Friday, September 23, 2011

“Chocolate” Eupatorium White Snakeroot


Eupatorium_Chocolate Eupatorium rugosum “Chocolate” White Snakeroot

Deep purple or Chocolate leaves and shiny deep burgundy stems make a wonderful contrast to the profusions of white blooms that bloom from September into October from the “Chocolate” White Snakeroot in the garden.


I have mine planted together with Margarette Anemones which bloom at the same time. The pink blooms from the anemones go well with the dark foliage of the Snakeroot behind them and both are wonderful for late Summer to Fall blooming.

Anemone_JoePye Snakeroot likes moist well drained alkaline soil. It grows best in part shade and direct sun causes the leaves to scorch. I have found that here the leaf miners love my plants.
Reaching a height of between 3 and 4 feet its bushy growth with strong upright stems planted at the end of a bed is beautiful from all sides.
It makes a good cut flower and the Butterflies love it.
Snakeroot is hardy in zones from 4 to 8.
Mine has had some self sowing from the seeds which produced a few plants that I have just transplanted into my daughters flower garden.


A warning :
The plant can be toxic to people and animals. Dairy cows that eat the native form of Snakeroot plants that contain toxins can then  be passed to people through raw milk. It was called Milk Sickness by the settlers and farmers.
So as with other toxic flowers Chocolate Snakeroot should be used wisely in a garden.

I am fighting another bout of vertigo which took me to the emergency room this morning. Hopefully this time it will not last a month like a previous bout. I have too much to do in the garden this time of the year with moves, new plantings and bulbs coming in the mail. My daughter and I have made plans for a few outings to some upcoming festivals too.
Besides it is no fun feeling like an old drunk person who has not had a drop to drink. LOL!

I had to throw in a picture or two of the Gruss an Aachen roses that are blooming so pretty now.
Does that beetle know it is being stalked? LOL!

Copy (2) of IMG_0014

I am joining in with our gal Glenda at “Tootsie Time” for Fertilizer Friday. “Flaunt Your Flowers With Us” !



 Everyone have a wonderful weekend and
Happy Gardening,


FlowerLady said...

Dear Lona ~ How awful to deal with vertigo for a month and then end up in the emergency room again. Do you have any idea as to what is causing this? I hope you are feeling better soon.

I love that snakeroot. Lovely foliage and delicate white blooms.

Have a good weekend ~ FlowerLady

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Beautiful Lona,

My chocolate is not blooming yet, but I really do love this in the fall.


Sunray Gardens said...

Looks lovely Lona. Your combinations really look good together. Sorry about your vertigo. I've had that a few times and it's awful. Take care of yourself.
Cher Sunray Gardens
Goldenray Yorkies

.............................. said...

Hi Lona, I am sorry to hear that you are suffering from vertigo. Hopefully, your doctor can get to the root cause and clear things up more quickly this time around. I recently added some Eupatorium rugosum “Chocolate” White Snakeroot to my own garden. I look forward to seeing it bloom after seeing your pictures. The pale pink rose at the end of your post is especially pretty. Take care and enjoy the weekend.

Autumn Belle said...

Snakeroot has beautiful foliage. It's a pity of the poison side effects. Hope you are feeling better now with the vertigo gone for good. The rose is pretty and the scent must be heavenly.

Pearl@serenitycove said...

Love your fall header. Sorry about your trip to ER. Hope you feel better and have fun at the festivals...Pearl

hundredsofideas said...

Snakeroot bloom is so delicate, I love the softness of that color pink on your roses... Oh Lona, I do hope you feel better!

My garden haven said...

Oh Lona, Hope your vertigo is here only for a short spell.It must be frustrating when there's so much to do in the garden.
I love your roses.

greggo said...

looks good enough to eat. ha. Mine succumbed to root rot this summer. go figure.

pogonip said...

If you're going to have the effects of being "drunk" you deserve a bit of the fun before, Lona!

My FIL used ginger to combat his vertigo and it definitely helped. Not as much fun as a glass of wine, but still tasty :)

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

One of my daughters' roommates had such a spell with vertigo....lasted for a couple months. Hope yours goes away quickly.
Very interesting info on the Snakeroot...I didn't know.

Blackswamp_Girl said...

Oh, Lona... sorry to hear that the vertigo has returned! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it makes a much shorter visit this time. ((hugs))

Thanks for the tip on the chocolate snakeroot, by the way. I had no idea that it made a good cut flower, but I'm going to take advantage of that and fill a vase tomorrow!

Phong Trinh said...

very beautiful garden. Thanks for sharing

sweetbay said...

I'm sorry to hear about your vertigo! My husband's aunt had that a few years ago and it was debilitating for her.

I love the White Snakeroot with the anemones. What a nice combination. Gruss an Aachen is gorgeous.

Balisha said...

Sorry that you are not feeling up to par. Vertigo is the pits. I guess that you just have to take it easy for a while. Garden chores can wait for another day :(
Feel better soon...Balisha