Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Frosty Morn in the Garden & Thank You


It was a very cold and frosty morning that greeted the garden this morning. I went out and walked around the garden looking at the damage and finely making myself accept the fact that gardening outdoors was done for this year.
I am thankful that we did not get the snow that some of the states received over the weekend. I hope all of our gardening buddies in upstate New Jersey, Colorado and Wisconsin are safe and get their electricity back on soon. It was slightly early for such a major snow storm and I hope it does not set the president for the winter to come.

Frosty_Field_Oct30 The meadow across the road was white with frost and the sun was trying to get through and burn off a little fog that was in the area making it look like steam was rising off of the meadow.

The birdbath was full of leaves and a coating of ice. My project today will be to will be to clean out the leaves from the small pond and the birdbaths and locate the water heaters  for them. I like to keep water for the birds when it is cold and of course the feral cats come by to get a drink from them too.

Looking around the garden the evidence of a cold frosty night was upon all of the flowers. The lily leaves were crusty looking.

Frosty_Gaillardia2_Oct30 The Yellow Mesa Gaillardia was drooping with a layer of  frost.

The chrysanthemums were frosty and the drops of melting frost from the warming temperatures were starting to gather.

A volunteer sunflower from the birdfeeder’s scattered seeds will die now.

Frosty_RasberryTruffle_Oct30 The new buds on the Raspberry Truffle Echinacea were touched by the frost and a web left by a spider that was not in residence.
Where do they spend their time on a cold Autumn night? Hopefully not in my basement.

Frosty_Rosebush_Oct30 The new growth on some of the roses were covered in frosty crystals.

This will be the last of the blooms from the Crimson Bouquet rose for the year.

Frosty_Bouquet3_Oct30 It is sad to see the last blooms of the roses for a gardener who does not do cold and winter weather well. In fact I hate winter.

Frosty_Iceberg_Oct30 The Iceberg roses were drooping and I can now trim back the roses and get rid of the blackspot with the trimmings. Trimming them had been delayed since they were still throwing on a few blooms late in the season this year.

The bud on the Almost Black rose was not looking well at all.

Frosty_BillWarinner_Oct30 The Bill Warriner rose still looked beautiful but may succumb when the sun shines upon it.

Frosty_Bouquet4_Oct30   So this week I will be shutting down the garden and doing the final clean up and think about the Spring to come.

I was so fortunate to win a couple of Giveaways in September and October.

What a wonderful surprise to find out that Jeri Landers from “Hopalong Hollow Gazette” and its residents picked, or maybe it was not picked, in that they did not eat the animal cracker with my name on it.
Myself and two other lucky and excited winners won one of Jeri’s beautiful artworks. I just love it.
Jeri is a gifted artist and author of Children's books. Visit her Blog and look at all of the gorgeous pictures she draws and paints.
Her children’s book would make just the greatest Christmas gifts for those young ones.  Well maybe just not for those youngsters but us oldsters too. LOL!
Thank you Jeri!
I was also so thrilled to be a winner of one of Myra’s original creations from her Blog Giveaway. This sweet Dragonfly was made from an a spindle from an over eighty year old chair. Each one she makes is different. She has the most fun and creative ideas. She is making a patio room from an old corncrib! It is such a marvelous idea of recycling.
Go to Myra’s Blog at “My Mother’s Daughter” and see some of the things she is doing and making for the garden.
I will enjoy adding this cute Dragonfly to the garden next Spring.
I do not want to go out into the cold and snow this winter so the Dragonfly is staying in the house with me until it warms up.
Thank you Myra!

So goodbye October you went by far too fast and Happy Halloween.
Happy Gardening,


elaine rickett said...

From autumn to winter overnight - but you still manage to get some lovely photos.

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Hi Lona! Your plants look nice with some glitter, although they don't feel good in such cold, I am sure. Congratulations with your winnings! Lucky you!

Jenni @ RainyDayGardener said...

Your frosty flower pics are so beautiful. I hope some blooms last a bit longer for you. Cheers, Jenni

Zoey said...

