Tuesday, December 20, 2011

“While Visions of Gingerbread…


Well, I guess that it is actually “while visions of sugar plums dance through their head” but for this posting I am changing it up…

… to gingerbread, as in Gingerbread Houses.


From the tall detailed ones…

…. down to the small ones for Fido.

Throw in some feather trees and some lights and you get a whole bunch of sparkling yummy-ness.

Kids_Grinch_Dec2 No Mean Grinch’s allowed only the Good ones.

CurrierIves2_Gingerbread_Dec2 Looks like Frosty needs a head in this one.

Add a little Currier and Ives Scenery…

CurrierIves_Gingerbread_Dec2….. with a sleigh ride.


These Gingerbread Houses are so fun and beautiful and were at the Franklin Park Conservatory last year. I am sure the ones there this month are just as magical.

And of course….


….. miracles upon miracles I did spend some time yesterday baking cookies. LOL!


Well maybe not that miraculous but I definitely do not bake like I once did or in as large of quantities.


Sweet dreams and…


 Happy Gardening,



FlowerLady said...

What lovely gingerbread houses. What a treat to be able to see so many all in one place.

Your cookies look yummy!

Have a lovely Christmas and a great 2012.


Gardening in a Sandbox said...

Aren't those gingerbread houses so wonderful. Look at all the detail on them. I had trouble decorating a few cookies. Wow. V

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I love looking at Gingerbread houses. I'm always amazed at how detailed they can be. I'm never that patient, we usually buy the ones that come pre made and just assemble them, and that's enough for me :)
Your cookies look delicious! I didn't bake one this year, now I wish I did so I could eat them :)
Merry Christmas Lona! Hope you and your family have a very nice one!

Anonymous said...

Those are amazing Gingerbread Houses. They must be made by elves, right?

Sissy said...

The gingerbread houses are wonderful! I marvel at the creativity of folks that work so hard on such tiny details.

Becca's Dirt said...

Beautiful gingerbread village. Yummy looking cookies there. I have those same tins I bought this year for my baked goodies I'm giving away.

~Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Wow those are good. Thank you for sharing. The greenhouse is too cute!

Pearl@serenitycove said...

Those Gingerbread Houses are beautiful! I love watching the Gingerbread House competition at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville when it's on TV.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lona girl I have meant to stop by here a gazillion times !
Now to see these gingerbread houses and the cookies you baked!
You have me craving them all : )
One year husband made a gingerbread Swiss chalet and it was amazing ! he used uncooked spaghetti (spelling) for hand rails, dipped in royal icing they would stand through a hurricane!
I couldn't get over how well he made it .. that was many moons ago now .. but it is funny what memories we hold on to through the years isn't it ?
Hey .. if I don't swing by again before Christmas I wish you a VERY MERRY one .. enjoy it , relax, and take care of yourself girl !!
Joy (to the world .. been there done that ! haha)

Lori at Jarvis House said...

Wonderful photos of Gingerbread Houses. I would never have the guts to try to make any of them, but when I was working as a teacher, I did make gingerbread men each year. The kids never ate them, but they loved the smell of the cloves and cinnamon. Merry christmas and a prosperous New Year.

T Opdycke said...

These gingerbread houses are enchanting. I love the Grinch's house, so imaginative. I've never attempted one, but it sure looks like a lotta hard work. Happy holidays, Lona!

HolleyGarden said...

I don't bake much, either - I don't need the calories! That grinch gingerbread house is fabulous! I am amazed at the one with the sleigh ride, too. Great houses!

Anonymous said...

Those houses are so beautiful and creative. I don't know how they could be eaten, just too darn pretty.

Zoey said...

gorgeous gingerbread houses. I like the grinch house--so much detail. I could never make one. I still have not even made any cookies, though I plan to do so tomorrow.

Balisha said...

Those houses are so cute. So much time and talent to make these. Your cookies look delish.

Mindy @ The Howell Blessings said...

Beautiful houses!!One of these days I will attempt such a beast! For now, I'm like you and barely find time for drop cookies! Thanks for sharing Lona Dawn!

Your cuz
The Howell Blessings

Bernie H said...

Well the Gingerbread Houses blew me away! What fabulous creations. Not something I'd even contemplate trying! I have been known to make a batch or two of biscuits though! Yours look totally yummy! Loved the tins!

Diana said...

Absolutely beautiful houses, Lona. Merry Christmas to you! dear lady.

sweetbay said...

Those gingerbread houses are adorable! Real works of art too.