Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday in the Garden


The garden is in such a hurry this spring from the warm days we have in March. I do not remember so many flowers all growing at the same time and trying to bloom. With freeze warnings last night and for in the morning too I am afraid that for some of the blooming trees the blooms will be cut short this season. Some of the hardy plants will be just fine but what about the first blooms on my Blue Wisteria vine that I was so thrilled to see?

They were starting to open their buds yesterday so I took more pictures of them just so I could remember the blooms that might have been. The leaves are opening on the trees that would have protected it from the frosts,  but a freeze???


One of those plants that is in a hurry is this little Heuchera ‘Hercules’. It is barely started growing  this spring and it is already throwing up buds.


The Tiarella ‘Spring Symphony’ Foam Flower is just starting to bloom but it looks smaller this year so some soil amendments are the next thing in order for this shady bed.Tulip_HP
The ‘Hot Pants’ tulip is getting a little darker pink but not the purple it is suppose to be yet so it may my soil that is holding the color to pink.

But in the over all look of the front bed the pink goes better with the Dicentra Bleeding Hearts and Iberis Candytuft groundcover.
The Bluebells in this bed are getting big and setting on buds now. This will be their first year in the Shade bed so I am anxious to see how they look here when they are in bloom.

The large old Lilac bushes are looking pretty now with the lilacs all blooming. The butterflies are starting to show up to feast on them.
But the blooms will most likely come to a fast end now.
They smell divine and I see a bouquet of them well be brought made so I can enjoy them indoors.

The Daffodils have now lost their blooms alone the front porch but the Primroses, Lamium and

the Astilbes are growing bigger everyday now and the ‘Rembrandt’ Tulips are in full bloom.

The new ‘China Town’ tulips are about to open.
These have the strangest blooms on them with the green sections on the undersides of the petals.

And the “Apricot Beauty’ tulips that I planted in a container last fall are now in bloom.

The apricot blooms are shaded with pink on the under side of the petals and they make a striking display of color.

The hyacinths went fast this spring and I got the seed heads cut off of them so the energy would go to the growing of the bulbs.
But now here the ferns, astilbes and columbines are growing in.


 Fragaria ‘Lipstick’ and ornamental strawberry is blooming. I got it because I loved the pink color of its blooms and it does grow a few very small berries on it which the birds always enjoy. They usually get to them before I do.

Ajuga ‘Burgundy Glow’, a ground cover, is spreading and blooming now where it grows below the front maple tree. The gnomes are going to get moved as soon as the gardener remembers to get them out of the shed. I remember them when I am running around taking pictures and then forget about them afterwards.

Anemone Pulsatilla ‘Red Clock’ Pasque flower is now starting to open its blooms along the front walkway. They are such a deep red color and look lovely against the fuzzy stems.

So while some of the spring flowers that were in such a hurry are fading there are others to take their place. In the Woodland bed spring wildflowers and rows of irises are growing. Peonies buds are also starting to set on the old peony plants while there are hopes for some first blooms on two newer ones.


Everyone have a Blessed Easter weekend and God Bless.



Tomato Thymes said...

Lovely photos.

FlowerLady said...

What beauties you have. They must be such a 'joy' to see in real life. I love the 'China Town' tulips and your wisteria.

I hope the cold temps do no harm.

Have a lovely Easter Lona,

Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

Patricia Tryon said...

The Fragaria with the pretty blossom is new to me. Although anything that blooms should not be taken for granted here in Colorado, I'm afraid that my eyes are not made especially happy by the white blossomed variety. The anemone's color is really striking to me, too.

myomyohi said...

Everything's looking so pretty, and I love that blue wisteria. My lilac's aren't blooming yet, but the weeds are growing like crazy.

Enjoy your holiday weekend.


Darla said...

You have some pretty bloomers today. I hope you do not have a freeze. Remember the Texas Bluebonnets you and I tried to grow last year? I had two germinate and grow, they were so pitiful....they came back this year! I believe I need to move them to full sun.

Astrid said...

Hi Lona
Look at all the cool stuff already blooming in your neck of the woods!! I love the shot of your tulips, Bleeding Hearts and Iberis. I used to have Iberis but it faded away. This year I am trying to grow 2 different types from seed. We'll see if it works. I may get blooms only next spring but it will be worth the wait.
Happy Easter to you too.

