Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bainbridge, Ohio Amish Community Part 1


Non garden related posting.

Amish communities and the people in Ohio now out number those of Pennsylvania.
In the rural community of Bainbridge, Ohio in Ross county along state route 41 lies a small Amish community that many may not know about.


My daughter and I went there last weekend before the ice storm hit us and we were not expecting all of the quaint gems that we would find on our visit to Bainbridge.

Country_Crust_Bakery There we found Country Crust Bakery which when we walked into the aroma was heavenly.


We had to take a number and get in line behind the local deputy sheriff to buy our purchases.
There are counters of doughnuts, brownies, breads, cakes and cookies. The bakery is run by giant generators and the lights run on gas.

Country_CrustBakery_Donuts I always have to get Snicker doodles for my son. He loves their cookies.

I got the best sugar free Black Raspberry pie. Yummy!

In the town of Bainbridge their is Margie’s Craft Store. We checked on the store twice since the opening hours were 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. but it was not open either time. It was loaded with crafts and I would have loved to get one of the snowmen. Margie you missed a sale girl!


In Bainbridge is the Museum of Dentistry. The small house in  Bainbridge holds the honor of the first school for dentistry in the state of Ohio.

    On Main street in Bainbridge is “The Lloyd Company”. The owner told me that it was a third generation family owned store.
The Lloyd  Company has four large rooms filled with…

TLC_Furniture_Showroom beautiful living rooms furniture, carpeting, curtains and accessories.

Bedroom furniture and accessories. I am always draw to bears. LOL!

Lloyd_Company The show windows are filled with primitive accessories.


Seasonal floral, crafts and accessories.


I loved this pinecone wreath.

And gorgeous dining room furniture dressed in red for Christmas.

Stacking boxes.

Their line of curtains and table linens were lined on the walls and shelves in the furniture section of the store.

Cabinets filled with crockery and tin ware.

Splatter ware filled shelves of cabinets.

TLC_Blue_Tinware Since I decorate in blues and whites this blue and white splatter ware really got my attention.

TLC_Simplify We were glad that we had run across these unexpected stores filled with charm and history on our way to the Amish community outside of Bainbridge.

Also nearby are the Sepia Indian mounds and Paint Creek state park and there are several lakes in the area.
so make plans to visit these rural gems this summer or on your way through on route 50.
They also hold the Festival of Leaves in October when the hills should be beautiful dressed in their autumn splendor.


Also in Bainbridge is the “Trading Post'” antique shop which was also closed so a summer visit back to Bainbridge is in store for us for an all day visit.

Since I took loads of pictures I will save the rest for part 2 in another posting.

Though this is not a garden related posting….
Happy Gardening,


Debby said...

Thanks for the information. I didn't know there ws a community there. That bakery looks yummy. I love that couch as well.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I would love to visit a town like that! I hope you do go back in summer. I want to see what's in the craft shop!

debsgarden said...

Brainbridge is a delightful community! Thanks for giving us a peak. I would love to visit all those charming shops.The bear reminds me so much of one friends gave me once when I was ill. Different print, but otherwise just like it!

Stella said...

Looks like a fun and interesting place to visit. Thanks for the info and great photos.

Jan AKA Wammy said...

I am so looking forward to seeing your next Amish post. I have always admired the Amish and their way of life. I write for ans Amish Organic CSA that is located in Hillsboro, OH Cedarmore Farm. I think when the weather gets better and my pockets are lined with some of that good green stuff I just might be making a trip and picking up one of those snowmen also. thanks for all the info. Our kind of daytrip.

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

What a happy find. We have a new Mennonite store in town, lots of homemade goodies. Where I went to college was rich with Amish folks....Thursday you didn't drive into town because of all the buggies.

Karen said...

Hello Lona! I'm trying to play catch up here, oh, how I've missed visiting! When we were in Hocking Hills a few years ago, we were surprised to see how many Amish were living there. The highways had all the lines on the road from their buggy wheels. We have Amish here in WI and Mennonites, too, but not in such great numbers. The stores looked wonderful, can't wait to see the rest of your adventures.

Sorry to hear about your garden bench, gosh that's too bad. You did such a good job on it. Those hellebores are so pretty. I planted one last summer, we'll see if it comes back this spring.

Thank you so much for your comment on my blog, it makes my heart happy to know you, Lona!

Zoey said...

I enjoyed the trip with you. Too bad the craft store was not open, it looked like an interesting place to browse.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

What a great trip, love those speckled dishes. The bakery goods look delicious.


hundredsofideas said...

Love to read about the interesting to me. It's good to get out of the garden sometimes..

HolleyGarden said...

I've never been anywhere like this, but it looks delightful! Maybe one day I'll get to take a trip there. It looks fabulous!

Jim Groble said...

Another place to visit. Thanks for the comments. I am glad to be back. jim

myomyohi said...

Thanks Lona. We're always looking for somewhere we can go for a day trip where we can see and do something different. Too bad the craft shop was closed.

nittygrittydirtman said...

What a great destination to spend a day! Thanks for taking us on a tour.

redneckrosarian said...

Excellent posts! Love the Amish people. My mother grew up in a small town that had a large number of Amish families. Some of the finest people you ever want to meet. The craftsmanship of their art pieces and furniture is something to have.

Splendid Little Stars said...

I've enjoyed your tour and seeing all the wonderful goodness! I can almost smell the wonderful baked goods!