Friday, November 16, 2012

Don’t Rush It!! And Thanksgiving From the Heart


In case you all had thought I was pushing Christmas I was kidding when I said “bring on the Christmas Carols”  in the previous posting.


I am just one among the many of those who hates to see Thanksgiving being forgotten in all of the Halloween and Christmas hoopla that is shoved upon us all at the same time every year.


I think we all need a time to stop and think of some of the blessings we have had through the year and over the many years of our lives. Oh yes, we may have had some problems and for some even losses over the year so far but if we take the time to shove that behind us we can usually think of some of the good things we had received as well. We can always, always find even if it is in subtle ways that we have been blessed. So lets us at least take time to have a day of Thanksgiving and be thankful that we had those moments this year.


Working in retail for many years I always dreaded seeing Halloween getting close because I knew that along with the Halloween decorations we would really be gearing up for Christmas at the same time. The trees would be trimmed as we were putting out the costumes. Aisles and aisles of decorations would be stocked with Halloween and Christmas displays and gift ideas.
And in one little four foot section you might find some Thanksgiving table clothes and napkins, or if you were lucky you might see a turkey candle, and all having nothing to do with giving thanks and thanks-giving.
Yes that is when retail makes its money and usually their sales quotes for the year and I understand that as a once retail person. But I also knew I was going to hear the same complaints heard over and over again, ‘Christmas already?” “We have not even had Halloween yet!” “And what about Thanksgiving.”
I understood each and every person that voiced those sentiments because they were my own.
And in case you may not know it, we who work in retail are not that happy about the  “Black Friday” stampede either.
Hey, they just work there and  the majority are really trying to please you. Oh the times I wanted to say that to people “I just work here” and also say,  “I do not do the ordering it is done by computer inventories and I cannot help it if there are no more Dancing Elmo's or Baby What's’ its name”.  But we try to smile and say “we are sorry (and we so are, ugh!) but we are out and can I give you a rain check or help you with something else”?
If I only had a dollar for every time I told some disheartened customer that. So please take it easy on that salesperson this Black Friday they do really only work there. LOL!


But first have a day of Thanksgiving and be thankful.
If you cannot think of one thing, (and I know you can) then be thankful for the things that could have befallen you that have happened to others this year and know that you were and are blessed.


So my wishes for all of you are to have a wonderful weekend, week ahead and a day of Thanksgiving.
God Bless each and everyone of you.




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Balisha said...

A very meaningful post. It's hard for even we folks who are at home to wait for Thanksgiving to be over before we get out the Christmas decorations. My neighbors were starting a couple of weeks ago. We try to hold back until the weekend after Thanksgiving to do the beginning of our decorating.
I do hate to see the stores opening up on Thanksgiving to jump start Black Friday. I feel mostly for the employees who have to leave their holiday celebrations to get to work on what should be a holiday for them.
Have a wonderful holiday...we do have a lot to be thankful for.

Nadezda said...

Lona, great thoughts,I agree.
Have a nice weekend and Thanksgiving day!

Gardening in a Sandbox said...

For a lot of people these days it is push, push, push to buy, buy, buy for Christmas and with jobs disappearing and credit cards maxed out it just seems unfair to me. The Christmas music just gets to me by Christmas. I shouldn't have to feel that way. Grouchy Valerie

~Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

While there is magic in Christmas and fun in Halloween, I enjoy the love and gratitude of Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is the earliest it can possibly be this year so everyone is jumping into Christmas plans earlier too. Enjoy the holiday and be blessed. Happy Thanksgiving.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Thanks Lona,

I have taken out my fall plantings in the containers because of the freezw factor. I am anxious to get some greens in before it gets too cold. It does seem like there is very little time between the holidays. I have scaled down in regard to the containers but it is still a big deal to get everything put in.


Sunray Gardens said...

Always bothered me too that nothing much was done about the holiday. Everything always goes straight to Christmas. Hoping you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Cher Sunray Gardens

pivi said...

It's good from time to time stop to think, how much we really do have good things and reasons to be happy and thankful. Very much.
I wish you happy Thanksgiving and nice weekend too !

Janneke said...

I totally agree with your thoughts and words. I love the little sculpture of the angel on the second picture. And I don't like shops full of Christmas stuff already in Oct. and Nov. In the second week of December Christmus comes in the picture. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

RobinL said...

Oh Lona, you know how much I agree with you on working retail at Christmas time! I just don't understand why people take out their frustrations on us peons who have nothing to do with availability, and who try SO hard to make them all happy!

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Great posting Lona. Happy Thanksgiving to you. Hope yours is a wonderful one.
No ads this time. Funny, sometimes yes and sometimes no.

Ana coelho said...

I agree Lona.Thank you.

Tammy said...

Very well said! I agree 100%.Happy Thanksgiving!


Hi Lona Dear, your post is so poignant. Working in retail can't be easy. Some people are so rude. But most people are just like us, want to do right by people.

I wish you and yours a safe, loving Thanksgiving. When I think of online friends to be thankful for, I think of you!

Will you be cooking and hosting or going somewhere else?

I'll be cooking for my family and I'm really looking forward to it. I'm not much of a cook but Thanksgiving is special.

Christmas can wait, indeed! Cheers.

Cat said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Lona! My sister in law is a regional manager in retail. This year it's even worse. She works thanksgiving night. ... all night long through black Friday. It has really just become crazy.

Zoey said...

I can imagine that anyone working in retail hates Black Friday. I know I do. I NEVER go shopping on that day; I don't care how good the deals are.

Jennifer said...

Here in Canada Thanksgiving falls early in October, so it does not have to compete with Halloween or Christmas. We have the same problem with stores rushing Christmas nonetheless. Last night we were in the grocery store and they were playing Christmas music. My husband was so angry, he tracked down the manager to complain. Christmas music should be banned until Dec 1st! By Dec 25th we have heard plenty of it already! Have a great Thanksgiving Lona! Best wishes to you and your family.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lona girl .. this was such a heart felt post with absolutely beautiful pictures !
I always felt sorry for you Americans with so many major holidays one right after the other .. your Thanksgiving so close to Xmas it was such a tight squeeze for everyone to try and hold onto their sanity? LOL .. let alone this Black Friday thing .. that always makes me shake my head .. but even now Canadian retailers are trying to copy it to keep customers on our side of the border.
Sometimes it all sweeps you up and it is just pure business and economics.
BUT .. I know dear gardening souls like you really stop and think about what this all means and you said it here so wonderfully !
Bless your sweet soul girl : )

Joe Todd said...

Have a great Thanksgiving.. I worked in retail most of my life. Worked several Thanksgivings and a few Christmas days to.. I always try to be exta nice at the stores this time of year.

Jeri Landers said...

I am smitten with your Purple Beauty berries! I planted a white beauty berry bush this year, but it has nothing on the Purple. How do you keep your African violets alive? I Have more trouble with those!

The Redneck Rosarian said...

Beautiful post. I hope you enjoyed your holiday!

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I got a kick out of reading this post, as I'm wondering where the time went since returning back to work the end of August.

I am not a big Christmas fan, because many of my relatives are not Christians, and I really don't like to go shopping. I am bad at picking out gifts. I'll be glad when March gets here.