew resistant strains. Once they get it it is awful to get rid of.

Aerie-el: The deer have never eaten mine but I think the things will eat anything when they are hungry and the vegetation and nuts in the woods is gone.So far so good though.

Adrienne: Girl you have not missed out. This has been an awful year to garden here in Ohio.I think many of us are ready to chalk this summer off. Hope you had a wonderful time this summer.

Grace: That Jade one does want to make you at least try it doesn't it? LOL! Strange color blooms are tempting.

Sue: You can always find room for them. That is my excuse and I am sticking to it. LOL!

GWGT: Now if it was marigold I could understand about the smell. LOL! Maybe some are to strong in fragrance for some. My nose is not as sensitive as some peoples I admit.

Chris: Yes, I need to talk you into trying just one. Caution it nay be habit forming though. LOL!

Eileen: That is why I bought Shockwave to was because of the variegated leaves. It is so slow to grow here. Maybe once it gets going.

Catmint: Thanks and so glad you dropped by. You have a great week!

Sweetbay: Now you just know I am going to have to check out the Robert Poore now. LOL!

Karen: What no Phlox? LOL! Your garden is beautiful enough that you would not miss any phlox in it.

Patsy said...

Love all the colors of your Phlox. Mine are just blooming there heads off even the grasshoppers like them, they are eating the leaves off and they look bad.

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

This is one of the best reference postings for anyone looking for a good phlox! I have one this year and will add more next year. Knowing the mildew resistant ones is good as our humidity is so high.

Ginny said...

They are all so beautiful. I only have Becky Towe in my garden and it has done well. But I love Nora Leigh - I will be putting it on my wish list!

greggo said...


Toni said...

Oh, I just love all of the phlox! Just gorgeous. Makes me sad when I look at mine suffering right now in our heat and drought. I know they will return next year and hopefully we will have a little bit more rain to help them along. The butterflies love them and they are so striking in the garden. Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures so I can appreciate them from afar!

Bernie said...

No Phlox in my garden at all. I've never actually grown it, but it's been an absolute treat seeing all your beautiful varieties. I have a soft spot for those lovely whites.

Anonymous said...

You have such a way with phlox! I don't do nearly as well. My phlox David does great,but the rest have given up on me, I think. David isn't fragrant either, darn it! Did you see my post from last night? I think I'm actually a little burned out from all the heat this summer! Now don't faint!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lona girl I wonder if you will see this comment since it is a back track one .. I was just looking at some plants on line and you came up with the "Jade" phlox search .. I am still a phlox virgin and I am put off with that horrible powdery mildew problem .. so I keep backing out of getting one ? LOL
Can you recommend one that isn't a victim of the dreaed PM problem ???