Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Mourning Doves are Back

With temperatures in the upper forties it did not take long to start melting the two inches of snow that we received Monday.

It felt like spring outside again and not like at all like winter here.
My son even came into the house from outdoors saying it felt like spring outside.

But it was unexpected and yet gave me a thrill when I looked out the backdoor and saw three Mourning Doves eating below the bird feeder.

So spring feels a whole lot closer with their appearance in the garden this week.
Yes I am counting down the days now and saying just one more month.

As for gardening I do have some more bulbs growing indoors.
I had received some free Ranunculus bulbs with a bulb order last fall. I had tucked the bulbs away because they are not hardy here.
I ran across them while getting out the seeds to sow so I decided to throw them into a pot indoors to see what they would do.
They are coming up now and growing fast, but will they bloom for me that is the question. I well have to make certain they get lots of light and sunlight. The colors if they bloom will be a pleasant surprise too since that is an unknown.
Everyone have a wonderful weekend and..

Happy Gardening,

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Claudia said...

This Ohio winter has been 'different'. Hasn't it been nice to get out and breathe. Thanks for sharing - the mourning doves are beautiful.

Debbie said...

You can tell as the weather warmsyou hear a lot more bird it!

Debra said...

I was just saying to someone last night how I couldn't wait to see our mourning doves. Spring can't be far away now. The "count-down ticker" on my blog reads 30 days until the first day of spring. I'm ready, but have no reason to complain about the light winter we have had!

Stephanie said...

That's so wonderful! May the temperature continue to rise. Happy sowing seeds and bulbs ;-)

pogonip said...

Ranunculus are one of the very few things I miss from California. I wish you many lovely silky blossoms!


Ah, your bird visitors look sweet. I bet they appreciated the seeds. How nice that you're getting spring-like weather. Eventually we'll get the real thing. Can't wait. Thanks again for your help with my blog. Hugs!

Sunray Gardens said...

Doves look so innocent to me and have such sweet faces that it's hard to not love them, even when they make a mess of mulch. I just always tell myself they aren't as messy as the Robins. I haven't seen any yet. Well if you are doing the bird count, you saw Doves.

Cher Sunray Gardens

Sherry said...

The Doves are so beautiful. Three is good luck. I hope the Ranunculus bloom and the colors are fantastic!

Randy Emmitt said...


I did not know a little snow would keep doves away, guessing they are sitting ducks out in the open on snow. Their trick to being on the ground and safe is being motionless.

myomyohi said...

Good morning.
I'll have to check and see if my doves are back. Kaylee and I went for a walk yesterday but I didn't hear them. We picked up some pinecones, nuts and pretty rocks, but got cold and didn't stay out too long.

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

We have Mourning Doves all year long, so it is funny to me to think of them as a sign of spring. Your seeds sprouting are certainly a great show of spring.

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Mourning doves are so beautiful. We don't have them here at all, but I wouldn't mind.

Love rannies, can't wait for them to be available in the nurseries....sigh.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

NHGarden said...

Feels like Spring here too! Hope your bulbs bloom for you!

RobinL said...

I'm not very good about birds, so I don't know which ones I should or shouldn't see in season. I do know that I have heard a few birds singing lately, and it sounded out of place, so it must be a spring thing. Guess they are early like everything else in the garden this year. Love it! Still have pansies and violas out there, they wilt a little in the snow, then bounce right back.

Masha said...

Beautiful pictures of doves! I love renunculus, its only drawback is that it doesn't flower for very long, but the flowers are so beautiful, I am looking forward to seeing pictures of yours.

debsgarden said...

Good luck with the ranunculus! I hope they will be a pleasant surprise for you. Mourning Doves stay here year round. Your photos remind me of what gentle birds they are.

Elephant's Eye said...

Our Cape mourning doves are permanent residents in our garden, lurking around the feeder hopefully.

Kathleen said...

Sometimes mourning doves stay all winter here although they didn't this year. Maybe I should pay attention then I'll know what kind of winter we're going to have! Glad it's feeling like spring there ~ send it this way!