Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Wonderful Home & Garden Show


Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day so it turned out to be a fantastic day to attend the Central Ohio Home and Garden Show.
My daughter and I both thought it was a much better show this year than in the previous two years.

The organizers had changed things up this year and it was such a wonderful sight to walk in the front doors and the first think we saw was this large wishing fountain display.

So we were hit with the heady fragrance of loads of hyacinth blooms as we entered.
In this posting I will show the bigger display areas and show some of the beautiful flowers and plants in future postings.

Happy_Birthday_Columbus Since the theme this year was Happy Birthday Columbus the exhibitors took advantage of some of the old landmarks of our state capital and to take us back in time for its bicentennial birthday.

Displays of some of the old business  and stores that are no longer here in our capital or state were represented such as Woolworths…

and  our own Lazarus founders and stores.

Lazarus2 All of course were landscaped with beautiful stone borders and planted with spring blooming trees and flowers.

From the old Brewery district of Columbus



Old_Penitentiary the old Ohio State Penitentiary which was torn down….

PrisonBars There are only flowers and shrubs growing behind those prison bars now.

The Happy Birthday theme was presented in several ways around the garden show area.

Old pictures of the city was presented in some of the displays to help you remember different areas of the city and to see the changes that have been made over the years.


 FranklinPark_Display Franklin Park Conservatory which is not only an historical  part of the Columbus but a place where my daughter and I love to visit had a beautiful display at the garden show

And if you have ever been to the Franklin Park Conservatory for a visit you know that it has beautiful glass art pieces by Chihuly throughout its rooms. So what would a display about the  Franklin Park Conservatory be with out some Chihuly glass being present within it.


This year the garden displays were all together in the center and the vendors were outside around the displays. We both really liked this change since the vendors tend to clutter up some of the garden displays. So kudos to the organizers for arranging the garden displays in this fashion this year.

One thing I did miss this year was the large plant, bulb and seed vendors that were always present at the shows.  I usually  picked up a few packets of seeds and caladium bulbs or garden decor pieces every year but this year these plant and garden decor vendors were absent. This is the first year that I have came back home without some trinket or plant from a visit to the show.


I would have loved to have drug this home behind the car though.
What a wonderful potting shed.  I loved the windows at the top of the roof. Put in some skylights at the back of the roof and we would be good to go. I could live in that. LOL!

It was a delightful show and we both enjoyed our visit yesterday.
If you get a chance to attend it will be worth your trip to see it this  week. The final day is Sunday.
I will show off some of the lovely spring flowers in future posting later.
Happy Gardening,



Astrid said...

Lona - great shots of what looks like a great show! Our Canadian equivalent - Canada Blooms - opens at the end of March so this has given me a taste of what to expect. I too love the fabulous fragrances that greet you the moment you step inside. Thx for posting.

Zoey said...

I enjoyed vicariously attending the show. I so wish we had a nice garden show to attend!

I agree that is one nice potting shed!

Gardening in a Sandbox said...

How magical it all looks. I just loved the pendulous pussywillow tree and all the lovely bulbs. I bet the fragrances were heavenly. Wonderful photos. V

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

We are not going until this coming weekend but can't wait to see the city landmarks that are in the displays! It looks so bright and cheerful!~Patti

Balisha said...

I always look forward to your "garden show posts" I love that shed too...It would be so nice to have back by the woods. I could even nap in it....LOL

scottweberpdx said... looks like they really went all-out for the show! I'm sad they didn't have any plant vendors...I'm the same way, I almost always pick up a few new Lily bulbs at those shows. I agree about the potting shed...holy moly! It looks bigger than our house!

Sunray Gardens said...

Looks like a great show. I would have loved to bring that shed home too. Really nice.

Cher Sunray Gardens

Tree Service Flower Mound TX said...

Now that's what you call garden. I'm Tulips lover and this is amazing. Just like what Balisha said.. I'm looking forward for more garden show like this.

HolleyGarden said...

Oh, what a wonderful show to go to - I bet it gave you spring fever! Sorry the plant, seed, and bulb vendors weren't there. I can imagine most people would have bought something!

RobinL said...

I can't wait to go in the morning, but guess what? Now I'm really disappointed to hear that the seed and plant vendors were not there! Honestly, that seed corner was my very favorite part of the whole show. I think I'll cry!

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Thanks for taking us along to the show. I miss seeing the displays.
Love that shed.

Jennifer said...

Hi Lona, I want that potting shed too! I love the big windows and high ceiling. Our big show is coming up in a couple of weeks. I can hardly wait!

Joe Todd said...

Linda and I made it to the show yesterday. Thanks for the tickets. We both have some of the same photos LOL

The Redneck Rosarian said...

Wow! What a magnificent show this must have been. such beautiful flowers and plants.