Wednesday, October 19, 2011

In The Garden & Critter Alert!


Rain has settled in here in the hills so this gardener is staying indoors.
I think I would be staying indoors now anyway since we have Lions, Tigers, Grizzly bears, Black bears and Wolves running loose north of us. Yikes! The primates are still locked in cages inside the house, thank heavens.

Buffalo2 (Well maybe there were no Buffalo’s)
A local big game keeper who has had trouble with his collection of animals getting loose from time to time was found dead and all of the cages to the animals were left open (by him?) so there was big game running around in the northeastern part of Ohio in Muskingum and Licking counties. Law enforcement officers and zoo officials were hunting them down but many had to be killed to keep the population safe. A sad fate for such magnificent animals and for a frightened neighborhood. I for one think Ohio needs to get some better laws about who can keep deadly weapons on four legs at their homes.
Sadly this may be the catalyst that gets the laws written and passed now.


Anyhow……. in the garden this week (nothing quite so fierce)there are still some roses blessing me with some last blooms of the season.

Almost_Black_Rose_Oct “Almost Black” roses are trying to bloom on even with chewed up petals. Those little insects are feasting on anything now this late in the season.

EasyDoesIt_Oct16 “Easy Does It”  rose is a little blotchy now with the colder weather.

Iceberg_Oct “Iceberg”  roses also gets a pink tinge to its blooms when the days are shorter and the weather cools down.


“Bella’ Roma” Has a new bud.

LavenderSimplicity_Faded “Lavender Simplicity” is showing what the whole garden is feeling these days. Tired and browning.

Some of the Chrysanthemums grown from seed are still blooming nicely but the rain wants to flatten them down a little.

Seeded_Mums I love the color in these Mums. I purchased the seeds from Thompson & Morgan a couple of years ago and the plants have thrived each year.

Raspberry_Truffle2_Oct16 “Raspberry Truffle” Echinacea is still growing and blooming.

RaspberryTruffle_Oct16 The colors in this coneflower are just amazing and are set off by a dark center.

Galliardia_M_Y Gaillardia “Mesa Yellow” is such a trooper and will bloom until the frosts take it.

PrinceHenry_Worn “Prince Hendrich or Henry” Anemone is still putting on buds and blooms.

QueenCharlottes_Last These are the last of the blooms on the “Queen Charlotte” anemones. I cut the rest down and gathered some seeds from them. It has been blooming since early September so has been a wonderful addition to the garden for late color.

The Purple Clustered Campanula that gave me a few Alba white blooms from their seeds has another bloom. As the bloom withers a tinge of the purple shows up on the white blooms.
That is about it in the garden for this week.

I had to share this car with you that my daughter and I spotted in Chillicothe last weekend. It is and advertisement for the Old Canal Smoke House there in town. The car is painted like a pig. I just captured the backend of the pig or car.  See the tail and the license plate? LOL! I wonder if there is a snout on the hood?


  Happy Gardening,




Bernie said...

I would imagine that corner of northeastern Ohio would have been slightly upset at the idea that there were lions and tigers wandering around the place. How sad that some had to be put down. I can't imagine the poor creatures would have had much of a life.

Your Roses are still gorgeous and the shot of the 'Bella Roma' bud is just lovely. The colour of those Mums is simply beautiful and so is the 'Raspberry Truffle'. Loved the cute little pig too!

pogonip said...

Cute car! I don't know whether I'd rather have a giant pig or lions and tigers and bears roaming my garden. I have the feeling that the predators would wreak less havoc (unless I was around and they were hungry) than a pig snout!

elaine rickett said...

Wonderful photos as usual.

T Opdycke said...

Your area has certainly been all over the news today. What a sad plight for the animals that should never have been kept by a private citizen in the first place. I'm with you, it's time Ohio took a tougher stance when it comes to keeping wild animals.

Love the raspberry truffle echinacea. I was surprised to find wild violets growing in the yard yesterday. As soon as the rain lets up I'm planting tulips. What a joy!

Patsy said...

We have been seeing about the poor animals on the news.
We have gotten very cool weather and rain.
Your Bella Roma bud looks like my peace rose when in bud.


