Monday, January 2, 2012

New Beginnings


I have been reading the recaps 2011 that some of my fellow gardeners have been posting and I have enjoyed see how their gardening year went for them. Some had wonderful gardening conditions and gardens while others like we gardeners in Ohio… well not so much.
In fact the year of extremes here in the Buckeye state held up right until the end with a 4.0 earthquake Saturday on New Years Eve.
While earthquakes or tremors happen quite often here in Ohio there is now a debate on whether the fracking for natural gas in Ohio have caused some of the earthquakes or have made them larger in magnitude. It has caused debate especially since Saturdays earthquake near Toledo happened at and around a fracking operation in the same location.I won’t get started on this fracking for gas because I really go on a rampage. LOL!
I do  not want you to see angry Lona, not a pretty sight. LOL!

So the year went out with an earthquake and came in Sunday with a mighty wind.
We had high winds yesterday knocking off the electricity for a while. Thankfully it did not last long. But remember those old oak leaves in the woods? They are now back onto the front porch and in the water pump pond.

Some Buzzards stayed for the winter and were setting in the trees in the back yard and I thought “is this an omen for the new year or did I stink that bad?” LOL! (One Ugly Bird)

Junco_Jan2012 And today on the second day of the new year it feels more like winter and January with snow flurries and cold winds blowing the snow sideways up here on the hill. We now have over an inch of the “predicted”  just snow flurries and showers. The Junco’s were not minding it at all.

GoldenFinch_Jan2012 But the Goldfinches dressed in their duller shades of grey with their winter feathers were hanging on for dear life.
But the snow it a change from all of the rain we have been having.
When I welcome snow you know just how sick of rain we all are here in Ohio.

New blooms from the African violet were a welcome to a new year especially since the amaryllis are not going to bloom for me.
I have broke down and bought some new clearance bulbs for some color and they are almost ready to bloom

African_Violet4 A couple of Hyacinth bulbs are starting to sprout at the beginning of this new year too.

Some of the my fellow garden bloggers are speaking of doing less on Facebook and more blogging in this new year. I find that I cannot get into the whole Facebook craze. Maybe that is a very good thing. I had been on it more in December than I ever had so maybe it is going to be just a winter pastime occasionally for me since I also do not Twitter or Text. Then along come this Pinterest site to check into once in a while so it is all too much to do them all and so blogging and visiting fellow gardeners get put on the back burner. I prefer the garden blogging better and then I have my genealogy website to keep me more than busy. So it is good to hear that the bloggers are thinking of blogging more because I for one have missed their postings.

African_Violet2 It is good to start a new year and wipe the slate clean. To say goodbye to the old year of extremes and hope for a better year with new beginnings and better weather on my part.

Garden_Journal To get the garden journal up to date and add new pages to the journal of gardening for 2012.

To look through all those new catalogs that are streaming in and get the seed order made out for a new year of gardening.
It feels quite nice to be looking toward new beginnings.
Happy Gardening,



Gardening Under The Influence said...

A trio of Turkey Buzzards feasting on the side of the road flew up as I drove past, hitting the slowest one (ugh). I'm sure his friends happily returned to a fresh meal. Love the other bird pictures.

Heather said...

Hi Lona - thanks for visiting my little blog project and leaving a comment.

Love the fact that there are so many venues to while away the hours - I get lost in Pinterst from time to time, but must admit an obsession for Facebook (mostly to keep in touch with family).

Enjoy looking through the seed catalogues - as the snow piles up here in Ontario today, I'll be scour mine for some inspiration.

Jezibels ~ said...

Wow do you have a catalog pile! Ive only received Baker Creek and Gurneys so far, I love to look at them in the winter. There is also a magazine i have to go out to buy called The Edible Garden, its a mag from England. I enjoy your photos of the wildlife you posted! Heres to a Happy New Year!

elaine rickett said...

I'm with you Lona - I'd much rather read blogs than spend my computer time on all the other added extras such as Twitter and Facebook - although I do like half an hour or so on Pinterest every day. Looking forward to reading more of your gardening exploits in 2012.

Lori at Jarvis House said...

So far it has been mild here on Long Ialand. The grass is still bright green. I suspect that the weather will turn colder very soon. I have a shed with split wook at the ready for my wood burning stove, and boxes of dry twigs too, for starting the fires. Here's hoping that the winter here is better than last year when we got several storms with feet of snow, not inches!

Anonymous said...

I, for one, would like to see angry Lona. Fracking is a big debate in New York State. I don't know if it can create tremors, but I do believe it would result in an environmental disaster. On the brighter side, loved your photos! Happy New Year!

Jenni @ RainyDayGardener said...

Hi Lona,
I really enjoyed your photo's of the birds! It's a treat to see a cardinal. I find them very romantic, but that's likely because we don't have them out in the PNW. Wishing you a Happy New Year! Cheers, Jenni

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I've been on Facebook more than my blog over the last 6 months or so, mostly because it's fast to post or leave comments. I signed up for Pinterest but haven't been on much there. I do also miss blog posts and really hope to visit more. I love seeing the pictures on blogs and really hearing about what's going on.
I hope you get some nice mellow weather for awhile. I'm hoping for a little snow, but doesn't look like we're going to see any soon.

