Sunday, July 15, 2012

Some Pictures From Lily Fest 2012


Lily Fest was lean on lilies this year and other blooms. With our early spring and hot, dry weather most of the lilies were getting spent already but there were a few hardy blooms to be found.

The gardens on the Bishop property looked just like most of the gardens around here and like my own flowers beds the plants were drooping and in need of a good soaking of rain.

This was my personal favorite Lily of the walk. It seems to have had a deformation on the bloom but it appeared to have its own personal butterfly which added to this blooms beauty.


So here are a few pictures of some Lily Fest 2012.




LF_Purples I thought this one was just beautiful with the two toned petals.









I believe the Hemerocallis or Daylilies were the only ones  left remaining that still had a few blooms remaining. I noticed that all of the Orienpet lilies like my own were past blooming and had been trimmed.

There were a few pieces of art in the garden this year (not this one) that I thought were very inappropriate for younger attendants let alone the school children that go there for the labs. I am not naive enough to know that they most likely see much more and even worse these days at an younger age but I did not like them just sticking it out there and contributing to it. Okay, rant over.

LF_Unknown The foliage on this plant was lovely in a shady area but I confess I do not know what it was and there was no marker that I could find for it,

LF_Lilies There were the hardy perennials mixed into the beds that do not mind this hot weather like the Coneflowers, Bee Balms, Blackeyed Susan’s, Rose of Sharon bushes and Rudbeckia’s.

IMG_0029 But where the lilies were few there was an abundance of vendors this year with some beautiful pieces from local artisans.

LF_BottleTree Many pieces of ironware, pottery and glass etc. that we gardeners love to add to our gardens. I came back with two small toadstools for the gnomes and another Bluebird house.

But one element in the garden never disappoints and that is the pond of Lotus blossoms.

LF_Lotus3 I have pictures of them from every year but I find myself always taking a few more because they are so beautiful.
Their petals look like tinted delicate parchment.


Well one has to throw in a bit of whimsy that you spotted into a posting. So watch out for the bees.


So that is Lily Fest for this year. Maybe next year the weather will cooperate and not start out as early as this year. If so they maybe should move the showing up a few weeks.


We did get a few sprinkles yesterday but just enough to wet the sidewalks and that was all. So it looks like we will be dragging around the water hoses here for a while more.
Everyone have a wonderful week ahead and ….
Happy Gardening,



Nadezda said...

Lona, you're right, the Lotus is wonderful! I love also the daylily with dark purple center and Ligularia dentata 'Otello' on your last photo.
Thank you for sharing these pictures!

Gatsbys Gardens said...

I had to trim my Orienpet lilies also, but they were beautiful this year and did stand up to the heat. I am thankful to have the daylilies still going strong. I really need to get some more late ones because even my later ones are going to bloom early this year!



Hi Lona, Sorry you only got teaser rain. Maybe, hopefully a dousing is on the way. Love the lilies. That one with the "butterfly" is so sweet. I know what you mean. Some garden "art" isn't really appropriate for younger eyes.

Terra said...

Your photos of these lilies really showcase them. I have some day lilies and Oriental lilies in bloom here at our house, in California. The lily photo really does look like it has a butterfly, quite amusing and amazing.

Patsy said...

I love Lillies!

T Opdycke said...

What lilies you shared were so lovely. I'm afraid the rains have passed up nw Ohio repeatedly and even watering doesn't seem to be doing much good.

Here's hoping that a wet day hits the state soon.

David said...

What a beautiful post! I love daylillies and the other flowers you posted. But what really got my attention was that very graceful blue bottle tree. I have never seen one like it before. Does he/she sell them? I wish I could weld my own.
Hope you get some rain soon. We've had almost 7 inches this month on top of a very wet year.

The Sage Butterfly said...

What eye!! All of the hues and textures are simply amazing. Beautiful!

A Garden of Threads said...

Beautiful shot of the Lotus. Today it rained and I did not have drag the hose:). Have lost my lawn to grubs and drought. Jen.

Kalantikan said...

Hi Lona, even if those daylilies are a bit affected by drought, they are still beautiful for us who cannot grow them in our hot tropics. I also love that stone marker, hmmm, maybe i should do that too!

[I love the way you described my waterfall scene, 'something so powerful can make us feel so peaceful', that is very well said!] thanks.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Hi Lona,
I enjoyed seeing all of those lovely daylilies. I think I have a few of them. I am sad that mine are about finished already. Normally, they are just starting to bloom around July 4.

You asked me if I leave Lantana in the ground. It's an annual here in zone 5b Nebraska. I wonder if they would have survived our mild winter, though. I have a lisianthus blooming that survived winter in the ground.

Stephanie said...

Your garden is still lovely. Your lotus flower photos are marvellous. I hope your feet were not in water hehe... ;-D The last pic, the plant is intriguing with its dark foliage and little yellow blooms. Have a great week!

Kathleen said...

The lotus blooms are wonderful Lona! Wish my pond were bigger ~ I'd try to have some of my own.

Sorry the lily fest wasn't as nice as normal. With the weather being as hot & dry as its been, probably lucky for anything, right? I really like that white one!

We have a chance for rain tomorrow then looks like more 100 degree days. No way am I ready for winter but a break would be welcome....

RobinL said...

Lovely daylilies! Some day I'll get to that Lilyfest when my knee wants to cooperate with me. It's still not healed, I am quite discouraged! And this terrible drought too. But I have one lovely corner of my garden right now, and I'm going to enjoy it!

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Beautiful lilies!! That little paver is cute painted like a bumble bee!!