Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday in the Garden

Well we made it through the last three days of frost and freezes without too much damage.

What I am really pleased about is that the Blue Wisteria blooms made it through without any damage.

With these being the vines first blooms I was in a panic about them being ruined  but they looked fine this morning.

The Bella Rosa rose bush was the only rose bush that is showing some burnt leaves from the freeze.

Some of the roses like this Morden Blush has started getting buds which is unheard of in April here. Rose usually start blooming the last of May and the first of June around here.


I got the rest of the beds mulched yesterday and I am glad that job is done. I have to paint this bench yet. I am thinking a bright blue maybe. Behind the bench out of the picture is Hydrangea, Campanula, Astilbes and Japanese Anemones that are spreading like crazy. This is a picture of the back of the middle bed with the shade bed which is front of the Rhododendrons. Some of the plants this bed contains are: Astilbe, Anemones, Lily’s, Phlox, Salvia, Foxgloves, Delphiniums, Coneflowers, Campanula, Columbines, Mums, Penstemon, and Veronica. I have a lot packed into my beds for layering and color.
While mulching I discovered that the yellow Capistrano Rhododendron that has been dying over the years had finally died clear out so it was dug up and the Lavender was quite dead.
I will have to come up with some plants to take their place so maybe I will just sow Cosmos seeds in here for late season color.


I have to white wash this fence yet that hides the cistern filter. Here I have Lilies, Phlox, Coneflowers, Sedum, Hibiscus and two roses; a Scentimental rose and a Rainbow Knockout rose. Apricot Beauty tulips are blooming in the container.

Apricot Beauty tulips.

In this front corner bed I have Dianthus, Weigela, Alliums, Lilies, a Peony, a Rose of Sharon bush, Echinacea, Crazy Daisy’s, Yarrow, Creeping Phlox and a new dwarf Marcus Salvia.

Dwarf Marcus Salvia even has two blooms already and the Brilliant Dianthus has buds forming on it in this bed.

Sidebed_Mulched This side bed has something blooming all the time and is loaded with plants such as Astilbes, Daffodils, Tulips, Alliums, Monarda, Phlox, Agastache, Penstemon, Rudbeckia, Dianthus, Yarrow, Echinacea, and Sweet William. I am sure I am forgetting some.
A few China Town tulips are blooming there now.

Along the woodland bed the rows of lilies, alliums and irises are all growing.
I have all kinds of plants in the woodland bed such as: Coneflowers, Peonies, Yarrow, Meadow Rue, a Rhododendron and Jane Magnolia, Ligularia, Hosta, Astilbe, Daffodils, Tulips, Daisies, Campanula, Hydrangeas, and Monarda.

The Gnomes have came out of hibernation and have taken up their spots under the maple tree where the Burgundy Glow Ajuga, Campanula, Grape Hyacinths and Irish Moss grows.

The English Bluebells are starting to bloom now in the Shade garden bed.

And also the Purple Columbines are about to open.

The Carousel tulips in the Rose Garden will open when the sun comes around to shine upon them.
Over the last two weeks I have showed you around a lot of my flowerbeds as I have been working on them. I usually do not take pictures that show the beds in the garden but just the flowers so I hope this gives you some idea of a few of the beds. I have five other beds around here which will be show in later postings.

Laugh  We are going to have a nice warm up this weekend and a little rain. Believe it or not with the winds we have had and few rains in the last couple of weeks it is getting dry out there. So all of this mulching may be a blessing if we have a dry spring and summer.
Everyone have a wonderful weekend and….
Happy Gardening,


Becca's Dirt said...

Your gardens are loaded with stuff girl. Wish I could say the same. They are all greening up so nicely and shooting out some gorgeous blooms. I suppose I should mulch but I hate dealing with it when I go to put down new stuff and I'm always adding and taking away. Yours looks so pretty with a layer of mulch.

Helen said...

They are all beautiful. When they spread a little those beds will be full. Beautiful!

Nezzy said...

Oh darlin' I just adore your little Gnome habitat. Precious!!!

I'm so happy you and your plants survived the frost. I'm not sure I'm gonna be that lucky.

If ya get a chance pop over, I promise ya roses and a miracle!!!

God bless ya sweetie and have a magnificent weekend!!! :o)

Kay said...

I just love your garden. I used to love to garden years ago, but as I've gotten older and since my husband passed away, I just cannot seem to get back into creating a garden. I really need to push myself to do it.


Patsy said...

Sure hope that is the end of the freezes for you . Things are really in a hurry to bloom this year.

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Beautiful pics Lona! I'm glad the frost was not damaging. I really love the red mulch you used, what kind is it? :)

Egretta Wells blog said...

What a beautiful post. I love all your flowers, but my all time favorite is the Wisteria. So glad it got no damage. Happy Gardening to you, too!

Stella said...

Finally got all my mulching done and it's a good thing as everything is growing so fast. My tulips are gone and my roses are blooming already. Peonies will pop in the next few days. Your garden is looking lovely and green.

Bernie H said...

Your garden is simply bursting out all over at the moment. It was terrific to see that the Wisteria came through with flying colours. It really is a stunner. Loved 'Apricot Beauty' and the dwarf 'Marcus' Salvia.


