Friday, February 3, 2012

Double Flowering Osteospermum

When ever I think of Osteospermum it is usually the single petal African or Cape Daisy  that I like to grow in containers every summer.  Each year I liked to pick a different shade that will blend  with the other flowers in a container. They are usually bought at a local nursery from what they are offering that year since I seem to have no luck with germinating them from seeds.

I love them with their big beautiful daisy blooms in shades of pink or lavender,

Osteospermum_SapranoW3  white ………

or even deep magenta petals and their big blue eyes.

FPC_Osteospermum_PinkOsteospermum “Pink”

This autumn on a visit to Franklin Park Conservatory they had three new double flowering Osteospermum or “3 D’s” growing in the trial beds which were introduced to growers in 2010. The blooms on the doubles were smaller than the single blooming varieties but regardless these doubles were sporting some beautiful blooms in the autumn sun.

FPC_Osteospermum_Pink2 If you look closely you can almost spot just a touch of the much smaller blue eyes amongst the center petals.

FPC_Osteospermum_Silver3 Osteospermum “Silver”

The blue eyes are really hard to see in the “Silver” doubles.

{I apologize for the poor quality of these pictures which were taken  in direct sunlight}


The “Silver” had beautiful dark petals in the center that hid the blue spots in the middle.

FPC_Osteospermum_Purple Osteospermum “Purple”

I think my favorite of the three was the “Purple” double flowering.


The double flowering Osteospermum are a beautiful flower but  personally I think I prefer the single blooms with their bigger blooms and those big blue eyes in the center.

What do you think about the double flowering variety?
Which variety do you like the best?
Or are you just not a fan of either?


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Connie said...

Those are beautiful! Though the doubles are nice, as with most flowers, I tend to prefer the old fashioned singles.

Shirley said...

I adore this flower! I have grown it in my Zone 3 garden and found it can handle a little frost too! I particularly like the spoon shaped petal form!

Bernie H said...

I have to admit that I'm now a fan of both. I've grown the singles, but I've never seen the doubles before. They are lovely. So it seems I rather like Osteospermums of any sort!

Ed said...

I think that the single flowered varieties would make a bigger impact. The doubles are interesting, but not novel enough for me.

Indie said...

I love Osteospermum, and I usually put some in each year. I like daisy-type flowers, and Osteospermum are so pretty. (I'm loving those pink ones in your first pic!) I'm thinking that the double ones aren't quite as cute as the normal ones, sadly..

HolleyGarden said...

I like the double 'Silver', but I think I like the single ones best. The first photo is my very favorite. Such a soft color, and one I think would go with anything in the garden.


You have some really beautiful photos. There is a pink Argaranthemum that is similar to the double osteos in form. I usually buy a plant in the spring. Very nice.

Karen said...

Hi Lona! I'm so glad to be back to visit you! The osteospermums are beautiful, I think I can't choose a favorite and would have to have single and doubles. I've tried growing them from seed and had no luck either, but they are so pretty.

It's 2AM already, so much for me trying to get on a better sleep schedule. I just had to say Hi though!

Sunray Gardens said...

I like both single and double blooms. Trying to catch up a little. Still behind with all the work here but wanted to drop by.
Cher Sunray Gardens

Lori at Jarvis House said...

What lovely blooms. A welcome relief from the winter scene. Cheers from Long Island where the weather has been unusually warm and clear. Quite a change from last year. The grass is still green.

sweetbay said...

I like both but I think I prefer the singles. Those blue centers are beautiful.

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

I LOVE African Daisies. I start some from seed every winter and haul them out to the deck when things warm up. These double varieties are very pretty.

Gardening Under The Influence said...

My favorites are Orange Symphony and Purple Saprano, but I want to try the doubles and leaning to the Silver.

bakingbarb said...

I love the Osteospermum, it flowers all summer for me even if we don't have the sunniest weather. I found it to be a highlight in the yard last year.
I like them both but I think I too prefer to be able to see the eyes as they contrast so well with the petals.

Elephant's Eye said...

I've learnt to prefer the species, for the sake of wildlife. Have a few oldfashioned purple ones blooming now.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lona girl and I thought the single ones were gorgeous ! these are fantastic .. they put up with the worst conditions and still smile .. I have a weakness for the purple too ! Love the fairy ? statue at the end .. and I so wish I could join you guys on that garden show !

debsgarden said...

These are the kind of flowers that just make me smile. I like all of them, prefer the singles in general, but my favorite is the 'Silver'!

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Hi Lona, I had Osteospermum for the first time this past summer and would you believe they stayed green all winter?? I live in zone 7b. I saw a bud on one yesterday. Think I will prune it back a bit and count my lucky stars I have a nice full container of magenta blooms, ready for the summer.