Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wednesday Lovelies


I hope everyone is having a great week.
I have been busy outdoors planting containers with annuals and I finally got my bench painted this week.
Talk about a bright bench…..

I was going for a bright blue to brighten up the shade but… Wow!
It was much brighter than what it was suppose to be.
I do not think I will be tripping over it in the dark, LOL!

I had a single tub but was given this double tub by a friend and I was so tickled to get it. I am still deciding on what to put in it. Flowers or vegetables or maybe both??
Grace do not look at the blue tarp, it is going to get covered with mulch. I can fit into your blue tarp of the year posting. LOL!

In the garden the Mount Everest Alliums are starting to bloom now.
They were later than the Purple Sensation’s.

A couple more Irises are blooming. This one is ‘Conjuration’.

And this one is “Diamond Lake’. It is a little bluer than the picture shows and even the beard is blue.

My peony ‘Pink Sorbet’ only had one bloom that was all pink. So far the other blooms are looking like it should look with the white centers in the pink bowl. I was afraid it was going to revert to all pink blooms.

Campanula_PeachLeaf The Peach Leaf Campanula are also just starting to bloom…

Campanula_Waterfall and the ‘Waterfall” campanula is full of buds and starting to bloom those blue blooms. It is a low growing campanula and looks good in the front of the border. This one grows along the walkway.

This “Walkers Low” catmint is huge this year and is crowding out the “Melody Perfume” rose bush.

Melody Perfume Grandiflora Roses.

The Rhododendrons are finished blooming now and all the blooms are falling off. The ground is covered with red and lavender blooms.

This is a lovely clematis vine is called “Florida Seiboldii”.
This columbine was a volunteer from seeds of the “Rose Barlow”.
It found a good spot in the shade garden to grow. The Toad Lily behind it is getting so big this year.

Dianthus_Vintage_Pink_Rain This is “Vintage Pink” dianthus that were grown from seeds.

The new “Peanuts” hosta and  “Rebecca” violas are doing well in the Fairy Garden.

So there is a lot going on every day now in the garden. All of the roses are in bloom and the lilies are budding in the woodland bed.

For my own records I got the following perennials planted this week:

Raspberry Truffle Echinacea to replace the one that died over the winter.
Purple Pygmy Agastache
Red Profusion Miniature rose
Red Dragon Geum
Blue Passion Flower Vine
Red Cardinal Flowers
White Astilbe
Milkshake Echinacea
Everyone have a wonderful week and…
Happy Gardening,


Barbarapc said...

A red letter day - my blog list has been restored - hooray - saw that you posted and just had to jump over to see what's happening. I love the blue bench - reminds me of the colours they used in Amsterdam - mixed with brights or pastels it just looks wonderful. I can't believe how much further ahead you are - so many bright and beautiful blossoms. Can't wait until my own show their sunshiny faces.

Gatsbys Gardens said...


You have some wonderful blooms and I really do like the color of that bench. I just have japanese iris now and yours are so beautiful I would love to fit some in. I did order three, something Darby for the front area but I think it is the leaf color that is special.


greggo said...

Very unusual clematis bloom and plant. A cornucopia of blooms!

Rebecca said...

Oh, my - what a wide and lovely variety grows in your garden! (I don't know WHY I'm so besought with iris this year--your blues are so beautiful....)

cherry said...

Girlfriend I LOVE the bench and the Fairy garden and the clematis and the catmint and the peony and the.. Oh heck as always I love it all..
hugs, Cherry

Kim and Victoria said...

Love that blue color on your bench. Ours was purple for a while, now we're refinishing it and have to come up with a new color. I also have that Florida Seiboldii clematis but ours hasn't bloomed yet. I've had to cage my Walker's Low to protect it from the cats. Hope it manages to get going well enough to fend for itself.

The Redneck Rosarian said...

Great blooms! The Fairy Garden is awesome!

Margy said...

Lona, I love the fairy garden and the Peanut hosta is perfect for it. Where do you get most of your perennials? I need a good source. Email me!
HUGS Margy

Darla said...

That bench is not too bright at's a great pop of color in your gardens. I love the purple and green clemmie, having Florida in the name helps too, lol.

Sunray Gardens said...

Great blooming down your way. I like the bench. You'll get use to the brightness I bet, but it's always a disappointment when the color doesn't turn out like it should.

Cher Sunray Gardens

HolleyGarden said...

I love that bench! No, I don't think it's too bright. it's beautiful. And the double tub! How fun! All of your blooms are just beautiful. The rose with the catmint is a wonderful combination.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lona girl I am doing this on the fly so if it makes no sense .. well, that is me anyways ? haha
I am in love with all of your plants and garden .. the Fairy Garden most of all .. I think it is because I feel like a little girl looking at treasures again : ) it tickles my funny bone and puts a BIG grin on my face, so thank you girl !!
I have been in the garden and it is getting out of hand already .. I am so stressed trying to catch up and get it under control .. it may lead to drinking soon .. so if you hear singing on the wind ? .. it is me laying in the garden , drinking and singing ? haha .. Too funny about that remark for Grace about the tarp .. she is going to make you the star of the year with that one!
Take care girl .. I am just waiting for the MRI appointment to open up .. mean while I totally abuse my body by enjoying my garden : )

Stiletto said...

Your blooms are so pretty, particularly the peony and the clematis.

Jennifer said...

Lona, The painted bench look great. I don't think it is too bright at all. The flowers are all pretty. The “Florida Seiboldii” is very unusual. I have never seen that one before. The fairy garden has filled in wonderfully too. Have a great weekend!

Nadezda said...

Lona, your campanula is so tender and nice! Lovely color for bench-have you taken a sit after your work?

Anonymous said...

Hi Lona!
I really like your new bench color! But I think bold is good & like you said, it's very visible now. I also love your new double tub! I doubt you could go wrong planting anything in there. I can't wait to see what you decide.
My Walker's catmint was getting so huge, I decided to cut it back several weeks ago. I know I messed up its bloom time but it was just a little too out of control for me! We'll see what happens next. My white Alliums are just now blooming too ~ I guess they are all later than the purple varieties????
Your fairy garden is adorable. I still haven't fixed mine yet (even tho you left me a nice comment about it). I just have the stuff sitting in the pot with no plants! Need to get to that. I feel like I'm running behind this year and I can't figure out why since the growing season started so early???

Debbie said...

Your gardens are looking so the flower photos!

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

It's always such a joy to see all of your flowers. And I kind of like that garden bench, being partial to turquoise myself.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Floridagirl said...

LOL, I painted a bench a very similar color about a year ago. Oh my, it did turn my head every time I rounded the corner! Your story made me laugh as I remembered. The color has since grown on me. : )

That peony photo has certainly captured my eye today! Just beautiful! Oh, how I wish we could grow peonies here! I had so many in my old Z7 garden.