Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mulching, Etc. in the Garden


What a cold couple of days this has been. Yesterday the cold wind just cut at you when going outside.

Hydranges_Freeze Two of my hydrangea bushes, Nikko Blue & Royal Red, are brown and crinkly around the edges from the frosty temperatures of last week. With this morning and tomorrow morning being even colder and the freeze warnings I am afraid of what will happen to some of the blooms or buds out in the garden.

RoseGarden_April2012 I got two new roses planted here in the Rose Garden last week. An Eyeconic Pink Lemonade and a Midnight Blue shrub rose. I have a climbing rose to plant that came yesterday in the mail and then I will be officially out of room here in the Rose Garden for anymore roses. So if I want more roses they will have to go elsewhere in the different flower beds or new beds made.

Rosebed3_April I got twenty bags of mulch put into the Rose garden and in the Shade garden out front and ran out of mulch. Lifting all those bags about got the best of my old back and my fibromyalgia so it took a couple of days to get back on track. LOL! Getting older is the pits.

But everything looks so much better with the new layer of mulch and with the drier weather we are having this spring  I am sure the plants will appreciate it. What a difference so far from this spring than from last year. Last year we were cold and swimming in the rains and now this spring we have had heat, cold and dry winds so far.

Garden_Sign My son picked me up ten more bags of mulch this week so I hope to get the rest of the beds cleaned and mulched this week when it warms back up a little or the wind at least calms. I can picture mulch flying in my face or across the yard if I try to scatter it down now. LOL!
Here in the Shade Garden the Heuchera, Tiarella,Tulips, Bleeding Hearts, Candytuft and Pulmonaria are still in bloom.


The Gnomes finally got put out into their home under the Maple tree. They are now enjoying the blooming Ajuga.

Along the front porch in this section the Red Hunter species tulips, Primroses, Lamium and Pasque Flower are blooming.They have gotten their new layer of mulch.

The white and red Carousel tulips are starting to open now along with the Apeldoorn red tulips in the Rose garden.

The roses are still growing fast and the Morden Blush rose has buds now. The Angel finally got moved out to the Rose garden.
I got a few things painted and containers moved around to different spots where I am hoping they will get more sun.

The cold has seemed to slow up the irises a little but they will be fine and I have seen no buds on them yet. The Toad abode and a few other garden decor pieces were drug out of the garden shed and put out after the mulching.

The Purple Columbines that were grown from seed given to me by Margy are about ready to open their buds. By the way Margy  @ “ My Vintage Gardens & Distressed Life” needs our prayers because she lost her brother over Easter weekend. It is such a heart breaking time for her after just losing her aunt too.

So I did get a few things done in the garden last week and even spotted a few butterflies enjoying the creeping phlox before the cold set in.
(don’t all gardeners garden with a camera nearby now)

Everyone have a great week and….

Happy Gardening,





Anonymous said...

Isn't it true that being out of room in a rose garden is just the sign that you're going to start "meeting" roses you can't live without? That's how it's always worked for me ;-)

Patsy said...

Your beds look great,and I have old age with fibromyalgia so I know how you feel.LOL
Eyeconic Pink Lemonade and Midnight Blue rose sound delicious.

Debbie said...

Your gardens are looking great. It has finally gotten warmer here again, we also had freeze warnings but everything survived!

TheGardeningBlog said...

I agree getting old is the pitts! I can't do as much as I want to and it really frustrates me! I love the mulch you've used - everything looks so fresh and "new". Lovely shots Lona, really gorgeous, your garden is looking great!

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Hi Lona,

That makes everything look so good! I think the hydrangea buds will be fine. I had several curled up leaves but the buds still feel firm. I am not sure all of that warm weather was worth the frustration of the freeze warnings.


~Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Everything looks so nice. You did a great job. I need to mulch too. The beds look blah. Time to freshen up.
Relax and recover!

HolleyGarden said...

Your mulched beds look absolutely beautiful! Mulching is so much work, but it always looks so nice afterward. I am really interested in hearing more about your eyeconic pink lemonade!

Stephanie said...

You definitely need to carry your camera all the time! You always grow pretty flowers in your garden. Your rose garden is always admirable. I am looking forward to see them on the trellises ;-) Your mulch make your garden beds wonderful as well. Nice bronzy coloured mulches/background for your plants. Your shade garden is terrific as well. Happy Spring!!

Barbarapc said...

Lona, can't get over just how much further ahead you are. Isn't it the truth - every year is a reminder that we're getting older when we try to do what we used to when we were 35.... Fortunately the garden has rewarded you with its beauty for all your hard work. You've inspired me to do a bit of poking around this afternoon - a reward from my number crunching.

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Nice to see the rose garden in its full space. Can't wait for some of the ones you mentioned to bloom. Interesting sounding names--Eyeconic Pink Lemonade and Midnight Blue.
Yes, the garden does look dressed with its mulch dressing. The plants stand out better with mulch.

bakingbarb said...

Lona your beds are looking beautiful, that mulch really does the ticket. It's something I need to do, weeds are taking over my flower beds - a huge amount of back breaking work! But we love it don't we!

Zoey said...

Hi Lona,
I am so sorry to see the cold damage. I have been reading the same thing all over blogland.

I guess I am happy that my plants were not nearly as advanced and I don't think this cold weather has hurt anything...except for my spring cleaning progress...I have not done a thing since last Saturday when I spent about an hour outside.

For me there is still plenty of time as I never expect much blooms until Mid May.

I hope your back is feeling better. We never realize how much work gardening is until we start to get older.

Anonymous said...

Everything looks good!! My hydrangea is also suffering from the frost, even though I covered it every time. The butterfly pic is beautiful.

Pearl@serenitycove said...

My hydrangea's are looking very sad.Even worse than yours. Just couldn't get everything covered. It's been about a week since I worked in the garden. Just been too COLD!! I have a truck load of mulch waiting for me so as soon as it warms up I'll have to get started on that.

Patsi said...

Loving the creeping phlox. And the mulch is a must...looking great !
I'd love to mulch now but all these seed pods from trees haven't fallen yet and they are a mess.

The Redneck Rosarian said...

Your Rose beds look awesome! Love the sign "Come Into The Garden... Awesome!

Jennifer said...

Hi Lona, Despite the back and muscle aches, I bet it feels good to get your beds mulched. I have started on this work, but am much further behind than you. Mulching certainly helps when we have had as dry a spring as this one has been. Finally, there is some rain forecast for the weekend. Normally, I might think that bad weekend weather was depressing, but hey, we so need that rain!