Beautiful job on the mulching. Don't you just love having that job behind you? It's so gratifying to see the beds all neat and tidy. Your plants are amazing. I love your little gnome garden. The PINK 'China Town' tulip is ooh la la! I'm so glad the weather gods smiled warmly upon your garden and staved off the cold weather.

T Opdycke said...

Your spring flowers are so lovely! I was worried about the peonies that are all ready have buds, but the frost didn't hurt them...I hope. I'm glad your beauties were unharmed by the cold nights.

Debra Howard said...

Those apricot tulips are beautiful. Oh how I miss tulips. Only a few do very well here and then they really are better if you pull them out of the ground for a chill. Thankfully I can enjoy those of my bloggie friends.

cherry said...

I want to know do the Gnomes have names ??? Everything looks so pretty it looks like the frost didn't get you to bad thank goodness.
Your wisteria pictures are beautiful as are all of the tulips..
happy weekend, Cherry

Lona said...

Becca: Mulch does become a problem when you move plants a lot. I usually scrap it back with a shovel plant the plant and then spread is back on. I think you have a lot going on in your garden this spring.

Helen: You are right when they get grown in this summer you won't even be able to see the mulch. LOL!

Nezzy: What a wonderful posting Girl. Hugs.

Kay: That is understandable after suffering such a loss.Everything takes time.

Patsy: I hope it is the last freeze too but we could have more frosts into May.

Rebecca: I am not sure. It is a died mulch but so far it has never hurt the plants. Glad to see you back!

Egretta: Thank you. Since it is the first time it has bloomed I am posting all kinds of pictures of it. Everyone but myself will be sick of seeing it. LOL!

Lona said...

Stella: It always feels good to have that mulching job done. I did not get any done last years so everything had to be mulched this spring.Glad you got yours done too.

Bernie: I am so glad the wisteria made it through. I am going to love the little Marcus Salvia. It is a ground huger.

Grace: I always love seeing everything all neatly tucked in in the spring. China Town is pink! Girl you have to have one. LOL!

T: My peonies look fine too and the buds look fine. They are pretty hardy. Glad your made it through the cold too.

Debra: We all envy those plants that will not grow in our zones I think.LOL! I would love to be able to grow Camellia's and Gardenia's.

Cherry: No they do not have names. I may have to think about that. LOL! Have a wonderful weekend.

Sunray Gardens said...

Everything looks lovely. It's always such a nice feeling to get everything freshly mulched out. Glad you didn't have more damage. I had more than that but I believe everything will turn out ok.
Cher Sunray Gardens

RobinL said...

I've been trying not to get too riled up over the frosts. After all, we are weeks away from our frost free date anyway. My hydrangeas got nipped too, but everything else looks fine. Your Apricot Beauty and China Town tulips are fabulous! It's been a hectic spring for me this year, and gardening has taken a back seat. That is NOT how I like it! LOL

Lona said...

Cher: I hope your plants snap out of it too.

Robin: I am such a worrier when it comes to plants.LOL!

Darla said...

I love seeing larger photos of your gardening areas. Everything IS so tidy, a job I need to do! Beautiful.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Your garden looks beautiful Lona, so much hard work. The wisteria is stunning such a difficult plant to get to bloom but well worth the wait. I had some frost damage on roses and hydrangeas, hope they come back.


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lona girl I LOVE your garden and its gnome population ! LOL
I am all for filling up as many plants as possible to keep a "show" going on as long as possible and you are doing a fantastic job of it .. I have roses and perennials being sent next week so I have a lot of work to do before I do my big mulch mission .
I totally agree with you that it is going to be a dry garden season .. so that element is very important .. one of my roses was sent way too early a few weeks ago .. I soaked it yesterday while I did other jobs in the garden .. and then planted it .. I have no idea if it will make it .. but since it was the companies fault .. if it does take .. they will be hearing from me!LOL
Joy : )

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Beautiful blooms, that China tulip is a fun shape. I would paint the bench a bright color, blue is a good choice.

Kathleen said...

Your apricot beauty & china town tulips are beautiful Lona! I am really enjoying the tulips here this year. Sorry about the frost ~ I've been wondering if that would happen (here or elsewhere) with the wacky warm weather we've had. Even here, I have buds on my clematis (which is so much earlier than "normal") and on the peonies ~ wondering what it all means for the rest of the season?? Anyway, glad the frost didn't do much damage since things are so far along there. I can see why you'd be worried about the wisteria blooms ~ so pretty. I've never had wisteria but always admired it. Hope that's the last scare for you. Your garden looks wonderful!

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

What a riot of color in your garden...that's what I miss the most about the coast.

They don't seem to plant in abundance here, but then there will be water shortages and extreme heat, so it makes sense I guess.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Nadezda said...

Lona, your garden is blooming lovely!
I liked tulips in a vase, it's very practically to grow flowers in vases, you can move them in any place.

Jeri Landers said...

I lost all my little cucumbers, tomatoes and I have my doubts about a crepe myrtle I had just put in. DRAT! Your wisteria blooms are fabulous, thank goodness the frost only wilted the leaves.