Zoey said...

wow, Lona, you do have some early bloomers. My ajuga does not bloom until late May/early June.

It will be interesting to see how the garden season progresses this year. We may all be in for some surprises.

Bernie H said...

It sure is a busy time in your garden right now. Love the Ajuga and the 'Apricot Beauty'. I wish I could smell that fantastic Lilac bush. That's something I'd never see here. Fingers crossed the freeze warnings come to nothing and that beautiful Wisteria keeps on blooming.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lona girl you have such beautiful gardens and plants .. and that water pump area is perfect .. I would love to have something like that : ) You have to rest now with all of that work !!
I had a nightmare time digging the old baptisia out .. it looked like a bomb blast area by the time I finished .. so I am sore today as well .. but we are getting closer to having the new arbour up : )
The garden needs so much of us some times I wonder how I will keep the pace up as I get older ?? LOL .. but yes ... it gives so much back to us too : )
Have a wonderful peaceful weekend girl!!

Balisha said...

I love that China Town tulip.
Happy Easter weekend, Lona.

Debbie said...

You have so much going on in your garden dispite the cool temps at night. We also have frost warnings at night and it takes so long to warm back up during the day:(

HolleyGarden said...

Love all the peach/apricots! Especially that Apricot Beauty tulip! What a stunner! Rembrandt tulips are beautiful, too! By the way, I know there are mixed feelings about awards, but I am giving your blog The Sunshine Award because I appreciate you. I hope you will take it as a compliment. The post is here:

Karen said...

Oh, Lona, I'm holding my breath right along with you that your wisteria will bloom! It was really cold here last night, too, very heavy frost; even the tulips were laid down flat.

How I wish I could buy seed for those Bubblegum Supertunias, but as far as I know, they are not available to the retail market yet. I have a friend who has a wholesale license and he gets his as plugs but he has to be inspected by an official to make sure he isn't making cuttings and selling them. For the last two years I've been buying mine from our local greenhouse. They are a bit pricey, I think around $4 a plant, but oh, the results. Last year I only plunked four plants in Ernie the Urn and that was more than enough to spill over.

Maybe some day they'll make the seed available! This year I planted seed petunias of Avalanche, Tidal Wave,Shockwave and Easy Wave. I'm going to keep tabs on them all and see which ones I like the most. They're not Bubblegum, but they're still pretty good growers.

Happy Easter, Lona!

Patsy said...

Happy Easter!

Rosie Leavesnbloom said...

GASP! that wisteria bloom against those redish leaves is superb looking Lona. I really hope the frost doesn't damage those. We've not got lilac in flower yet.

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Happy Easter to you too. Glad your garden is looking like spring is in full bloom. Some of those tulips are gorgeous!!
I really like Hercules!!! Will have to look for it.

The Redneck Rosarian said...

A lovely post. I love the fountain. May the blessings of Easter be yours...

Stella said...

My wisteria is in bloom and seems to have come through the cold night we just had so hope your does well too. What beautiful tulips you have. Love the ones with the green.

A Garden of Threads said...

Hi Lona, Hope you had a wonderful Easter. The garden is looking great. I am losing some new spring growth because of frosty nights. Keeping my fingers crossed the new David Austin rose I bought recovers from frost damage. Happy gardening this week:)

debsgarden said...

I love all your tulips! And the wisteria! I hope your blooms came through the cold OK, and I hope you had a wonderful Easter!


Hi Lona, It's been too long. Your photos are wonderful. I'm so happy you're having spring. I'll keep my fingers crossed that it doesn't turn cold. Things are starting to bloom here, finally. Love that 'Rembrandt' tulip.

Nadezda said...

Lona, your tulips are so nice! I hope the weather is warmer now.
Happy Easter1

Jennifer said...

Lona, Happy Easter! Isn't it so amazing to have such a profusion of blooms this early in April? As well as a worrying that we might still have a sudden drop in the temperature, I am worried about the lack of rainfall. We haven't had any precipitation in days and days. How about where you are?
P.S. The flowers are all wonderful, but I love the leaves of the Heuchera ‘Hercules’ and the Tiarella especially.