Thursday, October 25, 2012

Indian Summer in the Garden


This has been a beautiful week here in the hills with the arrival of Indian Summer.
A lot of leaf raking and mulching has also been going on. About all the leaves have fallen here with the exception of the Oak tree leaves which hang on longer and will blow around all winter with the changing of the winds. But most will end up on my front porch at sometime or another during the winter. LOL!

Jobert Honorine Anemone

A few anemones are still blooming in the garden but everything else with the exception of a few roses yet are all spent now and have been cut back.


Margarette Anemone

Fancy Dress Anemone

Fancy Dress is a little droopy now with its many petals.

The “Profusion” Beauty Bush will soon lose its leaves and all that will remain will be those pretty purple berries for the birds.

The Crape Myrtle bush is full of seed pods now and all the blooms have drooped off.


The “Heavens Gate” Coreopsis still has a few blooms remaining.


The Calinte Fire Ivy geraniums have been removed from the window boxes and repotted to be taken indoors for the winter as soon as freezing weather appears. Which may be sooner than I would like according to the weather reports of snow in some of the states.


The little “Pink Cotton” Muhly grass is looking lovely in the sun. This is its first time blooming and I love it.


The Host’s along the woodland garden are now turning yellow and golden.


This week with the warm weather was the time to get all the containers carried down into the basement for storage.
The tomato and pepper plants were pulled from their containers and a final cleanup of the flower beds was finished.

The gnomes and all the other little garden décor pieces were taken to the garden shed and stored away until next spring.

After cleaning up all of the beds it was sort of sad to look at them and see them so bare. No decorations or statues and most of all no more full beds of colorful flowers to look upon for another season.


Even the beautiful fall leaves are now all gone and all that remains are the browns of oak leaves and a stark and bear looking woods.
Sorry folks but I am just not a winter person and I dread to see its coming every year.


Tonight is Trick or Treat here in the hills so everyone look out for those little spooks and goblins running around.

Happy Halloween Everyone and…
Happy Gardening,




myomyohi said...

Hi Lona,
You still have some pretty things going on. I've been tearing old the old dead stuff, collecting seeds, and gather my garden "accessories" to store away for the winter.

I'm mourning the loss of color, and the joy of finding new blooms, bugs, butterflies etc. Where did the summer go?

Halloween is just a few days away, and I am already thinking about next springs promise of new beginnings.


Margy said...

I hate to see the cold weather come too. But since it is, lets get it over with. Sorry I missed you at the Sauerkraut Festival!!!

Gatsbys Gardens said...

I ddread the winter also Lona, liked it as a child. My anemones are blooming like crazy as everything else withers. My roses really took a beating this year but two of the rainbows are in full bloom, others I havve cut back already.


FlowerLady said...


Happy Autumn ~ FlowerLady


I always feel like the Pink Muhly grass should bloom in July since those "blossoms" look so similar to sparklers.

All your photos are amazing, as usual. I hope you're enjoying your fall.

Nadezda said...

Lona, these yellow hosta leaves are so picturesque!
I love the figures of little gnomes!

Sadun blogi - Satu's blog said...

I don't like winter either. Last night we got some snow. :O(

Bernie H said...

'Jobert Honorine' is stunning, and I do so love those brilliant purple berries on the Beauty bush. It's lovely that you still have some gorgeous flowers in your garden. Hopefully the Winter will pass quickly for you.

Leslie said...

I love the picture of the muhly grass--so delicate. And Pink Cotton is the perfect name for it. What a lovely post.

Pearl@serenitycove said...

It has been a gorgeous week!! Not looking forward to winter either. I would love a repeat of last years winter though!!
My oak leaves always gather in front of the garage door ready to blow in whenever I open the door. This goes on all winter:(
I want to get some of that Muhly Grass. So pretty!

Karen said...

Hi Lona, oh, you've got me beat! I'm trying to get the hosta beds cleared out and statuary put away, but just haven't gotten everything done yet. And then I have to face the housecleaning which has been sadly neglected. We had 70 degree temps yesterday and then last night, bam, down to 40's and tonight the 20's. But at least the sun is shining.

Good luck battling those oak leaves! Have a wonderful weekend, Lona!

sweetbay said...

I love muhly too, the blooms are just so gorgeous when the sun shines through them!

Bonnie said...

We've had 2 beautiful fall days, now we're waiting to see where this "monster" storm is going to hit. I suspect we will have lots of wind and rain come Monday or Tuesday. Most of my outdoor work is done, just a few more things to put away. I'm sure all my neighbor's leaves will end up in my yard after the storm so my leaf raking was probably for naught!

pivi said...

Hi, greetings from Finland. We've got already first snow - too early I think. Beautiful pictures, and what a stunning anemones !

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

I can't believe this coming week is Halloween, where did October go? Incredible. We have a lot of fall color though our hostas are still green.
Anemones are sure a bright spot in the fall garden, will have to see about getting some.

Joe Todd said...

Hi Lona.. All in All been a great year.. Looks like we may get some rain now.. I still have a lot of "clean up" to do LOL

Indie said...

Still some pretty blooms! I love the anemones.

We still have a bunch of stuff finishing up here as it's been quite warm still. I am slowly working on garden clean-up and moving all the plants I want to move and such. And then there are paths to be built and plants still to be put in the ground before the order of fall bulbs come. So much to do, and I feel like I'm running out of time! The garden does look so bare in winter, but at least the inside of my house finally gets a little attention, right?

debsgarden said...

So sad to see the end of a beautiful season. The last couple of days we have had a lot of wind that has brought down many leaves, and for the first time I can feel cold weather coming. I need to bring non hardy plants in this week and do some clean-up of my own.

Kim and Victoria said...

We have yet to start cutting back all our plants, it's quite the chore. Your muhly grass pic is quite pretty. Winter can be a difficult time around here also, we help it by planning some fun winter activities.

Alistair said...

Yes Lona, its sad but yet satisfying when you get up to date with all the jobs that need seeing to.

Kathleen said...

Now that our snow has melted, I need to get out into the garden & do what you've been doing. I still have tulip bulbs to plant too!
You must not have had frost yet??? My anemones never hold up to even the lightest frost?? Yours are gorgeous. I like the double pink.
Hope the good weather holds for a bit ~ are you being affected by Hurricane Sandy??