Cute car! Wow that buffalo...scary creature. I saw an article about the exotic animals. Why can't they just use stun-guns on them or sedate them instead of killing them? Makes no sense. I hope the legislature will pass the much needed ban law!

Your flowers, as usual, are stunning, Lona! 'Almost Black' rose...ooh, la, la! Love it!

Debby said...

A concerning day for those of us near those animals. Then the rain that doesn't stop.......but your roses are beautiful and that cute.

HolleyGarden said...

I just love the color and the ruffles on Raspberry Truffle. I'll be looking for this one! Stay safe!

Balisha said...

When I heard about the wild animals early this morning..I said out loud..."Stay in the house, Lona." My hubby said, "What?" Then I told him that you lived in Ohio and I was concerned about you. He said, "Oh, and that blog" I'm glad to hear that you were safe and the animal problem is over. So sad, that those majestic animals met their fate this way. This will probably change some laws in your state. Can you imagine meeting up with a lion when you are out tidying your garden? Whoa!

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Great car!!! what a hoot. I heard the news about the guy who had the wildlife 'preserve', what can you say? Absolutely nuts to have those animals and then let them out and kill yourself. Man.

Sunray Gardens said...

Very pretty Lona. Think I'm going to add some more Roses next year since I am going to mostly shrubs. Just need to figure which ones will work without spraying.

The exotic animals is such a sad story as it's unfolded.
Cher Sunray Gardens

Anonymous said...

I heard about the animal keeper and his death on the news last night. So sad. Easy Does It should be named Blushing Rose. I adore the Raspberry Truffle! Cute car, glad I don't have to drive it. It's 45 degrees here in North Florida this morning.Brrrrrrrr

myomyohi said...

Your flowers are still so pretty, and that car is odd but too cute. The colors alone grab your attention.
Too bad about the wild animals. I saw Jack Hannah on tv this morning... he will make sure it can't happen again here in Ohio. Have a great week.

Autumn Belle said...

It is raining here as I am typing out this comment. It is terrifying to know about wild animals on the loose. I really like your "Easy Does It" rose. The piggy car make me smile.

.............................. said...

Hi Lona, The tragic tale of the wild animals and their unfortunate deaths made the news here. I do hope that the tighten the laws on keep wild animals in this type of private zoo. Their neglect and death of these animals is heartbreaking! You still have many beautiful roses and flowers in bloom. Our mild fall has rather made up for a late spring.

Zoey said...

That Bella Rosa bud is very pretty.

I heard about the animals in Ohio, though never got the full story, like how the man died??? It's a shame the animals had to be killed.

Elephant's Eye said...

Was reading about the Ohio animals over on Google Plus. I am lost for words - for a bear he needs a permit, but lions and tigers are just 'exotic pets' no permit required.

I do hope the law will be changed. No permit required suggests there was no control over animal welfare.

alison@thisbloominglife said...

The big animals were all over the news in my part of Australia too! It seems incredible that people can keep such animals and one commentator stated that it is harder to adopt a dog than get a license for a 'wild' animal - bizarre. Gorgeous photos, keep safe!

VW said...

What a crazy story about the large animal escape! I love the pictures of Raspberry Truffle - I've seen it in the catalogs but the color looked different that what your picture showed. It's always nice to see read pictures of these new plants.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Wow, love that car! I can't believe what happened with all of those animals, how sad. You roses still look amazing.


Pearl@serenitycove said...

Very sad about all those animals. Zanesville is a little over an hour from my area. I don't understand how a person could do that if you truly love animals. He had to know some of them would end up dead. Wish they could have saved more of them.
Your roses are still lovely!

Anonymous said...

That was horrific what happened to those magnificent animals. I think new laws need to be enacted too. It certainly wasn't their fault.

The Achillea from the most recent post is really pretty ~ I especially love the name! I have one (dark pink) variety but I don't know why I shy away from them. Your garden is still producing beautiful blooms. I am going to add some pink anemones for sure next year.
We have the possibility of snow this Wednesday. ugh. It's been in the 70's & 80's so that will be harsh. You know I'm never ready!!
Have a good week Lona.