Friday, April 20, 2012

This Week in the Garden


What a lovely week it turned out to be here after it started warming up.
I hope everyone has been enjoying your week.
This week was spent doing some odds and ends outdoors.
I got the long bed touched up and ready for some more planting.

Also got the little fence painted and it looks so much better.
The lilies are really growing all around in the beds and along the woodland bed.
All of the roses now have buds on them and I had to spray them because the aphids had found the new buds already.
The Bluebells are all in bloom now in the Shade garden,

The Candytuft is still looking so beautiful along the front walk. The UPS man brought a package of plants this week and he stopped to look at them.

Margy’s purple Columbines have opened and are just beautiful with their nodding blooms.

I am really enjoying them in the shady areas where they have been transplanted. Thanks again Margy for the seeds!

Dianthus ‘Brilliant’ is starting to open its buds. What a shocking pink bloom.

The native Phlox is starting to bloom. They will bloom for weeks. Thanks Joe and Linda for the seeds!

The Weigela shrub ‘Wine & Roses’ is getting buds. Everything around here is covered with a dusting of yellow pollen and I sneeze my head off while working outside but I still love being outdoors again.

Heuchera ‘Georgia Peach’ is looking good. I have a few heuchera’s around in the garden but I really love the color of this one.
Seed pods from all of the Sugar Maple trees are flying everywhere. First comes the seeds and then the stems which will mean more clean up or I will have little maple sprouts everywhere.

The ‘Persian Blue’ alliums are starting to open but they are not looking very blue. To those of you who have grown them do they get darker or have I been sent the wrong bulbs?

Tiarella ‘Spring Symphony’ foam flower is looking fuller now and has more blooms.

The dwarf salvia ‘Marcus’ has gotten more buds.

Fragaria Ornamental strawberry ‘Lipstick’.

Almost all  of the tulips except three have finished flowering here now. “Queen of the Knight’ still has one bloom.


Pots of lantana were brought out of the basement this week along with all of the geraniums that were held over winter. I have yet to bring out the tub with the Elephant Ears.
There was some planting of a few new and replacement plants this week.
2 Queen of the Prairie from Prairie Moon Nursery.
2 roses, Julia Child and a red Falstaff climbing.
Lillies from Gilbert H.Wild & Sons:
Carlotta, French Tutor, Gordon Biggs, South Seas and a free Little Dance came with the order.
2 Amethyst candytuft
A Jacob Cline Bee balm replacement from Gorge Top Gardens.
Also new from them: Campanula ‘Cherry Bells’, Clematis ‘Niobe’,
Echinacea ‘Tomato Soup’ and a variegated Liriope.
Also for your information Gorge Top Gardens is having a Half Off Sale on their perennials and they have a wonderful guarantee on their plants.

My daughter, Shelly and I got in a three mile walk Wednesday to Rose Lake. Her new puppy did not know what to think about all of that water at the lake. Also she was fascinated by her reflection in the water. LOL! And there was this man who was also walking around the lake talking to himself rather loudly that had us uneasy. I whispered to my daughter that I had forgotten the mace. LOL!

I am joining in today for “Filling the Frame with Chris from “Cultivating Life & Roses” with a macro picture of a China Town tulip.
Also go over to “Tootsie Time” with our hostess Glenda and ‘Flaunt Your Flowers’ for Fertilizer Friday.


Everyone have a wonderful weekend!
Happy Gardening,


Darla said...

What lovelies Lona! Have you tried candytuft from seed? It's easy. I like that foam flower and that Carrosuel Tulip, oh la la!!!

Lona said...

Darla: My white Candytuft was grown from seeds two years ago.

Bernie H said...

The little fence looks great with a coat of white paint. Loved all the blooms you shared today, but that 'Queen Of The Knight' really stands out.

The Sage Butterfly said...

You have so much color in your garden...just beautiful! I love the color of your heuchera (Georgia Peach)...gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the photo of the Bluebells. I'm toying with the idea of adding them between my hydrangeas along the path.

Cherie said...

Your garden looks absolutely gorgeous! Visiting from Chris' blog!

The Redneck Rosarian said...

Love the Chinatown tulip! Happy Friday!

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

What a beautiful colour palette you have going! Amazing array of spring blooms. I really need to add Queen of the Night to my garden, what a beauty.

Anonymous said...

So pretty and your fence is gorgeous! I'm growing quite fond of Heucheras because they provide such lovely year round colour x

elaine rickett said...

Your garden is looking beautiful Lona - such a wonderful range of flowers - you are a little way ahead of us in the UK but reminded me of the delights to come.

bakingbarb said...

Your flowers are looking beautiful, all so inviting. My candytuft was lost to the battle of the weeds!
My gosh your tulips are finishing and mine are just starting - how different our weather is.

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful birthday!!!

HolleyGarden said...

Nice blooms, and a funny story about the dog! I wonder if next time he'll be brave enough to wade in!

Pearl@serenitycove said...

Very pretty. I really love the tulips.
This week was so nice until today. I'm not complaining about the rain though. We really needed it. I just hate the cold.

Stephanie said...

Those pretty flowers in the first pic, tulips? But anyway, I am so glad I see your tulips towards the end. Love their charming blooms. Will never have the chance to grow them in my garden... as you know... they will melt here hehe... And white is perfect for that fence. Nice job!

Nadezda said...

Lona, your daughter has a very curious friend! I love your heuchera.

Jennifer said...

Hi Lona, You are going to be busy planting! Your list reminds me that I would love to add Queen of the Prairie. Love that last tulip shot especially!

Jeri Landers said...

Okay Lona, we know tis your birthday... so give it up, how old are ya? i bet I am older at 58 but no matter, gardening keeps us young! Happy Birthday!

Zoey said...

Hi Lona,
My Persian Blue allium were not blue at all. They were purple.

You have so many lovely blooms right now!

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Lot's of beautiful plants coming up and flowers blooming. I am afraid to order anymore lilies, kind of went crazy last year. Your garden looks so polished and cared for.


Joe Todd said...

Everything is beautiful..Love German Shepherds.. If I missed your birthday well Happy Birthday and if I didn't miss it Happy Birthday LOL

Anonymous said...

Great "fill the frame" shot Lona! That is a gorgeous tulip & my favorite color.
I wish I would have known you wanted some 'Cherry Bells' ~ I have them in abundance, have given them to almost everyone I know & would be happy to share with you. If your order doesn't work out for some reason, please let me know.
Your garden looks awesome ~ sorry for the cold weather ~ it would be hard to take after the warm. Hopefully it won't last long & at least it didn't snow on you, right?

RobinL said...

I know we aren't exactly enjoying this chilly weather at all! But it hasn't stopped our flowers from blooming, now has it? Everything is gorgeous! Sorry I missed your birthday, hope it was happy!

VW said...

It's all looking good! We've had a few days with highs in the upper 70's and that has pushed leaves out all over my garden, plus a few more flowers. Spring is wonderful!