Monday, March 5, 2012

Some Flowers From the Garden Show


I hope everyone had a good weekend. Such a tragic end to the week with so many tornadoes destroying property and taking lives.
Keep these people in your prayers and give aid where you can.

Sunday was the last day for the Central Ohio Home & Garden Show and from all reports it was a success. Although there were a few things I missed seeing that were not at the show this year I thought it was laid out better and the displays were nicer than the two previous years.

Of course the gardener in me is always  looking for more flowers to be included every year because I can never get enough, but that is just me, and there were many spring blooming plants to be found.

Begonias Many of the flowers were the types that are included every year which can be grown in the shade so that they last through the duration of show with its darkened venue.

Begonia_Yellow Begonia’s in peach and yellow brightened up the displays.

Spotlight_on_Beauty Spring bulbs are always a favorite and they always get me thinking of my own spring bulbs sleeping in the ground and get me yearning for them to start blooming in the garden.

This year I saw more Hellebores included in the displays than in previous years.

With one of the displays being of the Franklin Park Conservatory their display was made up of many tropical or warmer zoned plants.


I know nothing about tropical plants and the flower below has me stumped. I do not know what these two blooms were but they were lovely.

My daughter could smell a flower at this display that just smelled terrible and almost made her sick but I do not know whether it was from this bloom or another tropical plant on display.  Anyone know what plant these two blooms are from?
Update: Meet Medinilla magnifica. Thank you Andrea for identifying my unknown bloom. A great name for a beautiful flower.

FranklinPark_Bloom With the dark lighting the picture is no very good.

There were also those unexpected plant combinations such as this one with the Citronella Heuchera, bright orange Tulips and Purple heart vines.

Crocus_Beauty Beautiful blue crocuses.

Cyclamen I loved this Cyclamen with the pink blooms and darker pink edging.

Kale_Tulips Kale is not only for fall gardening but were paired up here with purple tulips.

Tulips are always the favorite for the vendors to force and include in the garden show and they were in every display.

Tulips_White The white ones brightened up the dark displays.

Lots and lots of……….

Daffodils…. Daffodils.

Astilbe_Daffodils and Astilbes.

Even an Anthurium made it to the show.

Since this posting is getting a little long I will show some of the trees and shrubs in another posting.
Winter has returned here with snow flurries yesterday and this morning to show us it is still the boss and still here for a while yet.
Everyone have a safe and wonderful week.

Happy Gardening,



Patsy said...

The flowers are so beautiful, sorry about the snow.

Angela said...

Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Balisha said...

I love that cyclamen. Your pictures are so pretty. I always look forward to my trip to the garden show here.

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Pretty pretty pretty!!! Love the sunny yellow Begonia, but my favorite is that dark pink edged pink Cyclamen. Super pretty.

Shirley said...

These are gorgeous!

Stephanie said...

Astilbes is new to me. Love their feather-like spikes of blooms. And so many gorgeous, dazzling flowers you have here!! Good shot as well Lona. Thanks.

Teresa O said...

These photos get me excited for spring! Loved the color combination of the orange tulips and citronella heuchera. I'm hoping to pick up an array of heucheras this year to plant in the semi-shade garden.

Becca's Dirt said...

I bet this is the last snow for you - hopeful anyway. I know you enjoyed the garden show. I love all the tulips and wish they would live down here - but it is too warm. Hope you're having a nice day Lona.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Lona girl !
I missed our tiny garden show for the first time in years .. not up to par with things in general. This looks like it was a beautiful show and of course I would have been drooling over the hellebore!
I agree with you about the bird house thing .. It would be just too funny for them to have a better house than I have .. so we have to keep it even ? LOL
Old man winter isn't leaving you yet ? Hang in there girl .. he never quite made it up here for some reason !
Joy : )

greggo said...

Love the whites


That cyclamen with the deep pink, ruffled edges...oooh la la! Gorgeous. I love all the pink tulips. Why can't spring hurry up? :)

(Btw, I wrote a reply to Stuart's blog. Thanks again for the heads up.)

Andrea said...

That's a lovely garden show, and i see some tropical plants. I am not sure if you were able to see my post at Tootsie's link last Friday, but i posted the Medinilla magnifica there, which is the big flower spikes with wide bracts you have here. It is not the one with the unfavorable scent. I am inviting you to see my post on this. Lastly, the one above the Anthurium is Spathiphyllum, also a tropical plant.