Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Beautiful Days in the Hills


The weather has been so beautiful here this week. Cool mornings and warm sunny afternoons with lower humidity makes for enjoyable days outdoors again.
Rose Lake

On days like these I have to just get out and take some hikes around in the local State Park we live in and unwind by walking in the peaceful woods. The only sounds now is the humming of many Katydids and Crickets. Or the scurrying around of the squirrels as they collect their nuts for the winter. The rustling of the leaves from a deer hiding behind some fallen trees off of the side of the trail.
The trails are lined with colorful bloomingYellow rod, Bachelor Buttons and Milkweed pods.

Toad lily

Back in the garden the flowers are wending down and it is time to cut back all of those plants where the flowers have stopped blooming. Before long it will be time to start  raking leaves and all those stems will just make it harder to keep the beds cleaned.


  The petunias and other annuals are looking so bad after such a hot summer that I will be glad to pull them out of the containers and boxes to add some fall blooming plants.

Gerbera Daisy

Now the flowerbeds are only sad reminders of the blooms that were.

Geranium_Pelargonium_Caliente_Fire Caliente Fire pelargonium geranium

Walking Sticks and Praying mantis  can be found hiding amongst the stems looking for their next meal.

Angelonia Scerna

Pesky Yellow Jacket bees are there buzzing around and annoying you as you try to work outside. You try to disturb them for they are temperamental little things. And you have to be on guard for their holes hoping you do not step on one and cause them to swarm after you.

RL_Euphorbia_WhiteSnakeroot3 White Native Snakeroot

The daylight hours are fading even faster now this month and that means more hours spent in the house and less time outdoors.

Sweet Autumn Clematis

There can also be a few surprises with the coming of the rains again after such a hot dry summer. I saw a Jane Magnolia tree at one of the neighbors houses was putting on a few new blooms just like it was spring again.

And among the surprises were a few new blooms opening upon the variegated Weigela shrub out in the front bed.

Everyone enjoy these beautiful days and…..

Happy Gardening,



Sadun blogi - Satu's blog said...

Hi Lona! I like especially that Angelonia Scerna. Awesome pictures. Have a nice Wednesday!

Indie said...

I am so grateful for the cooler weather! I actually had a redbud tree with a couple blooms just a few weeks ago. I was rather in shock over it, but it has been such a strange year for weather. Your blooms are so pretty. I love that geranium!

Margy said...

OK this is too funny - I have a old wash tub on a stand in my garden too!

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Yes, it feels like fall! There are many blooms in my garden yet, but mornings are cool and days are shorter! I enjoyed your pictures, as always, Lona!

Zoey said...

Beautiful scenery. I can see why you like to walk there.

Is that one Toad lily plant? If so I am so encouraged to know that my skimpy plant should enlarge in future seasons.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Your toad lilies look great, mine still have not bloomed. I like that native Snakeroot.


Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

The toadlily is nice and full! Great specimen. Love the cooler evenings but don't like it getting dark earlier.

Jennifer said...

Hi Lona, Gosh, that tub of flowers in the last picture is pretty. I love the purple Angelonia Scerna. How interesting that your neighbour's Magnolia has new blooms. What an odd season this has been!

Lona said...

Satu: This is the first year that I have grown Angelonia and it will not be my last.It has been in constant bloom.

Indie:Those strange new blooms are a nice surprise. It has been one of those summers LOL!

Margy: Great minds think alike. LOL!

Tatyana: Thank you. I hate to see summer leave but these cooler temps have been wonderful.

Zoey: Yes that is one plant. This is year two for it so it should be even more wonderful next year.

Eileen: The Toad lily has been a wonderful addition to the late garden.

Janet: I do not like this early evenings either.I love being outdoors of an evening and now they are getting cut short.

Jennifer: The growing seasons just keep getting stranger don't they? LOL

Darla said...

I'm ready for my gardens to slip into their winters nap.....maybe by spring I be able to get around better.

RobinL said...

September has the most fabulous weather, I love it! I ripped out a lot of my annuals, they were just too tired. But it's hard to find suitable replacements if you don't want mums.

Splendid Little Stars said...

beautiful post! Your lake is lovely,too! Perhaps I shall visit it.
good to know snakeroot is a native plant.


Hi Lona Dear,

I love the variegated Weigela and I'll have to go check mine to see if I can be blessed with a blossom too.

I'm glad the weather is pleasant for you. It sounds a lot like how things are here too. Sunshine, cool nights and warm days. Who could ask for more?

Your Angelonia is amazing.

Take care.

Kim and Victoria said...

Lovely photos. Our garden is certainly winding down.

luisa said...

Hi Lona,beautiful post and garden.Adios!!

sweetbay said...

We've been getting cooler weather too and it's such a welcome change. I know what you mean about the yellow jackets, we have to be careful with them when we're picking the figs. And they get so aggressive in the fall.

Lovely pictures of the Gerbera daisy and purple Angelonia!

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Well, you still have some lovely blooms! Your washtub planting is still going strong.

I am being thrown by how early it is getting dark. We could get our first freeze overnight on Saturday. I am so not ready for this, even though I'm thankful the heat may be behind us. It actually got into the 90s a day or two ago, but that may be the last one of the season.

I'm glad you are getting to enjoy the walks at those beautiful places.