Sunday, December 4, 2011

New Gaillardia’s for 2011-2012


Some the new flowers coming onto the market in 2011-2012 from the trial gardens are Gaillardias or Blanket Flowers.
My daughter and I spotted three new ones growing in the trial garden at Franklin Park this Fall.
Gaillardia’s love the heat and sun and are marvelous for their continual blooms throughout the season until the freeze takes them.
They are another flower that does not mind this old clay soil in my yard and garden.
I keep mine deadheaded mostly throughout the summer and they are always in bloom and full of pollinators.
FPC_Gaillardia_Galya_BlazingSun2Galya™ Blazing Sun

Gaillardia Galya Blazing Sun is a hardy to zone 5 Gaillardia, which forms a compact mounded habit. The  large flowers stand out through the green leaves. Colorful blooms of deep red and intensive yellow for your garden or container.

The honeybees were attracted to them on the day of our visit.


 FPC_Gaillardia_Galya_Corneto_Flame Galya™ Corneto Flame 

Gayla Corneto Flame has red centers with yellow edges on the petals. What is lovely about the Cornet series is that the petals roll up into a trumpet shape. It forms a compact mounded habit with continuous flowering.

FPC_Gaillardia_Galya_Corneto_Spark  Galya™ Tangerine Spark

Gaillardia Galya Tangerine Spark is a vigorous, strong variety that forms a well-branched compact bush. Those beautiful trumpet shaped tangerine blooms are vivid additions to a garden or container.
Watch for them this Spring in catalogs or nurseries.


 Happy Gardening,


A Garden of Threads said...

Hi Lona, Sorry I have not been around visiting. I love Gaillardia, they are a staple in my sunny garden. Can you do any gardening or only armchair dreaming? Take care, Jen.

HolleyGarden said...

Oh, I agree that the bees love blanketflowers! Mine are always covered, and the bees seem to be fighting over them! I need to add a few more to my garden since they are so popular with the bees. Love the Tangerine Spark! Look at the detail of those petals! said...

The Palm House building is quite stunning. I love the unique architectural form.

Stella said...

Love that Corneto Flame as it has two of my favorite colors. Will have to look for it in the spring so I can plant a couple. Thanks for sharing. Your header is beautiful. Stella

Indie said...

It's exciting to see new ones coming out! Blanket flowers are such tough little plants. I threw some seeds into the empty lot next door, and blanket flowers and rudbeckia were the only things that came up and flowered in the terrible clay. Great plants!

pogonip said...

I just melted through 4 inches of ice on my pond to rescue one of my goldfish for the winter (he goes south to my mom's pond)--so I gotta say that Palm House looks like sheer heaven to me right now!

hundredsofideas said...

I must add more blanket flower around here. Do you still want some red breadseed poppy seeds? If so, email me your address please, rusdar at hotmail dot com

Balisha said...

Aren't you the perpetual gardener? Your new look is beautiful and your thoughts are about the coming growing season.That's what keeps we gardeners going...always looking ahead.

Lona said...

Jen: Thant is fine. We all get extra busy this time of the year.

HolleyGarden: I love those trumpet shaped petals too.

Jennifer: I think it is so beautiful too.

Stella: Thank you. Have a great week!

Indie: I love looking in the trial gardens at the new plants coming out too.

Roxie: Oh no, frozen Gold Fish will never do. LOL!

Darla: Thanks but I think it is useless for me to try to grow them because they never germinate for me. A waste of good seed. LOL!

Balisha: Looking for new plants is always exciting for me so I am glad others like looking at them too.

.............................. said...

Hi Lona, It seems that every spring that there are always new and exciting flower varieties to tempt us. I happen to like gaillardia and think that they are great performers in the garden. I must watch for some of the new varieties on my spring trips to the nursery.

sweetbay said...

Do you grow yours as annuals or perennials? We had the straight species come up in our meadow for several years, and we see them carpeting the sandy yards at the beach.

Andrea said...

Those are lovely, i wonder if they will really grow in the tropics. My blogger friend in the US sent me some seeds and gaillardia didn't germinate, and i am very sorry. I have been hoping to see like these next year but no more!

Stephanie said...

So we have only the blazing sun ones here. But I love the Gaillardias. They are cheerie flowers. Btw Lona, the gloxinia you always love to see in my blog is the same plant that has been re-flowering and flowering all this while.

Lona said...

Jennifer: Always a new plant just when we think we have all that we need. LOL!

Sweetbay: They are perennials here in my Zone 5.So reliable.

Andrea: That is too bad that they did not germinate. I have the same problem with seeds sometimes. I have some Mesa Yellow Gaillardia seeds if you want to try again. Email your address to me.

Stephanie: No way! How do you keep yours so long. Mine gets littler every year. I admire yours every time I see it.

Stephanie said...

Lona, I use African Violet fertiliser on glox ;-)

Joe Todd said...

Hi Lona.. Working to get my strength back.. Happy Holidays