Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Garden Beds, Their Names & A Challenge


Hello everyone! I hope you all are having a wonderful week. The weather here has been so nice and wonder of wonders… no rain!
That is all subject to change starting tomorrow but we cannot complain about winter here in Ohio so far in this new year.


As I was reading through some of the postings from fellow gardeners on Blotanical over the weekend I noticed that some, including myself, have their own way of naming their flowerbeds.

Now I am not poking fun at the choices in names I saw but what made me laugh was the way in which many of us choose to name them. Some gardeners have chosen very lovely formal names or by  choice of plantings and why, such as the "Moonlight garden". But most have named their beds just by their locations, such as the 'good' driveway bed. It makes you wonder if the gardener had a 'bad’ driveway bed. I understood that name though because my flowerbeds have similar names by location.


It got me thinking of the names I have dubbed to my own flower beds. My flowerbeds are named by their location because I have no imagination at all and there is nothing formal or romantic about them.
Some are just obvious such as……

Copy (1) of FairyGarden 
…the so called “Fairy Garden” which is really a mixed mess and is more gnome garden than fairies. (It is going to change this summer)or…….

 Copy (1) of IMG_0047Kids2
the “Rose Garden”. Creative, Huh?

ShadeBed_May2 New_Garden_2008c
This is the “Shady Middle Bed”.
Not to be confused with the back side of the same bed which is sunny and called..

Delphinium_BlueBrid_Bellflowers  Phloxbed






The “Backside Middle bed”,  I kid you not.


The “Pump Bed” where the main attraction is the Pump Pond. Genius isn’t it?

Oh yes, and the “Front Porch Bed”. Duh!

BathroomBed_2 Corner_Back_Bed

The “Bathroom Bed”, because … Yeah, it is where the bathroom of the house is located.

The “Cellar Bed” because I was really trying to hide some of that old cellar door.

  Copy (1) of IMG_0004  



The “Clothesline Pole Bed”. Well to be honest not too many people use clotheslines anymore and I have these two poles that make great trellises now for the wisteria that never, ever blooms and some clematis vines.



The “Back Side Garage Bed”. That one just explains its self.


ShedBankBed Aug_2011

The “Shed Bank Garden” is an ongoing work and is a small banked area between the “Clothesline Bed” and the…shed.


Well of course it is the “The Lilly Bed” but it is also in the “Woodland Bed”.




The “Side Bed”. Doesn’t every house have sides?






The “Fence Bed”. It is located just a  past the “Cellar Bed” and has a practical purpose if not a catchy name. It hides the rain barrel and cistern filter.




And then I have named this area the “Potting Bed”.
I  made the potting bench from an old door.


And one of the new additions the last two years is the.. no it is not the “Shed Bed”. Well it was but has been redone and enlarge into a very nice name actually… “The Friendship Bed”. The name of this one is my favorite because here is where I plant flowers that fellow garden bloggers have given, either plants or seeds. On the side of the shed is a small bed that is my “Trial Bed” where I try to grow new perennial started from seed that are later put into all those other lovely named beds.

The “Potager”. Alright, so it is a container garden. Well alright maybe it isn’t even big enough to be called a container garden…. it is just a few pots of veggies!

Copy (1) of IMG_0033

And this is the newest bed that was started last summer.
Well this poor bed is so new it has not even been given a name so it is just the ……..“New Bed”.

Do you think I need to rename these beds with fancy names?
Maybe the “Fence Bed” could become the “Hidden garden”?

Like I said I have no imagination and you get the jest of the naming of garden beds.
So now I am throwing out a challenge to all of you gardeners.
Post your fancy named beds and we will see if your names are any better and who will get the last laugh. I dare you!

Happy Gardening,

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elaine rickett said...

It was nice to see shots of your lovely garden rather than just flower shots Lona - it gives me more of an idea of what your garden is like. Your flowers beds are very sensibly named at least you know what you're talking about.

C. Joy said...

I never really thought about it - the fence garden, the birdbath fence garden, south flower bed, back of the house, container gardens (the pots on my front porch and patio). When to tell the truth they should all be call the Trial Garden - for soooo many reasons. We're having rain in Texas - it's wonderful. Happy Tuesday.

HolleyGarden said...

I'm not too creative with names, either. I look forward to hearing some of the 'better' names for gardens! You have a lot of beds!

Lona said...

Elaine: I hardly ever take full shots of the garden I know. I guess I always look straight to the beauty of a flower instead. LOL!'

C. Joy: Girl yours are as good as mine. LOL! Thanks for dropping by.

HolleyGarden: I hope it gets some interesting postings.

Balisha said...

The driveway garden, Mary's garden, herb garden, back garden, deck garden, side garden, and last but not least the woodland garden. I've never thought to name them something clever. Now you have my mind working.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Funny! I didn't think about my bed names until I started reading yours, I'm about as creative as you. I have a driveway bed, sideyard, path garden, shed garden, dining room garden, living room garden, entry garden, and the front beds which have no name. One used to be the butterfly garden, but since not many butterflies visit it's not called that anymore.
I love that some people name their whole house and yard something creative.

