Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday in the Garden - 6/22/12

The 90 degree weather is over now after a few sprinkles of rain this morning. It was one hot week here in the hills. At 85 degrees out there now it feels a little better but  it looks like the water hoses will still be in use with receiving so little rain. I hope other parts of the state got some much needed rain.

There are still some Astilbe’s starting to bloom. I have them in several shady spots around in the garden to add some color.  This unknown pink one is later than some and is just now starting to bloom.

This is a new Echinacea in the garden that was planted this spring.
’Raspberry Double Scoop’ is a double blooming coneflower that is just starting to bloom now.

This one is ‘Lucky Star’ Echinacea.

The Japanese Beetles have taken over the rose garden now and are munching on all of the remaining blooms. I was glad I got this picture of the new Eyconic rose bush ‘Pink Lemonade’ before they found the bloom.

Daisy_WirralPride Along with all of the Shasta Daisies blooming now this double beauty called Wirral Pride is blooming.

Veronica_RedFox_June18 ‘ Red Fox’ Veronica

Geranium_Aristo_Petticoat Pelargonium ‘Aristo Petticoat’ is an ivy geranium that was over wintered in the house.

Hydrangea_Harlequin ‘Harlequin’ hydrangea is not one of my favorite hydrangeas with its mix of colors in the petals and blue eyes.

And this is ‘Pulchella Dazzler’ Gaillardia that were grown from seeds this spring.

‘Little Business’ daylilies are looking pretty down in front of the garden shed.

Another dayliliy ‘Pardon Me’ looks happier in its new spot in the garden. It was divided and moved to the Hippy bed last Fall.

“Windsor Castle’ daylily.
Two more daylilies in the Siloam series that are blooming now are:

Siloam ‘Double Classic’ and

Siloam ‘Merle Kent’

‘Lavon’ an orienpet lily looks a little rough around the edges in its first year of blooming along the woodland bed.

and ‘Satisfaction’ is another orienpet lily.
In three years both of these lilies will get to about six feet tall or taller with many blooms on their sturdy stems. I have a two year old one that is about to bloom and it is over five feet tall now.

The ‘Red Elfin’ impatiens are filling in nicely now in the tipsy pots.

Monarda_PurpleRooster The bee balms are starting to bloom now also and this ‘Purple Rooster’ Monarda is a vibrant shade of purple and has showed no signs powdery mildew as yet.

I wish I could say the same for this older pink Monarda.
Mildew is showing up on a couple of my tall phlox plants again this year despite the doses of fungicide that have been sprayed onto them.

Lantana_June18 The Lantana plants that were also over wintered in the basement are starting to bloom but I am wondering where all of the butterflies are this year that love these plants. I hope the spraying for the Gypsy Moths have not killed a lot of them.

Rudbeckia_CherryBrandy Rudbeckia ‘Cherry Brandy’ was started from seeds last summer and now they are blooming in their second summer. Their rich velvety petals are so lovely.

Blackeyed_Susans And along in the sunny section of the woodland bed Black Eyed Susan’s are budding out in large patches where wildflower seeds were tossed.

While on vacation we ran across an old Mill in Harrsionburg that sold Fairy Gardens and accessories.

Fairy_Garden_June8 So I could not resist getting another Fairy to set on the bench in my Fairy Garden and also a gazing ball and a couple of teeny solar ball stakes. I think the Fairy garden is about full now and I have it the way I want it. (I think? LOL!)

Everyone have a wonderful weekend and…
Happy Gardening,


Darla said...

It's been very hot here in North FL too Lona...your blooms are very pretty, as usual. I haven't the first indication that my monarda is going to bloom this year....sigh....your fairies are so spoiled, lol.

earlene said...

Do you ever have a garden tour at your house?
I have a lot of Echinacea this year...more than usual.
I have already picked cucumbers out of my garden. Hot Summer so far.
Have a great weekend!

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

I have a pink Veronica, not doing very well....have a blue one next to it and it is blooming like crazy! Love your daylilies, you have some pretty colors.

Swimray said...

Wow, with a geranium like that, I can understand the motivation to save it and overwinter. It's now on my list.

Stephanie said...

You moved faster than those Japanese beetles? haha... love to see enthusiasm! The flowers in your garden is always delightful. Thanks and happy gardening to you also. Btw, that Eyconic rose bush "Pink Lemonade' is really gorgeous :-D

Nadezda said...

Lona, how beautiful is your garden on Friday :0)! I love your echinacea Raspberry and the pelargoniums are gorgeous! Do you like a cup of tea with monarda?

Kim and Victoria said...

Your garden is looking great. Love that Pink Lemonade rose, very pretty.
The Wirral Pride is lovely also. Is that lily Pink Satisfaction?

Anonymous said...

We had the hot temps too!! But it is cooler now. I just love your fairy garden. You have great blooms that you started from seed. I also did not know to save lantana. Will have to do that!!

Tammy said...

Lona, LOVE the tipsy pot tower. I have never seen anything like it before. I cant wait to copy it. As always....your flowers are gorgeous!. Love the pics.

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Oh I love the colors in your garden, and that Monarda is exactly the shade that I have been dreaming about.

One day...

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Anonymous said...

I really like your 'Harlequin' hydrangea Lona! All those colors work for me. :)
My monarda is getting close to blooming too. Can't wait. I am disappointed in my lilies tho ~ I ordered 'Elodie' after seeing it in your garden last summer ~ they are blooming now & so far, NO doubles???? I'm wondering if that happens or if I got the wrong bulbs? They are a lovely shade of pink tho so that saves them!!!
I hope it cools off here ~ it's been in the triple digits and no rain either.

Alistair said...

Lona, I really mean it when I say you have a range of very interesting plants here and beautifully photographed. The Gaillardia pulchella Dazzler I was so taken with I tried to copy the name and panicked when it said stop thief! but you know I wouldnt steal. Enjoy the rest of the Summer.

pogonip said...

With the new additions, your fairy garden is now officially perfect!