Saturday, July 7, 2012

Antarctica Sounds Good Nowadays


Whoa! When it is 90 degrees at 10 a.m. in the morning in Ohio then that is an official heat wave. Makes one daydream about Antarctica, icicles and ice cream just to cool off. No, I do not dream about winter because it is my least favorite season not matter what.
When the electricity was off it was so hot upstairs that one of my sons collector Nascar pop cans exploded all over the walls.
Thankfully most in this area have gotten their electricity back on from the storms a week ago Friday. Three deaths were reported yesterday of elderly people so check on those around you and see if they need anything. Sometimes they may not feel the heat but need plenty of water and cooled off.

Shasta_Becky_Daisy_July7 Even the Shasta daisies are dropping in this heat.

I went out to water the garden and I think I was shedding more water than the hose. It is official now the cistern that I use for watering the garden is dry now.

Bill_Warriner_Rose_July7 The ‘Bill Warriner’ roses are trying to bloom again but those pesky little Japanese Beetles are eating them up. And it is so hot out I am at the point that i do not care to go out and stomp the little pests.

Heaven’s Gate Coreopsis

The garden is suffering now even with the daily watering and we are in dire need of some good ole rain. Parts of the state got showers Thursday evening but all we got was the thunder.

Mesda_Yellow_Gaillardia_July7 The ‘Mesa Yellow’ Gaillardia does not mind the heat wave.

Phlox_AdonisAdonis’ Phlox paniculta

Every year I count on the many tall phlox plants throughout the garden to carry through to give the garden some color but this has been the worst year for them in my garden.
Adonis always has problems with powdery mildew and this year even with the spraying of fungicides it is about all died out. I have decided to pull this one out of the garden even though I will miss its pink blooms. So this bed will get some tweaking this Fall.

‘Miss Ellie’ is so small this year. I love this phlox because of the pointed shape of the petals on it.


‘David’s White’ phlox paniculta is doing better than the others.


But spotting a big old Katydid this early does not look like a good sign.

‘Laura’ phlox is not showing signs of mildew but is looking sad.

‘Nicky’ phlox looks a lot lighter in color this year. Does anyone else have this problem with yours?

‘Starfire’ phlox is also showing signs of powdery mildew on her leaves.

A new one that was on clearance two weeks ago is starting to bloom. This one is called ‘Peacock Cherry Red’.

Containers like this one has to be watered sometimes twice a day now.

As do the containers of dahlias.

Pardon_Me_Daylily ‘Pardon Me’ hemerocallis daylily looks pretty in the filtered sun but is grateful for the afternoon shade.

 DoubleScoop_Raspberry_Echinacea Double Scoop Raspberry Echinacea

Some of the coneflowers colors are fading out so they have been deadheaded to force more blooms.

Hydrangea_Nikko3 The ‘Nikko’ blue hydrangea was suffering from the storm and heat with so many heavy blooms that I trimmed them all off the other day so it would have time to set blooms for next year. It was sad to cut off all those blooms but if I had waited until Fall to trim it there would be no blooms next year.

Rudbeckia_July7 Rudbeckia is another flower that stands up to this heat.


The Vining Snapdragons Asarina antirrhiniflora are starting to bloom now. They look lovely spilling out of the container.

But this was what excited me this morning while I was watering was finding a bloom from the new ‘Gallery Pink’ Lupines. I had gotten two of them on clearance from Rhoads Farm Market. Now if I can keep them alive.
It is going to be a challenge to keep all of the plants going now until we get some rain and relief from this heat.
The farmers are worried now because the corn in the fields is curling, turning yellow and drying up.

I know everyone is watching their pets also in the heat but remember to keep out water for the birds and other critters. The birds may even need some seed now to tide them along. I keep a little out all summer for them.

Everyone have a safe weekend and….

Happy Gardening,



Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Great picture of the hummer at your Phlox. I am happy to see your 'Heaven's Gate' mine keeps getting eaten by bunnies (?) I have foliage but no blooms.

Astrid said...

Hi Lona
Glad you and your flowers are hanging on as best as they can!! It's just as hot and dry here in Ontario. We had a brief thunderstorm this morning and I almost ran out and stood in the downpour, like a kid! Your plants still look as good as ever.

Indie said...

We've been suffering in the heat as well - yesterday my water hose popped! Thankfully we have been getting some rain, in some fast and furious storms. You still have some beautiful blooms. What a beautiful blue hydrangea! I love that daylily, as well.

Balisha said...

Hi Lona...Your phlox look so much better than mine. Mine are brown halfway up and just the tops are green. Our corn is about done for. It's 105 right now and we hear rumbling in the west. Could rain be coming? We'll probably get a drop.Have a nice weekend and keep cool.

Bernie H said...

Fingers crossed those dark grey clouds come rolling by your place very soon. You've still got so many beautiful blooms despite the heat. My favourite Phlox is always your 'David's White'. It is a stunner! The Rudbeckias look fantastic and so does the vining Snapdragon. That's a new plant for me.

T Opdycke said...

Oh my gosh do I feel for ya! It was triple digits here again today. Poor gardens and plants. Your photos look wonderful in spite of this horrible, bad, no good heat wave.

RobinL said...

Maybe because you have all those trees, you are getting some protection from this heat? Because your garden still looks great! I just took a slow tour, and it's a sad state out there. Even with hubby watering for me, everything is burning up. Next week, temps in the 80's, won't that be nice? But rain would be even better?

Anonymous said...

goodness ~ 90 degrees in the early AM is WAY too hot! I can empathize ~ it's been similar (although not quite that bad) here. Such a relief to have a break today ~ hope it travels across to you.
When you like something Lona ~ you go all the way! So many phlox! I have two spindly ones ~ must be in the wrong position??
Hope you can keep it all alive ~ we still have two plus months of summer to go! Hard to believe, isn't it? Feels like it's been summer for a long time to me but I'm with you ~ I still don't want winter no matter how hot it gets!

Pearl@serenitycove said...

Lona...Sure wish we would get some rain here too. Some places have been getting some but somehow it keeps missing us. It seems all I do is water.Hope the well doesn't go dry!!
Love the Lupine. I can never keep then alive longer than a year or two but they are so pretty.
Hope you get rain and relief from the heat.

A Garden of Threads said...

Hi Lona, Between the heat and groundhogs my garden is suffering. It has been a terrible year. But I am having a great daylily show. Have wonderful evening.

Crissy said...

Oh I have found a piece of heaven on your blog. Your garden is so beautiful. New follower on board.

sweetbay said...

Oh that pink lupine is gorgeous!!