Sunray Gardens said...

I like your bed names Lona, and they all look lovely. They're kind of like mine. I do have the family bed though and my Heather Hill, but other than that, they are what they are and make sense to everyone that would hear me say them. Should we get creative? :) I bet I would forget what I decided to call them.

T Opdycke said...

Oh my what lovely beds you have! As far as names, describing the location makes sense.

I hear winter is making an appearance in nw Ohio on Thursday. Batten down the hatches!

Bernie H said...

Well that was a lovely read while I was having my holiday mid-morning cuppa!! I had a little chuckle because I'm exactly like you. I haven't come up with anything even slightly romantic or descriptive when I name the garden areas around here.

Mmm, let's see ... There's the shadehouse garden, because it's a shadehouse!! There's the courtyard garden ... yes, because it's a courtyard.

Then there can be no confusion about just where these areas are located ... there's the Driveway garden beds, the Hill Driveway garden beds, the Downstairs Raised Garden bed, the Front Of House Garden beds, the Driveway Rock Garden, and the Front Yard Tiered Garden beds. None of that requires a whole lot of pondering!!!

A Garden of Threads said...

Ok, that was cute. I am laughing as a write this, I name my garden beds just like you, by location or name. You know the veggie garden. Thanks for the chuckles and take care.

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

I am in awe of how many gardens there are!! I will have to figure out names for my gardens area.

pogonip said...

Since I'm the gardener in the family, I think of my areas in terms of what's blooming at the time. I do have a forest garden--based on exactly two trees. Maybe I should call it the Wishful Thinking garden instead!

Andrea said...

Hello Lona, i had a very real good laugh at this post! And who says you're not creative! I began wondering immediately at the mention of the Friendship Garden, as it somehow got off the trend of the previous names, then when you explained it a bit, the more laughter i get. And by enumerating all the beds you have, without looking at the photos, it looks like you have acres and acres of a garden! hahaha. But that is really fun. so thanks. Maybe in my case, i will add the 'emergency bed' and the death bed.

David said...

Nice post and it's got me thinking.
I have names for parts of my garden, but not beds per se.
They are usually named after places that I like or famous artists. No one besides myself would ever make the connections and that's OK.
Casa Mariposa has some very creative and humorous names for her beds. I might change a bed or two in her honor. David/ :0)

Anonymous said...

"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet as a rose." OK - not really sure why that quote popped into my mind while reading your post. . . . but I must say that your beds, by any name, are beautiful - and inspiring.


Heather said...

I'm not too creative either. We have: The Back Border, The Birdfeeder Garden, The Garage Garden and The Shady Side Garden. I think we need to get more creative. But then again, that sounds like work.

Lona said...

Balisha: I think our names help us remember what beds we are talking about. LOL!

Catherine: Seems like our names are not that unusual and most do exactly the same.

Cher: Oh, I like Heather Hill! Mine would be Heath Hill though. LOL!

T: Sounds like you are going to get more than us down here. Warming back up afterwards so not too bad.

Bernie: I like the Courtyard garden. I need a courtyard! I had fun making fun of myself. LOL!

Jen: LOL! I get silly once in a while, can you tell. LOL!

Janet: Now give them fancier names than I have given my poor beds. LOL!

Roxie: The garden of "Wishful Thinking". LOL! I like that and should call my trial bed by that name. LOL!

Andrea: Oh girl I have one of those "Death Beds" too. LOL! That would be any bed I try to grow Poppies or Begonias.LOL! I do not even have a full acre so looks or names can be very deceiving.LOL!

David: Now see you are one of those creative types that can come up with lovely names for their different beds.LOL!

Eli: I guess the Rose Garden will just have to stay. The Thorn Garden just does not sound as nice. LOL! Thanks for dropping by Eli.

Heather: Girl we are in the same canoe with this naming thingy. LOL!

Kim and Victoria said...

That's a great post! We have the Viburnum bed, the Smokebush bed, the Wildflower bed, the Moongarden, the mound, the Tuscany garden, the pond area, the island and the walkway area.

Elephant's Eye said...


I love my garden, and enjoy playing with words (that's why I blog, about the garden!)

Gardening Under The Influence said...

We name our our flower beds also, only problem is my husband and I tend to name the same bed two different names (mine is always better)...so much confusion in this household.

Lona said...

Diana: I wish I had read your posting first. Now yours is a grand garden with lovely parts.

Kim & Victoria: Now see you have some lovely names.. the Tuscany Garden and the Moon Garden. Thanks for dropping by.

Lona said...

GUTI: LOL! Well just go by your names.

Lona said...


sweetbay said...

Whatever their names your garden beds are lovely! Better to have creativity in making the garden than naming it I say. ;)

I'm the same with naming beds, usually by location or a signature plant in the bed or some dominant characteristic. One of my beds is named "the big bed", which is so genius a 3-year-old could have come up with it.