Friday, November 25, 2011

Rhythm and Blues & Black Velvet


I hope everyone has enjoyed their Thanksgiving day and are surviving the Black Friday sales going on now and throughout the weekend. Buy Small Saturday and Cyber Monday yet to go. LOL!

FPC_Petunia_Rythm_and_Blues  Rhythm and Blues Petunia

Some people I know really get into these sales and can save money according to what they are looking for and I understand. As an old retail working person I can tell you that I never looked forward to these sales and the lines of customers. Well be truthful it was always my fault  if the store ran out of an advertised product. The cussing outs I have gotten and had to take it with a smile.  LOL!

FPC_Petunia_Rythm_and_Blues2  Rhythm & Blues Petunia’s

These Rhythm & Blues and Serena Blues are from the test gardens at Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus.

FPC_Angelonia_SerenaBlue Spreading Angelonia Serena Blue

  I loved this Serena Blue spreading angelonia and would like to try some of them next Spring.

Fancy Dress
I have noticed a resurgence in the two toned petunias over the last two years and some with new color combinations and wild colors mixed together like this Fancy Dress or the Picasso petunia.
I could not find anything to go with the wild Fancy Dress petunia so it was in a container by itself. LOL!

Petunia_CanCan Can Can Petunia

Some gardeners do not like petunias at all and think they are not good enough in the garden but with so many types being offered now from the Old Fashioned…..
Dolcissima Roma Petunia

…… to Waves, Avalanches, Doubles and Calibrachoa or Million Bells. And you can find them in an array of different color choices now to fit into any container combination.
(Well most of them)


The new Black Phantom Velvet series of petunia’s can be the exception where  in the color wheel where black is suppose to go with everything, in the container planting world black does not go with every plant color. They do look like Black Velvet though.

FPC_Phantom_Petunia2_Aug18Phantom Petunia’s

I did fall in love with the with the Black and Pink Pinstripe petunia last Spring and did a container with them…

Pinstripe Petunia

….adding in some  pink argyranthmum  with them that worked out rather well.
To sum things up I  am one of those gardeners that love petunia’s cascading out of containers, window boxes or hanging baskets. I start some from seed under lights every year starting the last of February for my summer containers. I have good luck starting them indoors so maybe that is another reason I like them where as I have trouble starting some  seeds indoors.
Or maybe it is for sentimental reasons because Grandma grew petunias. My biggest problem it seems is in deciding every winter which ones I am going to grow. Decisions, decisions. LOL!


I have already receives three new seed  and an Edmunds Rose catalog already.  Earlier this year?
We will have some long winter months to make up our seed orders and plan or dream about  next years garden.
I would love to get into one of those Proven Winners plant testing trials. LOL! How about you?
Have you received any new planting catalogs already?

Everyone Have a Wonderful Weekend & Happy Gardening!



CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lona girl I meant to drop by and wish you a happy TG ! .. I am actually roasting a small turkey tomorrow more for sandwiches and soup for the boys : ) LOL
I love these petunias and I hate plant snobbery .. if you are a true gardener you can find the good in almost every plant right ?
I also recieved seed catalogs already too !!! So you are not alone in wondering how early is this ??? LOL
PS .. I think you already know I love the black petunias .. I had them mixed with orange violas and they were pure black magic : )

HolleyGarden said...

I like the new petunias they are coming out with now. I love your Fancy Dress and your Can Can petunias! I had a black petunia in the garden this year, but it didn't show up well. I think the Pinstripe would look much better from afar. Yes, I have started getting seed catalogs. Now to figure out how big the garden will be next year. This is all hinging on whether we want to keep fighting the deer or not!

Lona said...

HolleyGarden: I know about those pesky deer. It is so hard to keep them away. Deer hunting season opens next week so I hope every hunter get their limit. LOL!

Joy: Girl I know you love those black petunias. More Turkey! Well I love the stuff and could eat it every other day at least. LOL!

Gatsbys Gardens said...


I haven't received any catalogs yet, but you know I am a fan of petunias. The new ones are such great performers!


Bernie said...

I love your Petunias, but then I'm a big fan of these blousy blooms. I just can't imagine a whole year passing without seeing Petunias in pots and baskets out in my courtyard. My favourite this year has most definitely been 'Bumblebee', the black and gold Petunia that looks exactly the same as your 'Phantom'.

Anonymous said...

Your petunias are always so beautiful Lona! I've never started any from seed, and only grow a few wave petunias. Be patient with me dear, I did save some Queen Red lime zinnia seeds, but they are still sitting out in the garage drying. Holiday retail season makes me a little crazy! I worked last night from about midnight till noon, and it was wild and crazy in there. Had a two hour nap this afternoon, and that's about it. Whew.

Robin's Nesting Place said...

Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving! I avoid the sale crowds too. I've also worked retail and thankfully the small ladies store I worked in had wonderful customers!

I personally love petunias, they are so easy to grow from seed and here they last until we have a hard frost.

Sunray Gardens said...

Some of these new ones are really lovely. Some nice choices. I don't do annuals anymore. I have enough that there just isn't room and I'm glad of saving the money now too, but there are some pretty choices out there.
Cher Sunray Gardens

Lona said...

Cher: A person can get a lot of money tied up in annuals which only last one season. Shrubs and perennials are lifesavers and wallet savers too.

Robin: I am glad the retail business stress did not get to you. A small store would have been a blessing. LOL!

RobinL: Girl I know you are one busy lady now. I am in no hurry at all. Thanks bunches!

Bernie: You always have some beautiful petunias and geraniums in your garden. I love visiting.

Eileen: I know you like petunias too. Your containers always look so beautiful in all the seasons.

sweetbay said...

I love petunias and you have posted some beauties here! Wonderful textures and colors. I've started getting some seed catalogs too. It's never too early imho! lol

Jeanette said...

Petunias are a flower that can always bring a smile to your face. I think it is the name and all their lovely colors and varieties. You have some beautiful ones. I would like to see the black with the orange,that would be striking wouldn't it?

Lona said...

SweetBay: I have to admit I love getting them and looking them over too.

Jeanette: Black and orange would fit right in with Fall. LOL! I have not saw that one either.

debsgarden said...

I love petunias,too, partly also for sentimental reasons. I like the new Fancy Dress! I wonder how it would look with Coreopsis 'Moonbeam'. Your Pinstripe/pink argyranthmum combination is truly beautiful.

Anonymous said...

They really do have a great selection of petunias at the test garden. I had Angelonia this year and the insects loved it or at least landed on it. The black petunias were at the Falls gardens, and not many people really appreciated them. I heard so many negative remarks. Personally, I thought they were unique and their combo planting was interesting.

Lona said...

Deb: I do not know if it would go well. The yellow in the Fancy Dress had a green tinge to it?

gardenwalk: I loved the looks of them but they did not preform well in my containers. But then again it was a terrible summer for all of my containers.

Anonymous said...

I love all these gorgeous petunias. I've only tried 'phantom' & 'picasso' of the ones you listed but have had good luck with them. They've bloomed all summer so they're great in my book. I'd definitely love to try a few more. I don't know how you get on the Proven Winners list but you'd be great at trialing plants! Hope you had a good holiday. I have avoided shopping so far. Not a fan of big lines and crowds.