Hi Lona,
that frosty rose pic is just beautiful!

I have been on an overnight trip and have not even heard about all the snow. I am just glad we didn't get it!

HolleyGarden said...

I agree that October flew by too fast. Your roses are pretty with the sprinkling of ice crystals on them. But, so sad to say goodbye to them. Congrats on your winnings! How fun!

myomyohi said...

It was 28 here this morning. Very frosty. I guess we have to get used to the idea that winter is coming, and summer is gone.

I'm glad you like your dragonfly. I do enjoy making them.

Take care,

A Garden of Threads said...

Hi Lona, We had a killing frost on Friday:( all my annuals are mush. Congratulations on your winnings, they are so beautiful, love the artwork by Jeri. Have a safe and happy Halloween. Jen.

~Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

My what beautiful photos you got with the ice and frost. Time to let things rest. Glad you didn't get buried in the snow as some did.

Bernie said...

Oh dear, while your wander around the garden in the frosty morning produced some lovely frosty flower photos, it does sound like this is not something you enjoyed. I find it difficult to imagine what it would be like to 'shut down the garden'. Even during our horrid summers and wet season, we still have blooms to enjoy. Here's hoping your winter is short-lived and not too awful. I'll be looking out for your wonderful blooms in the spring.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Hi Lona,
Your photos are beautiful, but heartbreaking. I hate winter, too. Congratulations on your prizes.

It was nice enough to lug compost from the back of the veggie garden to the new front planting areas today. I got a good workout.

hundredsofideas said...

It was a surprise to see snow posted on some of the blogs already. Jack Frost has not made his way this far south yet, not looking forward to his arrival either. He is a great model for the lens though, lovely photos.

Sunray Gardens said...

You caught some great looking photos Lona. Congratulations on your wins.

I am considering more Roses over the winter that don't need sprayed but keep decent foliage. I really want to get away from as many perennials. Just too much work. Yours look lovely.
Cher Sunray Gardens
Goldenray Yorkies

Gatsbys Gardens said...


The frost is so beautiful on the flowers but I am not looking forward to it. Lucky you did not get the brunt of the snow.


Kippy Marrie said...

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Te espero com amor.
Aus da amiga ...


Barbarapc said...

Every day there's more beauty to be found in the garden - and you've certainly found it in abundance. I've never seen frosted roses before - always wondered what those silks at Michaels were trying to imitate! Now I've seen the originals - thank you. Glad to hear your new buggly friend will be spending his first season away from home indoors.

Indie said...

I love your frosty pictures! That is too bad that the winter came so early, though.

Congrats on your winnings! How fun! The dragonfly is so cute.

Alistair said...

I don't like Winter either, do you think these guys are just kidding us on when they say they look forward to Winter. Very adventurous you are with your photography, I will need to get my thinking cap on.

Stella said...

The frost on the flowers makes lovely photos but it is hard to say goodbye until spring. We are having a wonderful warm fall day today but suppose to get rain and snow flakes by tomorrow night.

The Sage Butterfly said...

Your blooms really held up nicely in the face of the frost. I covered my veggies and some of my tender plants before two nights of frost. All seems to be well. Although the frost is a baddie, the beauty of it spread in a field or outlining blooms is unmatched.

pogonip said...

I love the glitter that appeared on all your late bloomers. It's magical!

I got a little sidetracked on my frame hunt (I found my mirror instead), but that's exactly the kind I was hoping to find for Jeri's artwork!

redneckrosarian said...

Lona, Wonderful post. Frosty roses are so beautiful. We have yet to have a frost, but i'm sure one is just around the corner.

blessings to you!

Annelie said...

LOVE the frosty rose, it looks as if it was sugar coated.
Even if the frost means a season coming to an end, I find the frost heavy flowers beautiful.
Congratulations to the blog giveaway!


Kathleen said...

Your frosty photos are beautiful Lona. I always like it when the garden dies slowly with gentle frosts before the hard stuff.
You are so right about wishing away days but I do it too during the winter time. We need to find something more about winter to like!! At least that's what I tell myself.