Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday in the Garden

Another week has flown by. 
Wednesday we were awoken with the noise of a plane dive bombing over the top of the house repeatedly. I thought what is wrong with that crazy pilot flying so low over our house until I remembered they were going to spray here in the Hocking Hills area for Gypsy Moths. Yesterday we had terrible thunderstorms, wind, hail and rains so they could not finish spraying but they are back out there again this morning making pass after pass all over the area.

Can you say brrrr! The colder weather lately and rain has slowed down some of the blooms in the garden and the gardener too, along with the projects that still need to be finished outdoors.
The Persian Blue Alliums have been shy to open on these cool days.

It has caused the blooms on the Carrosuel tulips to last longer, although I do not know how they made it through the hail without getting shredded.
I have really been enjoying their pretty white with red feathery blooms this spring.

The Red Valerian, Jupiter’s Beard, Centranthus ruber, (or which ever name you call yours) is starting to open its buds. It grows in front of my old shed and the heat generated from the sun off of the metal building makes it grow faster.

Another Columbine, aquilegia ‘Rose Barlow’ has self seeded in another section of the Shade garden.
This plant is larger than all the rest of my Columbine plants so it must like where it has decided to grow on its own. At least it was not a crack in the walkway where the Cosmos likes to take a hold and grow. LOL!

The Dianthus ‘Brilliant” is looking lovely and stands out in the garden border.

Dianthus_Brilliant2_April25 It is way ahead of all of the other dianthus plants throughout the garden.

In the Woodland bed where I tossed a whole box of mixed perennial seeds last year has given me a few nice surprises so far.
Some  “Five Spot” Nemophilia maculata plants are starting to bloom there. I remember trying to start some one year from seed with dismal results so I guess the way to grow them is just to toss the seed out on the wind and let them pick where they want to grow. LOL!

They do have lovely little white blooms with, yes, five purple-blue spots.

Some “Forget Me Not’s” are also blooming in the Woodland bed from the seed. I see a lot of Coneflowers have sprouted up there along with some Jack in the Pulpit’s so it should be interesting to see what else will bloom there over the summer.

Also in the Woodland bed the “Blue Mammoth” hosta is growing nicely and thus far the slugs have not found it. The Ligularia growing there looks so pretty with its dark stems and new foliage.

The Dames Rockets managed to make it through the wind, hail and rains without falling over.

The lavender Rhododendron is now starting to open their buds and bloom where it gets the morning sun.

The red one is a little slower where it grows in complete shade.
With all of the roses now in bud this may be the first year that the roses will bloom at the same time as the Rhododendrons. It is just so unusual for here in Ohio where the roses bloom the last of May into June.

Lilacs_Of_Spring5 The Lilacs are done blooming now and all that remains are brown dried up blooms.

Rose_Companion_LindaKerr  The “Rose Companion” from seeds given to me by our late friend Linda Karr are really looking pretty this spring with their fuzzy leaves and will give me some first blooms this year. Linda’s kindhearted gift and flowers remind of her whenever I look at them. And is that a Lightening bug I see?

The purple Pasque Flowers are also finishing up their bloom cycle. I may try to grow more from their seeds this summer.

The variegated Weigela bush is budding.

The variegated Creeping Myrtle or Vinca Minor is spreading nicely. I will be pulling it up by the handfuls this summer to keep it in check. It gets very invasive with runner roots that spread out under ground.

The Blue Wisteria blooms are fading now and the vine is leafing out more. If I dead head it will it give me more blooms? If only.  I know you are tired of seeing pictures of it but since I waited eleven years for it to bloom folks I am taking advantage of these first blooms with many pictures. LOL!

Cyclamen2 Indoors a little fertilizer and a larger container has given the cyclamen a fresh start and it is blooming again.


Everyone have a wonderful weekend and….
Happy Gardening,



Kay said...

Beautiful flowers. You have a green thumb.

Nancy's Notes said...

What brilliant blooms! Each photograph of your flowers is truly dazzling!

Jennifer AKA keewee said...

All so beautiful, and I especially like the "Five spot"
Have a happy gardening weekend.

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Lona, you have so many lovely blooming plants! Vinka is spreading fast, and you are right - we need to watch it!

Anonymous said...

Lona ~ post as many photos as you want of your gorgeous Wisteria ~ you've definitely earned the right! Eleven years of waiting? That's true patience. It's beautiful and hopefully now that it's started blooming, it will bloom every year.

Love that you have plants (via seeds) from Linda. That is a great way to remember her ~ I bet she would like that too.

Have a great weekend Lona.


Hi Lona, Your photos are just outstanding. I love everything that's blooming in your neck of the woods. Those white Carousel tulips.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

You have so much blooming! Sounds like you've had some weird weather there with it starting off so warm earlier this spring. Hope it warms back up. LOVE those tulips!
I have a couple of plants from Linda in my garden. It's nice to have them to remind us of her.

Margy said...

Lona, I love the photos! Great camera and gardener too...

Indie said...

Lots of blooms despite the tough weather! I especially love the tulips and the columbine. What a pretty shade of pink!

Sunray Gardens said...

Lovely Lona what all you have happening there. The pasque flowers are neat. And you have Rhodies. I can't grow them here in my neutral soil.
Cher Sunray Gardens

Balisha said... have so many things blooming right now. That little lightening bug had better take cover in this cold weather.

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

That must have been quite disconcerting Lona!! I love your carousel tulips, they are so beautiful. It's so nice to see your Five Spot, I bought some seeds just a few weeks ago and need to sow them soon. Hopefully they will grow and bloom for me. :)

Gatsbys Gardens said...

So many good things that you have blooming. I have the white variety of the centranthus and seeing your red I think I like it better. I love those marked tulips so artistic looking. Each day that goes by we are getting closer to warmer weather so we don't have to worry about a frost!


The Redneck Rosarian said...

Beautiful flowers. The carousel tulips are magnificent.

Zoey said...

I can't believe all the blooms you have already, Lona! The only thing we have blooming in common right now are the blue forget-me-nots. I noticed a couple in bloom when I was out working today.

That red rhodo bud is gorgeous!

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Look at all those lovely blooms! I love this time of year! Happy spring! I hope the weather gets better, though. Hail is not our friend.

debsgarden said...

You have so many beautiful blooms, despite the cold weather and hail. Spring will not be denied! I particularly like your Carrosuel tulips.

Autumn Belle said...

I have certainly enjoyed myself looking through your beautiful blooms and dreaming about all these that I can't have in mine. The carousel tulips is my favourite.

Nadezda said...

How beautiful is your Rhododendron! I love this color, is it hardy enough?

Cathy and Steve said...

Lona, such gorgeous photographs, but more importantly, such amazing plants! I've never seen the "Five Spot" Nemophilia before, and your tulips are exquisite. It's hard to pick a favorite of all of these wonderful blossoms... I think I would like to just spend my day wandering from bloom to bloom like a bee, spreading smiles instead of pollen!

Kim and Victoria said...

You're way ahead of us with all your pretty blooms, but we're trying to catch up! :-)