Friday, August 3, 2012

Down Memory Lane with the “Walton Family”


This is a non gardening posting which is going down memory lane for us here in the states.
The Movies and the show Walton's Mountain were written by a Schuyler, Virginia author Earl Hamner about his life and some of the locals near his boyhood home.


I loved the family oriented shows of the family throughout the years that the family and I watched and I wish there were more shows like them today for the families to watch.

Walton_House_Earl_Hamner The Original Walton’s House

A museum in the old school in Schuyler has been set up and holds the sets from the the show. It was so interesting to see the rooms of the house from the set as they brought up memories of the scenes from the show.

JohnBoy_Bed John Boys Bedroom

And the desk where we often saw him writing at on the shows many times.


Grandma and Grandpas room with the famous hat of his hanging on the door.

Baldwin_Sisters And of course those infamous Baldwin Sisters and who made the  “Recipe”.


The still where the “Recipe” was made.

 Ike_Godsey Cora_Beth_Godsey
Then there was the local Mercantile with Ike Godsey and his wife Cora Beth who was famous for eaves dropping and gossiping.

Walton_Cast2 And the kitchen with its big table that held all of the family for meals.





And of course Olivia and John the parents who had to cope with all of the family members and the daily goings on.

And the living room we saw in the shows with the floral printed couch and chair. It even had the teddy bear that Elizabeth often was seen carrying.


And the scenes we saw with the family all setting around watching the radio in the evenings as they listened to the old broadcasts they so enjoyed.


This was a wonderful little side trip my daughter and I took while on vacation in Virginia in early summer.
It brought back a lot of great memories of us watching the Walton family by our family over the years.
Thanks for going down memory lane with me today.
Everyone have a wonderful weekend….

Happy Gardening,



Ana coelho said...

Hi Lona I agree we could do with a series like the waltons.
I loved watching the waltons
Thank you

elaine rickett said...

Oh such memories - our family always sat down together to watch the Waltons and mimicked the 'Goodnight John Boy' sequence. I have the whole series on DVD and I think I will watch it again to see if the rooms are the same as the ones in your pictures. Lovely post Lona bringing back so many happy memories - I think the Walton family had a lot to teach us about family life - and the written piece at the beginning of the post says it all.

Becca's Dirt said...

I loved the good clean show the The Waltons was. You are so right Lona that we could use some of that wholesome goodness in a show such as that. Who knows it may instill more goodness in people. Hope you are doing well. I have about abandoned my blog. Really need to get back to it but I'm not feeling it.

Darla said...

Good Night John Boy...

Kay said...

I too love watching the Waltons. I still watch them now on the Hallmark Channel. I had the honor of meeting Will Geer (Grandpa) back in 1972 at a McGovern rally here in Los Angeles. He was very nice and very intellegent.

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Glad you stopped!!

Gatsbys Gardens said...

I had no idea there was a museum set up in the Walton home! Goodnight John ....


myomyohi said...

Thanks Lona. I too loved the Waltons and never missed a show.
Thanks for the memories.

~Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

How neat. Thank you for sharing. I have seen every episode of the Waltons. Some cable channels run the reruns and I'll sit and share a little time with them all. I keep hoping they will rerun the pilot show once. It was centered on Christmas.Patricia Neal played Olivia in the pilot. Thanks for the sharing your trip!

Indie said...

I am a younger generation, but I love those older shows and I loved the episodes of the Waltons that I have seen. It reminded me a lot of my Grandparents' farm. What an awesome place to visit!

Gardening Under The Influence said...

I remember our whole family sitting down to watch this show and never hearing bad language or inappropriate content....very rare these days. Goodnight Lona!

Gabby said...

I always loved the Walton shows. What a great set of values that this country could use more of. They sure had a beautiful home. Thanks for sharing. I'm your latest follower.

Balisha said...

Hi Lona....Thanks for posting these pictures and your words to go with them. I really enjoyed seeing these. We were big fans of the show and didn't miss a broadcast. Loved the pilot show...Patricia Neal was a favorite of mine. Loved the scene where she brought her Christmas cactus upstairs all in bloom. I went right out and bought one.

Alistair said...

Yes I remember it well, snuggled up with our children, it was the viewing highlight of the week.

Nadezda said...

Hi, Lona! I've never seen this show, it was not translated, but I love how people save their history and cherish the memory of this show and actors.

Joe Todd said...

Great post...As you know I love visiting places like that..Linda's Mom is temporarily doing better.I know the prayers are helping..

Zoey said...

I was just on the deck watering and thinking exactly what you said in your first few paragraphs.

I have already given up on the perennial gardens. I was expecting big rain yesterday and we got nothing--so discouraging. I water just enough to keep them alive, but nothing really looks that great--once the grass is gone, the flower gardens never look good to me.

A walton museum...I would love to tour that. I have not seen any Walton shows in a long time. I would prefer to watch those reruns than the current reality garbage.

The Redneck Rosarian said...

I grew up watching the Walton's. Such a great family show. My dad always used to snort when they would talk about "the recipe". He said there were more old women who "sipped" than people realized... Ha!