Anonymous said...

Earthquake? Wow, not here luckily. Same with your wind and snow, a little, but predictions were off. I like your bird photos, even the ugly buzzard. That is a face only a mother could love!

Sissy said...

Beautiful shot of the blossoms, Lona! They look sugar coated, almost! You sure do have a lot of catalogs, there, surely you can find some fabulous things to grow in '12...

A Garden of Threads said...

Hi Lona, Must be getting your storm, it has been snowing most of the day. I stand at the sliders to the back garden and dream of the spring to come. The African violets are also starting to bloom a very welcome sight for gardeners. Take care, Jen.

Rick Brown said...

Love your blog! I like sharing your world on Fb to inspire people to get up and out and enjoy life, nature and gardening.

Lona said...

GardenUnder:W Now that could put a dent on a car.LOL Watch those big boys.LOL!

Heather: Thy are nice on a cold winter day or a rain one when one cannot get outdoors.

Jezibels: I always get loads of them but I like looking through them in the winter and dreaming. LOL!

Elaine: Pinterest is fun and I can get some great ideas too.

Lori: I hope you do not have a repeat of last winter too. Nasty winter.

Kevin: There is not much that ticks me off anymore but this fracking for gas sure does. After the disaster in Pa. you would think they would learn. Arrg!

Jenni: Hi! Cardinals are the bright spot here in the winter. They look extra pretty in the white snow.

Catherine: Be careful what you wish for girl. LOL!

GWGT: LOL! You are right about them being a face only a mother could love. LOL!

Sissy: Thank you. They do look frosty don't they? I love macros. LOL!

Jen: I am wishing for spring already. Girl I will be ponkers before it really gets here. LOL!

Rick: Thanks a lot Rick that means so much to me. Thanks for dropping by.

HolleyGarden said...

Pretty birds! I don't do Facebook or Twitter or any of those, so I'm glad that people will be returning to blogging. I hope 2012 will be a great year for you and your garden, and beautiful weather for all of us!

Adrienne in Ohio said...

Your photo of the gardening catalogs made me smile. I remember getting so excited to look over the selections when I had my first garden. My beds are fairly full now, so I don't tempt myself as much with catalogs as I used to. Maybe that means it's time to make a new flower bed. :)

Rosey said...

Yes, I love Pinterest way more than Facebook! But if it weren't for facebook, I wouldn't know what my kids were up to sometimes. :)

I love this time of year, even though I can't garden. Those catalogs we get make me drool but reality sets in when I think of all the money I spend for deer to have a nice meal.


I think I need an African Violet, Lona. Yours is beautiful. I love the two-tone colors, that pink blush. Yum.

I don't know that I've ever seen a buzzard up close. You're right. They are ugly birds. Menacing.

Did you see Tatyana's post on the destruction of the forest nearby her home? Her theme was similar to yours on the fracking. Why is money more important than taking care of our earth? [Rhetorical question.] It is indeed infuriating. I hope the Ohio legislature will do something to stop the freaking fracking and soon. Keep us posted.

Lea said...

Your blog is so beautiful! I enjoy reading it.
I especially like the birds!

I scrolled down to see your End of the Year post - really wonderful!
Best wishes for the New Year!

debsgarden said...

The weather is enough to deal with without an earthquake! What a way to start the new year. I love your African violets. These are my favorite houseplants.

I long ago decided I did not have time for Facebook if I am going to keep my job, blog, and work in the garden!

Lona said...

Holley: Thank you. Have a wonderful week.

Adrienne: There is always room for another flower bed.That is what I keep telling myself. LOL!

Rosey: I guess Facebook is a way to keep up with family.

Grace: I did! That just stinks. I hate to see the trees cut and sent to China.
I guess they own us now though.

Lea: Hello ! Thank you.So glad you dropped by.

Deb: I have a few violets but only one is blooming now.

Zoey said...

Hi Lona,
I, too, just can't get into the facebook thing. I like the blogs best of all. I do like to squander away some time on Pinterest. Unfortunately Pinterest so often gives me the "Pinterest is not responding..." message and that is pretty frustrating so I have visited it less lately.

I don't think my amaryllis is going to bloom either. Maybe I should get some African Violets!

Anonymous said...

Hello Lona! Hope you had a good Christmas and Happy belated New Year. Thank you for visiting me during the holidays and for your wishes too. You are certainly one of the best bloggers & commenters around. I think I am one of those slackers although I can't really blame FB. I have become totally addicted to Pinterest tho and can't seem to pull myself away. I'm hoping it's a phase!
So sorry your Amaryllis are doing nothing. That is so discouraging. Mine are slow but I've pulled four from the basement in the last week (with buds) so any chance yours might be just be taking their time too??
I haven't heard about the earthquakes in Ohio ~ you really did have a year of extremes. Hopefully 2012 will be gentler. We can wish, right?

pogonip said...

I thought of you as soon as I heard about the tremor, Lona. We had a little one ourselves not long ago. Of course, we expect them here on the West Coast.

I love your cheery yellow banner!