Friday, August 24, 2012

Meanwhile Back in the Garden


This has been such a busy week around here that the garden has been totally ignored. Which is what I have felt like doing lately. The gardens around here are dry again with the return of hot weather  and no rain. So it is back to the hoses.

There are a few late blooming flowers that do not mind the dry weather like the Helenium.

I have three different plants of it in the garden sporting their tiny autumn colored blooms.


I have noticed in the woods around the house that some of the trees are getting that fall tinge to their leaves already. The early start this year along with the very dry summer we have had must be the reason.


‘Heavens Gate’ Coreopsis is having another flush of blooms now after its cutting back.

‘Monet’s Moment’ Lobelia Cardinal Flower is still blooming.

The potted Mandevilla on the front porch is looking pretty with its bright red blooms. The hummingbirds are enjoying it.

Scarlet Morning glories on the old fence  are just starting to bloom. I can never remember to get a picture of the blooms before the sun hits them.

Portulaca Margarita thrives in the heat.

Even the petunias are tried want to give up this summer.


The Rainbow Knockout roses have been the most reliable as far as blooming this summer.

A new climbing rose, ‘Flagstaff’, is finally just getting some blooms on it. I am going to enjoy its blooms in years to come.
Some of the other roses  are getting new growth and buds for their last flush of color for the season.

The Old Fashioned Sweet peas are still blooming by the garden shed.

and the ‘Little Lemon’ goldenrod adds a little color. As for the rest of the garden it is just in a sad state. A summer that started out early with promise is ending way to fast.
In the fields around here the native flowers are putting on a show such as  Milkweed, Iron Weed, Queen Anne's Lace and Goldenrod.

And I have been busy lately with the new addition to the family. I was blessed from a friend with this little bundle of energy.
Meet Aspen. Do not let that sweet face fool you this eight week old  Yorkie is a terror on short legs. LOL!

Everyone have a wonderful weekend and ….

Happy Gardening,


T Opdycke said...

Hi Lona...what lovely flowers and once again the hose has become an extension of my hand. What a cutie Aspen is and boy have I learned about terror on four little legs.

I have never heard of blister beetles, but will be watching out for the little suckers in the garden. Thanks for sharing all the info. Have a wonderful day!

LT Expanded said...

Absolutely stunning pics, love the dried basket and how cute it the puppy!! LT

Astrid said...

Hi Lona
Your flowers are beautiful, despite a new heat wave and period of drought.
Aspen will give you a run for your money, I'm sure, but all puppies eventually settle down. Probably in about 3 years :)

Darla said...

You have some nice late summer blooms. Love the coreopsis, wonder if there are flowers at the gate to heaven...? The Lobelia is nice too. We may be bracing for Isaac next week, sigh. We have has so much rain around here. The mosquitoes are bad and west nile has arrived in our city on those blood suckers! All baby pups and kitties are terrors, lol.

FlowerLady said...

Dear Lona ~ What beautiful photos of your flowers. I love the Heaven's Gate coreopsis, don't think I've seen it before. All of your blooms are lovely. I always enjoy seeing what is blooming in your gardens.

What a little cutie Aspen looks to be. :-)

Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

Nadezda said...

Lona, I remember your lobelia Cardibal, high lobelia. I'm glad it's blooming till now, is lovely!

Evergreen Tree Shrub Inc. said...

Lobelias used to be my wife's favorite during the summer, god I miss her. Looks like your garden is coming into a full blossom pretty soon Lola, do you have any farther away snapshots of it as a whole? I would love to see your garden in a collective form. God bless, and good luck.

-Carlos Hernandez
Tree Pruning Brooklyn

Kim and Victoria said...

Well your garden is still showing some nice blooms. Those heleniums are very nice.
Aspen is very cute!

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Cute new puppy!! cute cute cute!!! My Heaven's Gate has been eaten all summer, never bloomed. I am lucky that it still keeps trying to grow....forgot how pretty the blooms were. I like Monet's Moment -- now that I have one lobelia....need another!!!

RobinL said...

You said your garden is in a sad state, but the pix tell a different tale. Believe me, mine is the same. There are flowers of beauty here and there, but the over all look is sad indeed. And I'm tired of watering! My knee has relapsed and hubby has to do it for me anyway. Guess I'll just call this year's garden a wash, and look forward to next year! Although I must admit that I have lots of pots out there waiting to be planted once my knee cooperates!

HolleyGarden said...

What a cutie pie! Enjoy your new baby. He looks like a sweet one. I love the color of that petunia!

Elle said...

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Balisha said...

Oh, never mind the flowers for today...Just look at that precious face. What a wonderful addition.

Sadun blogi - Satu's blog said...

Such a lovely puppy! Lots of beautiful blooming flowers. I envy you, because it's warm there. We have only 15 Celcius...

Bernie H said...

I really love the container holding the Portulaca. I've always wanted to grow Sweet Peas but I've given up after a couple of unsuccessful attempts. They just seem to get some sort of mould problem here and never look good. Your Goldenrod looks spectacular.

Aspen does look rather cute, but definitely has the devil in those eyes! Hope the terror is exhausting you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lona,

Beautiful blooms; I wish we'd had a summer this year... Sadly it lasted only about a month and we're back into rain and suspiciously autumnal weather.

Lovely little puppy too! How lucky of you :)

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Hi Lona,
I enjoyed seeing your lovely blooms. I think I have the same heleniums. Do you know what the first one is? I was trying to remember whether mine is the native kind or not.

By the way, I love Queen Anne's lace, and was disappointed when I found out it is not native to the U.S.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Oh, and Aspen sure is a cutie!

I am finally coming to terms with the days getting shorter and fall approaching.

elaine rickett said...

I'm amazed that you manage to keep your wonderful garden going in the weather conditions you have had this year - those greenfingers of your have certainly had their work cut out for them. Love little Aspen what a sweetie.

The Redneck Rosarian said...

Great post Lona. I love the planter for Portulaca Margarita. Flagstaff looks wonderful. Is it fragrant?
Your new little friend is cute....

Adrienne in Ohio said...

I love that first photo. I think I had something similar to this in the garden once. It seeded and spread like crazy. Do you have trouble controlling the spread of the yellow one?

Your Yorkie is adorable! I hope Aspen settles in nicely.

pogonip said...

Things for Puppies to Remember:

Bulbs are not aliens that need digging up.
Drip lines are chewy but a nice bone is even better.
New plants have soil that smells interestingly different now, but will smell the same as the rest of the yard later.
Digging feels good while you're doing it, but not at all nice when Mom finds out later.

Things for Puppy Owners to Remember:

A tired puppy is a good puppy.
A puppy where you can see it can do no wrong.

Welcome, Miss Aspen!

Indie said...

Aw, what a cute little doggie! He looks so innocent :)

I really should try growing that pink Lobelia again - it's so pretty! I probably had mine in the wrong site. I'm impressed your Sweet peas last all summer! I think they're done by May or June around here with the heat!

Patrick's Garden said...

Your gardens still look beautiful to me even if you tire of them. We gardeners are too hard on ourselves particularly if it's not warranted. Next time you think or disparage your garden, think/speak of three things you love about your garden. Works for my Mum, anyway.

Anonymous said...

Awwww, Lona ~ that sweet face is fooling me!!! What an adorable dog! Congratulations on your new addition ~ he will keep you busy for sure but in such a good way!!!