Thursday, May 10, 2012

Now Blooming in the Garden


I hope everyone is having a good week. The weather had been wonderful here in the hills but we have cooled off again with a chance of frost warnings in the morning.
This should be our last threat of frost in a normal year but normal has not been around for the last couple of years. LOL!
But soon now I can get some annuals and a few veggies planted out. Our last frost is generally around May 15th here.
It was wet out the other  morning but I had to get out and slosh around to check out the flowerbeds for new blooms. It seems that there is something new coming into bloom every day now and I love it.

The irises are starting to bloom now along the woodland garden.

I shared this new ‘Corn Harvest, iris already but I love the cheery yellow so I am posting another picture of it.
While visiting my friend Charlotte the other day I saw she had some beautiful irises blooming in her garden. She has a yellow one almost like this one but it smells so good. Mine not so much. LOL!
Do you think if I switched them she would notice?

This is ‘Spinoff’ a tall bearded iris.

“Presby’s Crown Jewel’

“Champagne Elegance”

“American Dream” almost looks like the “Jamaican Dream” but the falls are more purple rather than burgundy.

The Astrantia’s are blooming now.

This is their second year so next year should be their year to leap in growing.

Clematis Clematis “Crimson Star” is just starting to get some blooms

and another clematis “Florida Sieboldii” is blooming. I love the blooms on this one.

The “Pink Sorbet” Peony is opening its blooms but the white center has disappeared over the last few years. This bloom only has one white petal on the side. It is not nearly as pretty now as it once was.

This is what it looked like last spring.

The Keys of Heaven Valerian is in full bloom now.

Blue Hill salvia is not a sage that smell good at all but I love the blue blooms and so do the bees.

The Honeybees are busy on the Raspberry blooms.

The Bluebirds are also busy feeding their new family. I can hear the cheeps from them are the parents fly back and forth to the box.

The “Rebecca” violas that were planted in the Fairy garden are starting to bloom.


And a few of the Spiderwort or Widows Tears plants are getting blooms on them.

The columbines are holding onto their blooms despite the showers we have had.

“ Rose Barlow” Pink

Margy’s Purple columbines are still in bloom around in different spots in the garden. Thanks again Margy! I love them.

The Blackberry lily seedling grown from seeds Patsy Smith sent to me are growing very well in their second year and I am wondering if they will give me blooms this year. Thanks Patsy.

The alliums or Blooming Onions are still blooming away. The white ones are a little slower taking off and are just now getting buds.

RoseGarden_May8 The roses in the Rose Garden are opening now every day and it is getting filled with color.

RoseGarden2_May8 I will be showing some pictures of the individual roses that are starting to bloom in future postings.
So the garden is busting out in color all over the yard and the daisies, yarrows, coneflowers and lilies are not far behind in coming into bloom.
Everyone have a good week and…
Happy Gardening,




Muddy Boot Dreams said...

What a delightful time I just spent, seeing all of your beautiful blooms....some I miss, some I hope to see here in a few weeks.

Either way, it was wonderful to see them.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Patrikswim said...

Terrific year for irises and columbine! I really like that 'Champagne Elegance"....very beautiful!

Thank you for sharing.

Kay said...

Your flowers are beautiful. You certainly have a green thumb.

Becca's Dirt said...

Girlfriend what happened to that peony. I loved how it looked before with the delicate white petals. It isn't bad now but to see what it looked like before...oh well that's how a garden grows isn't it. You have a beautiful bed for your roses. Stunning iris's (plural). Love the yellow too.

Patsy said...

They are all lovely to see,thanks for the tour. It is cool here for next few days.

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Beautiful as usual Lona!! The Florida clematis is stunning. How interesting about Pink Sorbet, I wonder if it has reverted, or was originally a graft (although I've never heard of a grafted perennial).

Bernie H said...

It was delightful popping in today to see all those lovely Columbines and Irises. Your Rose Garden is looking fantastic, and it's terrific to see your Blackberry Lily seedlings popping up again. Love the Violas too!

greggo said...

Just beautiful would describe you plants and photos.

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Beautiful blooms Lona!! I think I need to get a Rebecca pansy to add to the family garden....though the Rebecca Clematis is coming along nicely.

Anonymous said...

Lona ~ you have so many beautiful blooms it will be hard to comment on them all! Lucky girl! I am drooling over your iris ~ mine seem so plain in comparison. I really, really like 'Spinoff' ~ just gorgeous. Your photos are awesome too. My astrantia is just starting to bloom as well ~ maybe we've caught up to you?? Enjoy your lovely garden ~ it looks heavenly right now.

Nadezda said...

your iris "Champagne Elegance" after the rain looks like in a spray of champagne!

Sunray Gardens said...

Lona everything looks so lovely in your garden right now. The Iris are beautiful. One of my favorite blooms. I am getting ready to post a few of mine also. Love your Clematis. Moved mine this Spring so I probably won't have any blooms this year. You sure have a lot of Roses blooming. They look lovely.
Cher Sunray Gardens

Astrid said...

Lona - your photos are lovely and I admire that you know the names of the plants! I lose all my markers and my notes. My special favourites this time were the irises and and the Valerian. Actually, they were all my favourites :) Beautiful garden.

~~~jennifer~~~ said...

Beautiful pics! I especially love the iris - stunning!

HolleyGarden said...

Oh, isn't it exciting when the garden starts blooming all over! It all looks so pretty. Love the rain drops on the petals, too.

Lynn said...

Lona, your garden is lovely with all its beautiful colors. I'm envious of your bluebirds. Wish we had them in my neighborhood.

RobinL said...

All of use gardeners are such suckers for iris! They are so beautiful that they take my breath away. But guess what? I hurt my knee, and now I'm on crutches, right in the heart of garden season. What am I going to do? Argh!

Balisha said...

Lucky you with bluebirds...Those iris are so pretty. Don't they smell wonderful?
Happy Mother's Day...Balisha

Jan@Thanks for today. said...

Everything looks beautiful, Lona. I think sometimes when cultivars are created, eventually the flower goes back to the original or a more basic form. That may be what happened to your peony. I still think the solid color is pretty, though. You do have a lot of Iris'; such a nice variety! I planted Astrantia last year but it hasn't bloomed yet; it's in a bit of a shady spot...perhaps it needs more sun.

sweetbay said...

Oh, your flowers are so beautiful! I love your 'Rebecca' viola and peonies and clematis.